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After a night of accidental debauchery that she cannot seem to remember, sophomore student at Canterlot Community College Fluttershy wakes up to find a strange woman named 'Eris' standing at her door! The strange woman claims that she's going to be Fluttershy's new live-in maid of all things! But Eris is far more than just a strange, seven-foot-tall woman in a French maid outfit... she's the human world's nascent spirit of chaos! And whoever heard of a spirit of chaos washing clothes and dusting shelves?!

Not to mention Eris's sudden reappearance has stirred up other ancient magical beings from their slumber, including the savage Queen Umbra, the enigmatic Chrysalis, and the Paladin-Goddesses Selene and Amaterasu.

But as crazy as the situation may be, perhaps things will work out for the best? Fluttershy's been incredibly lonely ever since the rest of her friends from Canterlot High went off to other colleges. And underneath all her bluster, maybe... just maybe... all Eris needs is a friend to convince her she isn't alone anymore.

...or maybe Fluttershy's cottage will be washed away in a tsunami of caramel-flavored cottage cheese.

...Yeah, that sounds about right.

Contains: Older!EqG!FluttershyxRule63!Discord


(Author's Notes: Crossover between Equestria Girls and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid because I'm apparently a hot pile of otaku garbage. The first few chapters may closely resemble some episodes of the anime, but it will diverge from there. This takes place in the near future of an alternate EqG universe because I've only seen the first Equestria Girls and don't really care enough to watch the others. Also because I'm not gonna write them with "Doug" skin colors. They've still got the multicolored hair, but they have human skin. Because I said so, that's why.)

(Teen/Sex rating is for comical nudity, lewd discussions, possibly-too-in-depth descriptions, and maybe some light touching, but there will be no explicit sex)

(Cover Art credit goes to ZantyARZ)

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i think I have found pure awesomness right here

:rainbowderp: I didn't know I was waiting for this until now. Thank you.

I can already tell I'm gonna like this based on the reference alone.

As a fan of Fluttercord (no matter the form,) and the amazingly adorable Kobayashi Dragon Maid Series, I really enjoyed reading this. The amount of detail you put into describing Eris's draconic form, it almost read like poetry for my eyes (I know it sounds corny, but I really did enjoy reading that part.) I hope to see more from this series. :heart:

Don't be ashamed of your otaku status, embrace it! That's what I do.

So far so good. I wonder if you'll be using the princesses in place of the other dragons or something. I'm curious to see who you pick for Fafnir.

This story was really good. However the descriptions were overly detailed. Over explaining makes it feel like a chore to get through, because the reader is forced to sit though you describing something they've figured out ( what Eris' draconequus form looks like) or or something that could have been said in one sentence (Eris' transformation). This is a really good open to a story and I can't wait for more as a fan of mlp and dragon maid.

well. if it isn't one of my favorite animes mixed into one of my favorite cartoons.

my grammar and such is horrendous so i won't even attempt to comment on that but i will comment on how fun i find the concept. i mean this is such a teaser of a chapter i don't have much else to go on. a track for now and a thumbs up!

Eh, I guess I'll follow this, if only so I can give the occasional subtle reminder that some of us really liked Smash and Applebot.

I, for one, welcome this new breed of madness. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this. And thanks for the shout-out. :twilightsmile:


Of all the things I didn't expect, this is up there

Chu chu yeah

Screwball? I dunno.

But seriously, it's good to see you again Dusty.

Interesting that you chose Fluttershy as Kobayashi's stand in for this crossover. (I Would have thought Twilight or Rarity, but that would be playing too close to the chest probably). I'm impressed with how much details you've gone out of your way to make, and even chuckled at the little bit of silliness you added for Tohru.

I can't wait for more.

Ahaha. I’d considered doing this as well only with Rarity and Tohru (with Tohru being a banished Tirek-level threat) ah but mha is my focus for now and perhaps a made in abyss crossover in the future.

I’m interested to see where this goes though. Good luck!

Oh my god! I can't believe it, an update!

I love how there is someone Disliking comments that approve of this story. The trolls are everywhere!

Also, my opinion of the story is as follows:


You follow Dusty too? We keeping running into each other everywhere.

This was amazing so funny and quirky keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

I rate this a five flutter yay story!

yea i was gonna say dragon maid, am i right

I thought you died or something. Didn't take it off my tracker, so let's have a read.

Glad to see someone else remembers how awesome that song is.

Yay!!!!! This has updated! I woke up and this was in my feed, you have no idea how happy it makes me. I never saw the anime, but Eris is adorable and you have nailed Fluttershy. As a card carrying Fluttercord, I am right behind Erishy. Thanks for letting me start my day with something fluffy.

*squeeee* love it so far, can't wait for more:raritystarry:

Sweet Jebus this is amazing, I want moar!

Yeah, Luna shouldn't get to live that one down. Neither should Sunset for that matter. (Hmm. Group Precipitation idea there.)

In any case, a few fascinating wrinkles and a lot of adorably insane friendshipping. Looking forward to more of both, especially if Sunset ever hears about Fluttershy's new maid. Or Princess Twilight, for that matter...


Fluttershy shrieked, her eyes wide as she clutched, white knuckled to the rim of the massive bathtub that had been painted to look like a pirate ship. Majestic, rainbow colored wings flapped on either side of the tub, and an enormous black sail fluttered above them, attached to a mast that had sprouted out of the drainage pipe. All around her, a dozen rubber ducks that had been dressed up to look like a pirate crew belted out a sea shanty in the most gravelly, death metal voices that their squeaky rubber bills could make. The whole time, Eris stood, balancing perfectly atop the wooden beams of the sail, remaining completely stable despite the wind and momentum, and shredding on an electric guitar.

:rainbowderp: That's the most metal thing I've ever seen since the Doof Warrior from Fury Road :rainbowkiss:

“Stop the car!” She shrieked.

Startled, the PEGAssyst driver slammed on the brakes, the car lurching and sending all the loose items inside flying. The driver whirled on Fluttershy, a flare of anger washing over him. “What?!” he demanded.

Fluttershy looked at him with a deadly serious glare, despite her state. “I need to get out. Right now,” she said, her voice serious as death itself.

Now the driver simply looked confused. “What? Why?” he asked.

Fluttershy pointed out the window. “Bunnies.”

The driver blinked. “Bunnies?”

Fluttershy nodded, repeating herself, just as serious as before. “Bunnies.”


"Eris, what size are you?"
"D! For Draconequus!"

“But I do!” Eris shouted, slamming her hands down on the table with an astonishing amount of force, causing the wood to creak. Fluttershy squeaked, jolting a little as the impassioned stranger continued to ramble on. “You saved me from my hellish imprisonment and cleansed my very soul with the power of your kindness!”


As much as I loved Dragon Maid I couldn't help feeling that it needed more romance.
Will this have romance?

Considering how cute Fluttershy is I can't wait to see who you'll pick to be the ridiculously cute Kanna character.

Yay! It's alive! Now to ponder what the new character/eldertich abomination/waifu will be

“YAY!” Fluttershy squealed louder than she ever would have were she sober. She forced the door open and stumbled out of the car. “Come heeeeere baby bunnies!” she cried at the alarmed colony of rabbits. “Mama Fluttershy wants to cuddle yoooouuuu!”

I love this. It is so adorable!

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