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Hi there, I can sort of write a little. And you're going to LOVE ME!!


Lyn was a girl living Manhattan, her passion was playing the lyre. But, when Lyn got fired from her job working in the orchestra she felt that she had lost everything. She was forced to take a job in a local antique shop. Her work there was dull and empty, but one day she discovered a mirror in the back of the storage room. And as the girl moved the mirror across the store, she dropped it, falling into the mirror itself. She awoke in a small room with a locked door, discovering that she wasn't Lyn anymore, something was different, something odd, where were her hands?

I am aware the chapters run short, I just write short chapters, you're still getting the same content, just in small doses.

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Comment posted by Streamline deleted Oct 29th, 2013

But then they remembered, "Hey, orchestras don't have lyre players" and they fired her.

Ah, yes, another abandoned story.. and account. I haven't read this yet, as I don't read abandoned stories, but I like the idea of it [I read the description]. Maybe this could've became something, but instead the account owner is now offline for 5 weeks. Vacation? Meh, her Fimfiction profile seems to be okay, even though I judged this by her pic, number of followers, and the looks of this story, although I don't comment on abandoned things [most of the time].

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