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Keroro from the anime "Sgt. Frog" or "Keroro Gunsou" is sent to the universe of my little pony.
Keroro is the lazy type, sent three years ago to conquer the Earth, or as the invaders call it; Pekopon, he has still not made much headway on his mission. Worse yet, he's not making much headway in anything. He's living like there's no today, spending his time building models, watching anime, playing around with his friends, and spending huge amounts of money and effort into making it look like he's working to conquer the planet, without actually accomplishing anything.
Keroro would like nothing more than the chance to relax without a care in the world. A chance to live without being expected of anything, be it demands to enslave a planet or demands to do his laundry.
And when he's mysteriously wakes up in Equestria, he finds that dream's come true.
Cover art not by me (can't find the link either), I don't own characters or settings.

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Just... just take all of my money.


Goodbye, Pekopon!
Hello, Pekopony!

... (I apologize, that was terrible.)

3060315 I've resisted making that pun for several days. Thank you!

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