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The Daleks invade Equestria, but the combined power of the Doctor and the Princesses was enough to dispose of the ship and it's monstrous crew... that is, except one. Dalek Sar disgraced himself, and as punishment had his self-destruct disabled, had his connections to the rest of his race cut, and was stripped of many of his armor's powers. The fallen cultist of Skaro was then left to die, facing the Doctor head on while the others remained safe on the ship.
Never have they been so wrong. Alone and powerless Dalek Sar is captured, and then taken in by a small, cowardly, pegasus to live at her animal home. Through events no one could explain, he has made Fluttershy his eternal commander. And him, her eternal protector.
But when Celestia needs to have Fluttershy reform another powerful monstrosity. Discord, the spirit of chaos. We've all seen how Discord wrecks her home, pushes her to the limit... but what would her own alien death machine have to say about it?
Based on the terrible beginning to one of my other stories, Vortexes are Magic (it gets a lot better later on), but it'll play out very different. Warning, may(I'm undecided) contain lethal levels of Fluttermac in later chapters.

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Fluttershy befriending the most hated and feared killing machine in all of creation, you've peeked my interest.

You have me interested good sir. It could have been written a bit better, but other than that it was pretty good.


Guess River Song's not the only one who can make a Dalek beg for mercy.

Other than that, why am I reminded of the Reforming Changeling stories? Heck, Daleks are usually funnier when they're Heroic Chaotic Evil beings...like in "A Hero."


2813166 thank you for the permission I suppose :twilightsheepish:

Honestly I dont really know what to say in this.
Hope this picture makes more sense

Fluttershy is stronger than the will of the Daleks? Makes perfect sense to me :yay:

lol sleeply dalek

Dafuq Doctor?! :rainbowlaugh:

Y u pop out like that for no reason?

Anyway, a great chapter as always:eeyup:

3059593 He just popped out of nowhere to be a jerk to Dalek Sar. And really, why not? Essentially the Doctor's role in this story is as the jerk who shows up from time to time just to taunt Sar. After all, the Dalek's the protagonist this time around.

3060993 You just made me feel pity for the Daleks(especially Dalek Sar). And that's rare,considering how the Daleks are pretty much very evil in the Doctor Who series.And I'm sure lots of the fans are cimpletely against the Daleks than feeling a small pity for them. :derpytongue2:


your past transgressions are irrelevant

I heard this in the voice of Fluttershy doing a Dalek voice impression. You win all internets forever.

Wow...I have never seen The Doctor defeated by pictures in any episodes or fanfics.

Discord is just amazing(You too JeckParadox)


3123724 Well, I remember in the episode when they find out who Riversong is he was poisoned, and then he called for some holograms of past companions, and each of them made him so guilty he actually winced. Why not up it a bit for comedic value?

3123733 Oh yeeeaaaahhhh..... I've completely forgotten about that.

"Ow! Right in the guilt complex!" -The Doctor

I am seriously loving this story, 'nuf said :yay:

What would happen if the Daleks met the Borg?

Fluttershy is best Dalek Commander :moustache:
:yay: Yay!

Oh Mai gat. Fluttershy has a pet dalek. *mutters* I hope it has enough power to kill Angel..

2813992 lol does not describe how hard I laughed

Oh god I totally called the Angel thing!!
"Mr. Dalek." Oh god
Also, I never knew daleks could frown. That's fantastic! :D

Remember, kids, if a dalek charges at you, STARE IT THE FUCK DOWN!!!
Lol I love how the doctor pops out of nowhere and he's like, "I'm over here fuck me!!!!" And the dalek is in the corner like "oh god why???"

First I was like lol

Then I was like THE FEELS!!!!

"Three metric tons of tampered steel beams, four tons of wet cement, several wooden molds, cut stone-"


(This Dalek reminds me of Commander Straxx, by the way. "Madame Vastra wondered if you were needing any grenades?" - "Grenades?" - "She might have said help.")

Over a million computations per second

Side note: Woah! That's almost as much as a modern pocket calculator.

"Commander, I must serve my purpose, and I have decided that purpose is to serve you. What more could a Dalek ask for?"




"Of course it is, name one thing in the universe that doesn't like cake."
"Dalek Sar."
"...You don't count, you're an alien from a universe, if there's anything that exists in this world from this world that doesn't like cake, it would be you."
Pinkie Pie burst through the chimney. "You don't like cake?!" She hissed, narrowing her eyes at the Dalek. "Now I see why you tried to exterminate Equestria!"
"These two things are completely unrelated."


It would be funny to see what would happen if Discord restores all Dalek Sar's ability.
You know. For chaos.

"Dalek Sar."


(And if the Cybermen enter the scene: THE CAKE WAS DESIGNATED... A LIE.)

Wonder what will happen at the wedding/Tirek's return. That will be funny.

Why is this story cancelled it seems like a good story?

6235447 I just got tired of writing stuff pony-related

6241000 Homestuck, smash brothers, DBZ, http://archiveofourown.org/users/JeckParadox
check it out if you're interested.

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