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Chocolate Swirl's job was to read those words, and what came after them. He had to make sure every last friendship letter was stored and ready to be retrieved. He knows so very much about Princess Twilight Sparkle, but that doesn't prepare him in any way for meeting her.

Trigger Warning: Contains scenes that may induce 'daww', 'squee' and possibly diabetic coma. You have been warned.

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Exactly what the tin says: Short and very sweet!

Was short and nice:twilightsmile:just how I like it

This was a great story, I would honestly love to see this turn into a short chapter story maybe an exchange of letters between tight and chocolate!!! <3

Dear Twilight Sparkle.../quote]

Pretty sure that's not supposed to be there. Anyways great story though I wished you could have possibly made more description on your oc character history in reading those letters more?

7271718 Fixed, thanks! :twilightsmile:

No typos, just a beautifully sweet and heartwarming story to wake up to. :twilightsmile:

Short, but sweet is correct. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Ah yes, not pairing them, but friend-shipping them!

"The experiment on the tree frogs? Of course!" Chocolate spun around to a huge cabinet of little tiny draws. Twilight was rebuffed a little, this stallion apparently knew her notes quite well, or so it seemed. "Yes, yes, it is in pigeonhole seventy-six f."

Twilight's heart beat faster

Not even the weirdest turn-on I've ever seen, but it's still up there.

7276885 Twilight 'The whole place organized by style, cross-referenced by size, and reverse-indexed by fabric.' Sparkle... :twilightblush:

All I have to say is that this is cute. :twilightsmile:

I would love to see more come of this story I really enjoyed it.

7314404 Glad you liked it. At this point I don't plan to continue this further. It was planned as a one-shot and will likely stay as such.

Still a better potential mate than Flash...
Crushes are cute!
Keep going! ;)

7374079 Well, for one thing he is into the same things, which helps a lot. :heart:

Alas, this is not planned to have a sequel.

Really neat and simple story! Though I would have love to see more, maybe in a romance tag or a interesting friendship for Swril to learn more.

But anyways awesome story man!

7480602 Thanks. I was in a mood to do something cute and purely show-fitting.

Despite misgivings about gastropods aside, she had to read it over.

I share your pain, Celestia.
Adorable story! :heart:

Great little story. Very believable premise. Since Celestia once sent back Twilight's friendships letter she must keep them somewhere right?

8972856 Thanks. This was one of the first "adorable little fics" I wrote. Glad it still has something to give. :twilightsmile:

Turtles are reptiles.

9076286 Absolutely correct. I didn't research this as much as I should. Edited to make this more relevant and correct. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

You’re welcome. Only reason I knew it off the top of my head was a random running gag in a movie.

Goodness gracious, muh heart.

I've seen worse ways to get a Prince Consort. Adorable bit of nerdery. Thank you for it.

9890950 You're welcome!

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