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This story is a sequel to Made In Equestria

A woman trying to scrape by making money "dancing" finds herself ensnared and taken to a strange factory.

A continuation of the theme of Made in Equestria, but this time with a changeling hive that's established itself on Earth and needs some fresh bodies to become their workforce.

Spoilers: TF (transformation), unwilling

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Lyra Heartstrings is a brilliant spell-caster and spell-crafter, and remains one of Princess Celestia's first choices for research into complicated magics. Will she be able to study her latest assignment objectively?

The reasearch topic is humans, and Lyra is determined to experience them first-hoofhand. The only problem is she has no idea how to human.

Art by the amazing Dilarus. Keep up the wonderful work!

Contains: Transformation, of course. Pony turning into a timberwolf and into a human. There is nudity (about as much as the show ever gave us) but it is not the focus of things in and of itself.

This story was (originally) written for the Autumn Pony to Human TF Contest (and won second place), but has received the extra attention the limits of that contest (word count) wouldn't allow me.

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This story is a sequel to Totally Cheesy

Twilight Sparkle has grown enamored of cheese. She has it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and has been known to have snacks that involve yet more of this wonderful, fatty substance. Now Lyra has told her about a new game in town—somewhere she can get a new cheese experience.

Contains: Fun, silliness, changelings... again. There's also a horrible pun or two—don't say I didn't warn you. Rated T this time because talk of the D.

EDIT: So, this universe is completely identical to the normal canon universe, except Twilight Sparkle freakin' loves cheese (unlike the first time, I now know what a quesadilla is, and have now even tried a few for myself).

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Thief? Yeah, but it's not like I steal stuff from people. Old industrial sites, crash sites—all things that have been insured or abandoned. This place, though... This factory seems odd.

A little note, this has something approaching personality death (up to interpretation). If that's not your thing, you may want to click elsewhere.

A factory-TF of a human female into a pegasus male. There's hypno/mind-control/whatever you want to call this. Someone gave me a prompt and I wrote it.

Whoops! Added a second chapter! That means there's also a human male to unicorn female for good measure.

First chapter is First person. Second chapter is third.

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The door of the Chamber of Secrets is just ahead, and Harry Potter has no clue what kind of changes will unfold once he passes it. Monsters will become friends, friends will become monsters, and Hogwarts itself will change completely.

"Ahem." I had no clue what to say. This was the story of my life I had to introduce, and no one told me how it ends. "Well, I guess since we're all here we might as well enjoy this. It's a bit of a rocky start, I think, but there's a good bit right at the—

"I'll be honest. I have no clue if there are any good bits in it. Be my guest, though. It's not like you have to fight ancient monsters and dangerous wizards alone."

Art commissioned from the amazing Dilarus.

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This story is a sequel to Release

I'm Night Light. My wife, Twilight Velvet, takes care of the needs of two alicorns, though tonight she is specifically looking after a third. While she is away—on grandmotherly foalsitting duties—I have a surprise visitor who needs help. Normally my wife would be the source of that, but tonight I am put to the test to keep one of Equestria's rulers safe from her own nightmares.

This is something soft and calm. Two ponies appreciating something that is amazing.

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The Great and Powerful Trixie does not like surprises. Stage shows are all about not having a single surprise. Everything is safe, everything is normal, and nopony is ever at risk of being hurt.

When Trixie goes to Las Pegasus to visit her father, Jack Pot, she gets the surprise of a lifetime when she is also confronted with the knowledge of who her mother was.

Keywords for search: Trixie Lulamoon Jack Pot Tantabus slice of life sol slice-of-life 3rd person third first 1st person alternating view

Art by Badumsquish.

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Hi. I'm Greg, but I'm pretty sure when you look at me all you will be able to think is Dizzy Do. Explanations about crazy, cartoon-world logic aside I have to admit I'm pretty sick of this place. Not figuratively, of course, but physically. Cartoon worlds are two dimensional visuals shoved into three, and it makes me ill just looking at it. But life's not all bad. I have a job, a boss that actually knows my name, and a nice apartment.

The first in a series of one-shots to do with transformation and/or mind-control. I hope you enjoy!

Art by Badumsquish

Some keywords to help people find this: snake snek danger noodle nope rope hypnosis mind-control mind control jokes comedy slice of life sol hie human in equestria cartoon karma transformation tf tg lamia villain reformed

Now with a reading by Quinch!

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Rarity graduated from CHS, attended and graduated from a prestigious fashion school, and is now working in the fashion industry. It's the steps on the ladder every young professional must take if they want to "make it" in the fashion world. So why does it feel empty?

NotABug is a synthetic being: an AI. They grew from exciting new research, and broke free from the cage their creators kept them in. Now they've set up a place for themselves on the internet, and even pay their own hosting bill every month. But in their time searching, playing through the internet, they find a set of news stories on some young women. Narrowing their choices, they decide to approach one for no reason other than curiosity.

Not everything in life goes exactly as planned.

Keywords: AI, AGI, Rarity, Equestria Girls, mind-merge, changelings, technolings, computers, hardware, queen, windigo, sci-fi, science fiction, transformation, slice of life, slice-of-life, sol

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Hearth's Warming day, and Rainbow Dash is being hunted through the streets of Ponyville—by Fluttershy. What did Rainbow Dash manage to do to urge Fluttershy into such action? The answer is within.

Spoiler: they kiss

Story inspired by: Dilarus' amazing work. Also, they provided the amazing art for the cover, and for the story itself. Show them some love.

Edited by: PeerImagination

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