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Chrysalis hedged her bet. She supposed that should she lose, she could still have some fun. Infecting Shining Armor with a poison that would turn him into a changeling was a simple task, but one that would have the poor stallion in a panic as to what his wife would do about it.

Now with 20% more art! Somepony mentioned that there was a severe lack of Shining-turning-into-a-changeling art on the net, so I commissioned the amazing Arcadian Phoenix to run one out quickly.

Woo, featured! Thank you everypony!

See This Blog for licensing.

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You have successfully diverted my attention from... not quite sure what I was doing.

I saw this on the front page and thought, "Hm... interesting." clicked on it, saw your name as the author. Proceeded to say "I know that name.. and that avatar/display picture......"

*flicks through your recent stories* Ah! Yes. I look forward to more of your work.

Very nice. I hope you continue this story.

welp, Cadance is taking everything in stride... And holy shit, this level of troll, had she taken a trolling course at Princess Trolestia School for gifted trolls ? XD
Between shining who is getting almost Twilight levels of "SCIENCE !" in the face, and will get next chapter the real deal, and Chryssie who is literraly owned by candy ass...XD
Even if it's scarry how she goes all borg on the poor lings : You shall be loved, resistance is futile. :pinkiecrazy:

more? please pretty please?:heart:

7242574 But resistance is futile. Ever since the princess discovered that 'lings could be cute, well, it was impossible not to love the adorable little things. :heart:

7242548 Thank you, I certainly plan to add more to this. :twilightsmile:

7242311 Ah, excellent, please, look deep into this changeling's eyes, don't worry, she will just make you want cookies an hugs.

Husband to Shining Armor.

Don't you mean Wife :facehoof:

7242679 Fixed, thanks!

this shows some great promise please keep going

hey Scarheart come look at this

Decent story, but the pacing is really fast.

Hmm... Well you have my interest for now. I'll follow this for now cause I want to see where this is going.

Nice to see a story like this for once that doesn't wallow in angst and/or racism for once.

Keep it up! :raritystarry:

I like the idea that Cadance is taking the truth so well and that shining despite his intense fear of being rejected by his love couldn't keep the secret to from, this shows how much he trust his wife, something Chysi wouldn't count on happening. I wander if Sunburst will also be involved in the story, and what about his daughter Flurry? I wander if Shining will stay a male Changling king or be a queen or even be hermaphrodite what can auto impregnate himself like ants.

Brilliance, this story is. Funny and unique.

This is fast paced... But you did it correct ;w; I give you kudos

I just finished the other two chapters and this one showed up!

7244632 I don't tend to stop writing. It is cold here and typing keeps my fingers warm. :derpyderp2:


It's honestly a shame you're doing such small cross sections of this, Damaged. It's quite entertaining, and hits on the right points. I'm somewhat drooling over the thought of what this could truly be if given a longer, continuous storyline rather than the snippets you're writing. Still entertaining though, definitely.

You know a few days ago I picked up this story and it's sequel and I know I have read a few other X is a changeling stories. And while I was reading them I got a thought , hey I wounder if there is a Shining Armor is/becomes a changeling story out there. Guess what? I found this one.
I'm enjoying this one so far keep going.
I'll read ya later-BFBL

7244670 Nothing wrong for another author to ask permission to go more into it!

7244670 Well, lets hope other authors pick up on my silly little ideas. I would enjoy seeing that too. :twilightsmile:

7244891 Ideas just want to be free. I would adore it if someone picked up the idea and dove into more detail with it.

I had a patron put up an idea to write and this floated into my head. There is a TON of material to delve into here, of course. I haven't touched on how other ponies handled his problem. I wanted light comedy and a little changeling fun, was all. :pinkiehappy:

Ok I've already seen another story that played with the idea of Shiny becoming a changeling but it didn't get finished. That story had a few things this didn't. It's called Wayward Armor. For one, that story had a bit of lead-in. Watch this if you want to know what I mean.

Here you decided to "skip" act one. It's kinda like. All of the sudden, I'm turning into a changeling! No lead-in is there. Nothing that sets up how this affects Shining. In fact his wife finds out only a few sentences later. There's no "Oh crap she knows now" moment, instead it's just "Oh ok". This is my main gripe with the story. I'm not saying I hate the story, I'm just saying your doing it wrong.

7245573 Part of the advantage of writing fanfic over regular fiction is that your readers already know the characters (so long as you don't completely arse-about them), so that part of 'act 1' is not really required. You know who Shining and Cadance are, you know Shining was mind controlled and toyed with by Chrysalis. I am showing through the rest of the story, slowly, what she actually did to him. Heck, your own linked video supports this. The other reason for chopping off act 1? I wanted something short, sweet, and funny. If I wanted to make another 250k word series I would have, but this is not that series, sorry.

