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A megaman crossover with my favorite character: Dr. Albert Wily.
After the events of Megaman Classic Dr. Wily gathers the Robot Masters and decides he's fed up with the world, choosing to start again somewhere else with his and his rival Dr. Light's robotic creations. He uses the teleporter to reach Equestria. When his inventions have proven to be useful to ponykind Celestia takes him under her wing, watching his every movement. She doesn't trust the man from another world. Is she just being judgemental because she can't stand his ego and his twisted philosophy, or are he and his 'sons' really a threat to her country?
My own interpretation of Wily and the Robot Masters, heavily influenced by his portrayal by the band 'The Megas/Entertainment Systems' and in the manga 'Megaman Megamix/Gigamix', which is what I got the cover image from. Caution, this is a darker Wily than in the games.

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The bar has been set, and I look forward to more. A lack of disappointment would be preferable.

Comment posted by Donute the spartan deleted Aug 18th, 2013

Oh boy this gona be good!

I declare bullshit :pinkiehappy:

because megamunn.

3065372 no, but why would him saying it's going to be good be bull because of Megaman? Are you saying that it's not a good story because it has Megaman in it? Please explain. :twilightoops:

nah,its just my personal dislike for it :3
i saw the cartoon,and it just seemed retarded.

Comment posted by JeckParadox deleted Aug 18th, 2013

3066599 ....oh my god, is that what you think Megaman is?! :raritydespair: You poor soul. This is Doctor Wily:
Not this:
These are the Robot Masters:
And this... this is Megaman: 24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lk06jgPszh1qzkrfxo1_500.jpg
Not this: i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/shaowebb/yay.jpg
I stated in the description that this was based off the portrayal of Wily from the games, the sometimes dark and emotional sometimes heartwarming Manga, and the Wily portrayed in the songs by the Megas
as well as my own ideas about his character. If you think that the 80s cartoon is what Megaman is supposed to be, you're missing out on something amazing.
You also have my promise that Cut Man will not make a pun.

Okay, robot/ android/ A.I ethics. You have my full attention.

I said it once I say it agan:

This gona be good!

well well, a fic that has Wily in Equestria...do not dissapoint me...

3066599 If you honestly think Mega Man is just that stupid-ass cartoon, then YOU are what is retarded. :facehoof:
3066482 On my read later list!

You had me at The Megas and the Megamix sealed the deal.

This story is getting interesting. Will the mane 6 be interacting with Willy and the others?
That would be awesome. :twilightsmile:

3075107 ...... why? Just... why?:rainbowhuh: but seriously though, you have to look at the big picture, wily created the robots to both destroy mega man, and serve other functions. Besides being an obvious trap, what would be the point of having a spiked wall man? ...but then again, the same could be said of springman :twilightsheepish:

3075614 Or Topman.
Seriously, what purpose does Topman serve?

3076491 When he's spinning he's invulnerable to Megaman's attacks, but it also helps him keep his balance under different levels of gravity, considering he's working on different planets. Or at least that's the explanation they have in the games. In the manga he put his spinning powers to the ultimate use: a hi-five going past the speed of sound.

As a huge fan of Megamix/Gigamix Wily I gotta say I'm loving this! It gets a fave from me! Also, no matter how much time passes I will always think of Wily's voice from the Ruby Spears cartoon when reading his dialogue.


I think this laugh is the best part of that terrible over-americanized cartoon.

I mean
Yay :3

This is good, and I am glad someone else sees thing in this light, as machines can be alive with out being biological in origin.

i like this Dr. W

The problem is that Dr. Wily is an old man. How much can he create or teach before he kicks it?

3085676 Well, that's the question, isn't it? :pinkiesad2:

3082656 Ah that glorious laugh...Yeah that show was really cheesy...but I like cheesy :rainbowlaugh: At least it wasn't NT Warrior or Starforce levels of bad.

3087034 okay, NT Warrior is what introduced me to Megaman and anime, and the Megaman Exe manga is what introduced me to manga. It's extremely nostalgic and a treasured memory, and from what I can remember from that show, it was far less cheesy or bad than something like Digimon, Pokemon, or the Ruby Spears show... and the manga helped shape my childhood, it taught me about rivalry, it was the first bit of fiction that showed me a sympathetic villain, a villain who wasn't evil for the sake of being evil, one who can become friends with and sacrifice themselves for the hero.
as for starforce, that was my favorite game, and the three episodes i've seen weren't bad.
So.... don't diss NT Warrior.
I will come after you. :eeyup:

3088049 It's all good bra! Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz :pinkiehappy: I just have have a lot of bad memories of all things Battle Network in general....I may just check out the Battle Network manga when I don't have such a massive backlog of stuff to read/watch. I just found the anime of both those games....boring. I'm just the kind of guy who has more fun laughing at something flawed and cheesy then something better crafted yet boring to me but that's just me! You keep doing what you do and I'll keep reading this story. :twilightsmile:

I dunno who to feel bad for. Rock, Or Wily and his kids?

