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Your typical Brony that loves chaos and fear. That is trying to please you with his writing.


If you find yourself on a different planet with powers you would freak out right?
Well I did that for a while. Could of went better...Still powers...this could be fun.

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Not bad...i like it but it need long words.

Long words~Noted

I would have laughed harder were it not for my dull mood.

That's a compliment by the way.

I like this, like and fav.

I like it. Using timberwolves in such a way is a good idea. When it comes to the Romance Tag. If you want him to fall in love, when please a pony who isn't shipped yet. Hard to say, if such a pony even exists. Maybe a villain like Trixie, since the Twixie shipping is not that established like other shippings. But now that I think about it, villain shippings could be interesting. You could also create a character, who would fit in this situation best. Whatever suits your story best.

Furthermore I noticed two things.

It seemed you can shape shift but not fully as you all most put too much pressure on your body.


Thanks. I let out a chuckle. Then I take a bite a the pony.


I would like to read more, so have a like. :twilightsmile:

Who he/she/it should fall in love with? TIMBERWOLVES! ALL OF THEM! MUHAHAHAAHAHA *falls into a deep hole* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

It feels like it need more meat on its bones(more words). But I still like it and i'm going to pretend that he is just talking to him self and not a voice in his head. I have a grudge against those fics... So in my head he is just a little crazy.

5639745 no I love crazyes I just don't like when there is different people in someone's head. Like two people in one body.


5638736 I second this.
I would enjoy it much more if he wouldn't talk to his brain.

Getting a lot of 'Remove voice in head'.
Will think about that.

this is pretty good :P

5639745 It is, atleast for me.
EDIT: That is normal

please write more

yeah he's definitely talking to his Brain :rainbowlaugh: this reminds me of fallout

5641371 Either remove it or explain it. I don't like unexplained head voices. You could call it the Voice of Logic, and explain it as a separate personality.

Love the "Voice in Head / Brain" plz keep :rainbowlaugh:


im loveing it

Do you continue to write your stories?

pleas make more

will you continue to make more chapters

hay do more chapters:heart:

Will any of your stories get updated? If it was explained in a blog post, I cannot see any, for some reason.

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