"No, Shiny, you are turning into a queen!"

:eeyup:: "A competitor less! There is no way I won't get the title of the manliest man stallionliest stallion this year!"

Cadance marched into their bedroom, then another Cadance, and finally a third.

So, he can technically have a foursome without technically cheating his wife. Technically.

Nice chapter.
Not only technically.

Edit: restored E-rating. Technically.

The reflection off of Twilight's goggles gave the mare the look of the maddest of mad scientists.

Yup, I can totally imagine this.

Nice chapter.

I wonder how Chrysalis is doing...
Well, give her a few days longer, and probably all drones will surrender to Queen Cadance, if only to get away from her. (And better working conditions, including plenty of love and free weekends and healthcare.)

7246469 "Dear chap, you simply haven't got the style to pull it off." -Fancy Pants

7246484 Hay, I was being cute and keeping it E rated!

7246517 I imagine she is plotting and scheming, dreaming of when a poor, broken Shining comes to her for protection. Silly, why would a changeling ever leave the Princess of Love?

Google Docs is pretty good at properly recognizing pony words too.

7251170 I know, but the problem is I live in Australia, with some of the worst internet on the planet. My DSL is 4/.5 mb/s so all it takes is one windows update to try and run and bam, nothing else can work. So yeah, I would rather something local that I don't have problems with.

Although I have worked out how to set a specific time-period for windows updates on windows 10 home. :yay:

So shining is now a "Changeling Queen" and is treated accordingly by his new Changeling subjects. I wander if he will still manage to keep his dick other wise I wander what other reason Chrysalis would want or need him in her hive other then to make lots and lots of tiny Changeling babies and why she would take the risk of having an other Queen that could subvert her authority her later. I wander will have multiple reproductive mechanistic god know their are at least ten different ways that have been listed on the site that can be donne.

7251744 Whoa, this is rated 'everyone', there will be no talk of such things in the story. As for Chrysalis' opinion of his change, well, the answer lies in the chapters already written. :pinkiehappy:

Methinks the happy couple are going to steal her entire hive out from under her, Chrysalis included.

Finding art in any form of the mane 6 as changelings? Easy. Finding Shining Armor? Like pulling dragon teeth from a 2,000 year old elder wyrm that has had a diet that consisted of tougher minerals than the tools you use.

"No, Shiny, you are turning into a queen!" Cadance giggled

He's gonna lose something he'll miss a lot more than his teeth, I take it.

The stallion shook his head. "Then behave."

"Yes, My Queen!" The voices were strong and united.

Cadance just giggled.

Me too.

This is really a lovely read. I've been giggling the entire way through.



Yeah, after reading the latest one, I think this would've been better served showing off more than it has, Damaged. I know you can write the idea well if you had set out to make it a bit longer, not necessarily a 250,000 word piece, mind, but showing off more than these simple cross sections you have. It feels like we're missing too much to make this great. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's amusing to a degree, but it just feels like too many pieces are missing from the picture. Not needling, mind, but I would rather you expand on this versus say, Given Shape, as a comparison. I think I had more to state here to make my opinion, but I lost my train of thought. I think you understand my opinion by now though.

Also, I wouldn't trust another to do the idea justice. Others might, I imagine, but almost every time I see a user try to do such a thing, it stalls, fails, or reads miserably. I'd rather see the original owner pull it off themselves. And cripes. 600,000 words this year. Insane.

Honestly, I don't think this story would work or be nearly as fun any other way. It's so funny because it lets you fill in so many blanks. We get to see all the best bits without having it dragged down by the probably a lot more banal bits in-between. It's a good format for comedy; like a comic strip, but in writing. Making it long-form would only have it overstay its welcome, I think.

Me too!

This is the cutest kind of invasion possible!

I have mixed feelings about this one. In many respects it seems too short. And this is more than just a 'I want to read more of it', I get the impression that things are cut short. It reads almost like the characters are on some kind of time limit, or want to get through the story as fast as possible. There seems to be just the bare amount of description to get a sense of things.

That said, despite that shortcoming it seems to kinda work. I think it's because it's not a particularly serious story, it has a sort of lighthearted approach that actually works with minimalist description. A sort of manic attitude kinda fits the general approach of the story.

Overall I think it works, though I also see a fair amount of room for improvement. If there were one aspect of it I'd like to see changed, it would be for a bit more to be added to the descriptions of character actions and emotions.

Nobody knows.

Edit: Also, I fucking called it. They hijacked her from her own hive. I wonder how the rest are doing back in the badlands.

Yep, Chrysalis was darn foolish for choosing Shining as the love source...

Silly drones, he's a King changeling! :facehoof:

Behold, a hive assimilated!
Now the question is, can she still dispell her disguise back into a Queen?
Keep going! ;)

It occurs to us that the title could be patterned after the name of a ship... Implications!

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