3090813 It's a case of differing ideals. They're both justified in their own ways, and both ended up disappointed. So feel bad for both.. :pinkiesad2:
But feel more bad for the robot masters! :fluttershbad:

I kinda like Dr.Will more in this story then Dr.Light. Dr.Light kinda backstabed him in the back and then twisted the blade a few times. Serously what's the point to give a machine a soul when you decide to restraine it's soul? Also I don't know about you guys but I think the good doctor won't going to stop it's clock any time soon I mean HELLO!!! Super genious here wiht the ability to build robots wiht souls I bet he will be able to build a robot body for him self and then transfer his mind and soul into it or build some life expanding modifications to it's body or something like thet.

3115096 Well the idea behind this version of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily is that they're both right. In the games we see Dr. Light's perspective; he gave robots souls so that they'd understand what they're doing, and put in the three laws to make them safer and help humans to trust them. Dr. Light sees this as a way to build trust and promote safety, Wily sees this as chaining the robot's free will.
Dr. Wily removed the programming that enforces their morals and their three laws, bringing them back to the level of children mentally, and then releasing them upon the city with the instructions to cause chaos. Wily sees this as him saving his robotic sons and promoting their superiority and free will, but Light just sees it as Wily reprogramming the robots to go berserk.
Both are right, but both have their own reasons for what happened. But since this is from Dr. Wily's perspective, of course he's the more sympathetic character.
As for Dr. Wily building a robot body for himself.... my Wily isn't going to do that, he believes too much in free will to force a robot to follow his mind. But he will pass down his legacy...

3115142 Thet's cool then I woud hate to see thet a genious like Dr.Will woud die and then all of his ideas plans woud end. Maybe one of his son's will thake the lead and create new technological wonders for equestria like his father did maybe?

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As an up and coming fan of the series, I feel the need to point something out:

"Doctor Albert W. Wily. Roboticist and Visionary. And these are my sons, DWN's numbers 003 through 008. Cut, Guts, Ice, Bomb, Fire, and Elec, respectively."

Robot masters 003-008 were the DLN series (DRN in Japan)
and the N stands for "number", so you essetially put "Doctor Wily Numbers numbers"
It's a very minor complaint, just a nerd based nitpick.


I think this laugh is the best part of that terrible over-americanized cartoon.

Made by Canadians:derpytongue2:.

3126420 Heh, I was wondering when someone would pick up on the D(R/L)N vs DWN, but that's something I put in for myself. In this world Wily is very possessive of the seven Robots after Megaman, DLN's 002-008, so of course he would change it to Doctor Wily Numbers as soon as possible.
As for why I worded it like that, 'Doctor Wily Number' is the common part of the name, like a last name, and then he used 'numbers' after that because that's what separated them.
It looks awkward, but it kind of makes sense grammar-wise... or at least it seemed so at the time.
Huh, well, it was made by Canadians for Americans, or at least it seemed like it. My opinion of Canada has lessened knowing they created "I'LL MAKE PAPER DOLLS OUT OF YOU/KUNG FU CUTMAN".

Don't Mind me, just popping in to see if there was an update.

I noticed that you used the correct "DLN" in a later flashback, so I realized what you were going for then.
Sorry for replying a few weeks after, my notifications never told me you responded for some reason.
Luna: Sister, do you hear that?
Celestia: What? Wait... I believe I hear something, but I can't tell what it--

Quite nice. I do hope things continue.

Hey, is this still being worked on? I'd hate to see another well written crossover die off.

Just popping in to see how things were going.

Tia don't make the same mistake Light made in MegaMan 3 and 10 don't trust him call in the seven megaman all of them: Rock, X, Zero, Vent, Volnutt, Lan and Geo

"Heh. Thank you, Princess. I'll treat them with more respect than I hold even for my fellow humans."

that would be very easy as he lost all respect for humanity a while ago

It would make for the mega man 2 robot masters to be there but then again Metal Man would kill any negotiations just with Celestia looking at him.

4088937 uh Zero was made by wily.

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