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Thanks for all the favorites! :pinkiehappy:

2251556 Hi, thanks for reading Fairlight, and i'm really pleased your enjoyed it. Fairlight was my first story, and i'd like to think i've learned a lot since then, especially when it comes to editing and proof reading. Thanks for pointing that error out to me as well, you're absolutely right, it does need correcting. I'm going to be editing Fairlight heavily in the near future as there's a mass of grammatical errors that need sorting out. I hope they didn't interfere too much with your enjoyment of it.

When the Snow Melts, which is another of my stories, is actually a spin off from Fairlight, and you'll find a lot of cross over between that, the sequel. Ice Fall. and the latest one Where the Sunflowers Grow. My intention is to tie everything together in one story which will be coming later this year, I hope!

Thanks again for commenting. I really enjoy getting feedback and it gives me the motivation i sometimes need!

Kind Regards,


2249661 I really like the fairlight story's there one of the best story's I've read on here but I did find one mistake in the fortress of the four winds on ch.25 i dont know if you know this already but when fairlight is telling shadow about Tingles

Tingles...Tell me?”
So I did. I told her all about how we met, our adventures and even the terrible events at the fortress. Tingles lay in silence, occasionally turning to stretch a leg or wing. She looked into my eyes with an expression I couldn’t begin to describe,
“The fortress…you will take me there?”
“I…” what the hell did she want to go there for?
I cleared my throat, “If you want to, love, but why? There’s nothing there”
“Please?” she pleaded, quietly nuzzling me.
I shrugged, “Okay, sure. Just don’t expect too much when we get there. But in any case, I want to get you home so we can see everypony again. They miss you love, I’ve missed you.”
Tingles reached up and nibbled my ear before breathing into it, “Missed you”. Goddesses, she was working her bloody thestral magic on me again and I pushed myself away to face her,
“I love you, Shadow”

where it should say shadow it says Tingles and if you knew this I'm sorry for having you read this

Thanks for the watch ! :twilightsmile:

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