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This is a midquel of Game Quest: Super Mario 64, during the Big Boo’s Haunt.

After a dark and stormy game night, Sunset Shimmer wakes up and finds herself in what seems to be a rundown building, where she meets Tim, a man whose wife, Jane, has gone missing. The two must work together to escape this horrible nightmare world, and find Jane, before it is too late.

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In a way we can relate to Sunset Shimmer's plight as I used to grow up playing video games nearly all day when I felt like it. Course, I've never played with a virtual headset but it sure looks awesome. Though talk about being a victim of circumstances, Sunset Shimmer. She's in her apartment, all by herself, minding her own business, and next thing we know she gets zapped by electricity during a story. But not just any 'electricity', but once again a result of leaking magic that has been a constant problem in the town occupied by humans.

While I have very little knowledge of the game itself. I do know that what happens with Sunset Shimmer, she's going to wish she preferred spending more time with her friends.

Oh boy, this is either really good or really bad...

What is Home Sweet Home all about?

Someone's been living under a rock, no surprise:

The game focuses on the main protagonist Tim. His life has drastically changed since his wife disappeared. One night, he wakes up in an unknown place. While trying to find an exit, he is chased by a female ghost. Players have to discover the mystery in Tim's house and find his missing wife Jane.

Even I know that.

Eeyup, it’s the creepy time! I’m rooting for you Sunset!...and Tim too.

And so things really start to shake up for Sunset Shimmer right from the get go. She barely finds herself in a strange new environment and having just met some guy who is as confused about this situation as she is, that next thing they know they are haunted/hunted by a ghost who seems intent on killing these two. I tell you, the moment I was first introduced to the girl with the boxcutter knife she was creepy something that would send chills even down Sunset's spine. But it seems this ghost is more than what she seems, as all the articles they find indicate that she was a missing teen who was cursed by an ancient Thai curse that forces nails into her stomach and puke blood. I would hate to be part of something that brutal.

Now it's up to Sunset and Tim to find their way out of this predicament before the ghost gets to them with evil intentions in mind.

And so it is here that we see Sunset Shimmer and Tim miraculous escape the clutches of a homicidal ghost and find themselves back in Tim's house. But it is here we learn that Tim is not the 'only' resident in this household, but rather a house that he shared with his now missing wife, Jane, who apparently has not been seen for quite some time. We start to see that Tim truly does love his wife, but somehow must be harboring a bit of guilt that he is either the reason his wife disappeared in the first place or perhaps there was something she was well aware of but by the time she was willing to speak up it was too late. In any case, the mystery surrounding both Tim's missing wife and Sunset being in this dimension only grow more mysterious by the minute.

In any case as to why Sunset Shimmer was brought to this realm, now it is up to her to help Tim recover his missing wife even he may not take her seriously. Of course, if he knew that she's actually 'older' than how she appears to be, he wouldn't be so quick as to call her a child (After all, there's a difference between being sixteen as a human and being sixteen as a pony, which is actually much younger in pony years). But for now, even if it means diving themselves back into the nightmare knowing there's a ghost out to kill them, they must be willing to do whatever it takes to find Jane before something 'terrible' happens to her.

As we have just seen from this very chapter, it's not just about trying to make sense over the news articles foreshadowing what our heroes are about to expect nor all the spooky hauntings that are happening in this area or rather then whether boxcutter chick will strike again. This chapter is all about exploring the shadows of the past and whether karma won't haunt us after every mistake we've ever made in life. In which case, it's no wonder Sunset Shimmer feels so insecure about herself because if she thought the first time turning into a demon was bad enough but if she were to die and walk the Earth as a monster... it would be a nightmare she would never wake up from. Though does that explain why she's been neglecting her friends lately? Preferring to play video games in her apartment rather than hanging with her pals?

That, we do not know at this time. All we know is once again their search for a man's missing wife has them involved in another mystery involving a giant monster. And unless they are able to use their wits to outsmart the restless spirit, they could meet their end at any moment.

Very intense chapter here and Sunset has a reflection on her own seem to bother her.

And also, very good chapter!

Honestly I did not know of this game before now, but then again I'm generally out of the loop as far as VR titles are concerned. I'll probably give it a look in some way or another

oh yeah. I do remember hearing this was a Thai made game. Seems interesting. I haven't played as much as those in recent memory, I used to really be down for survival horror. I'll have to go look at playthrough soon.

well I've decided to look at the game via a playthrough. pretty intense stuff. :raritydespair:

Well I just finished the game and I will say that episode 2 is a must given that ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, though I can imagine what will become of Sunny after that is anyone's guess. I can see at least a little being condensed between here and the end of the game. Hope to see more Game Quest content eventually.

Don't worry. You will.


Now that I've freed myself up a bit and feel more spread out on the fanfics I'll be working on, I'm feeling like getting back into Game Quest. Between working at my real job in the real word, and doing commentaries for the Cinematic Adventures, I'm formulating and setting up the timeline for all the characters and the actions they needed to make to move the stories forward.

Whatever you have in mind, Ph.D, we trust your judgment. You're an amazing, creative writer and your materials are always worth the wait. Whatever you have in mind, we'll be at the helm at the ready.

Great to see some further progress on this.

To be honest, I was a little frustrated that no one quite gets that it's a "midquel."

That and I'm a very much terrified to replay the game, or even watch gameplays of others, just to find all the collectibles.

The Boxcutter Girl! She freaks me out.

Can understand that much looking through it myself. I do appreciate your attention to detail with this.


We all do this being a midquel is very interesting

“Temple?” Sunset asked. “What temple?”

I was gonna say the temple of doom but then I realised this isn't Indiana Jones

Wow. I just love Sunny get fed up with jump scares, more annoyed than frightened. And~ I realize I'm going to need a new pet name for her now that G5 is a thing. Also, from what I remember patches of blood in the original game are NOT a good thing to be around.

Whoa... Now that was certainly... something. Was any of Sunset's experiences real or a dream? Guess we'll find out some other time. Anyway congrats on finishing the story.

Thank you. Now, it’s time for me to unpause and resume Super Mario 64.

I will say this after a long wait it's very satisfying reading this story I especially love the details you include in your story very good job

You came back...to me...

Yeah sorry I just had to. ^^;

But yeah, I can tell that you put a lot of time and work into this. I was kind of wondering what would happen to Sunset towards the end of this part.

Again was curious how the cliffhanger would have been handled. Good spot to leave off and I'm looking forward to whatever's coming next for the project as a whole after Mario.

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