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Six princes who are foster brothers with their foster father, King Tirek, live a comfortable life but because of this they are ignorant to their father's cruel acts to the kingdom. Meanwhile, six maidens must serve a noble household run by the demanding Lady Chrysalis and her daughters. There are elements of Cinderella to this but this is not your typical Cinderella story.

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Nice start! I look forward to more!

You changed one of your ships I see. :applejackunsure: Eh, I was pretty neutral to your old ship anyway.

By the way, what's the T rating for? :applejackunsure:

Frankly I was too. They were more or less a filler ship to me, I liked them but I didn't think more was going to happen between them in the show. Besides the new ship makes more sense.

Well... I might get into some dark themes with this one, so the T rating gives me some leg room with the writing.

This story has an interesting premise, and I gotta admit, I look forward to how it unfolds. Happy Holidays, and good luck!

Alright, some Rapper ships!

Great first chapter
Looking forward too the next one

I'll give ya an upvote!

That confirmed it for the princes. They were Chrysalis' daughters.

Why do I get the feeling that it's not that simple?

Mayday mayday. There’s been a mixup!

I'm happy for the girls, but I've got BAD feeling about this. I'm practically holding my breath waiting for an explosion here. :fluttershyouch:

Feels a little undiscript about the characters, but that's a nip pick.
But I do like the role Fancy has in this. Going to wait and see about the Capper-Rarity ship, but the street smart cat might have the tongue to sweep the fashionista off her feet

So we have a comedy of errors going on. Okay,

Not bad, you've made a good setup. Though, I can't help but wonder what'll happen next.

keep up the good work

I'm looking forward to the ball scene, and I never knew how many types of maids there were! Also, I must admit my surprise for who you chose to be Chrysalis' daughters. I mean, I knew Sunset would be in place of Twilight, but I was thinking you'd use the shadowbolts from Crystal Prep for the remaining 5. But, I think your choice still works out pretty well. Hope you update again soon.

The Shadowbolts did cross my mind along with Juniper Montage but I wanted to do something different by adding the Sirens, Suri, and Trixie but Sunset needed to be here as an important element to the story but that'll be revealed later.

Aww, I feel sorry for the girls. :fluttercry:

Hopefully, things will turn out for the better. But, I have a feeling that the princes are gonna have a pretty confused reaction when they realize that there was been a misunderstanding.

Great work, and hopefully, things can get working on Fanfiction so that you can post this chapter there. :pinkiesmile:

I was also expecting the Shadowbolts... Nice subversion.

If I can make a prediction, all but Flash are turned off by the actual daughters in ten minutes of meeting them, while Flash ends up torn between Sunset and Twilight, and while the others are resolute to marry the ladies they bonded with, Flash is the one considering following Tirek's order... Beyond that... I got nothing

Sunset's one of the evil sisters? Okay...:applejackunsure: I haven't seen evil
Sunset in forever. Edgy and temperamental Sunset maybe, but not evil. The maids have got to get to that ball and straighten things out before the boys end up with, ugh, those girls. :pinkiesick:

I don't know. CN12 seems a little too romantic and straightforward to write that kind of drama. That seems more like something you would do. :ajsmug:
I predict that Sunset will take pity on the girls and end up helping them in the end. That's what happened in the animated Disney's Cinderella and in Ever After.

That maybe true but since you haven't read my story A Dragon's Selection you don't know what kind of drama I put into that one. As for Sunset, you'll have to wait and see.

:facehoof: Agh! I can see I was right. A very interesting set of character choices for the daughters though. Given the presence of Cinch, I was expecting the Crystal Prep girls, but this looks very good.

You're right that is something I would do because quality drama makes an interesting story, romance or not. You have to recall that Sunset and Flash were an item in the EQG storyline before she stole Twilight's crown. So it would make sense that Flash would be torn between Sunset and Twilight in this story.

I'm also hoping we get more development between our princes and heroines.

I wonder how long it will be until they learn that they're in love with maids, not noble women?

Just waiting for the reveal... my money is still on my prediction that Flash will be the only one to give Sunset half a chance. Which would lead to him undermining his brothers' attempts to... STOP! I did this to myself with Banshee531's Yugioh EQG and Yugioh EQG and Yugioh EQG: Shadow Gates... I am not doing this again. I will sit back, wait and see, just like I watch "The Last Jedi", a massively underappreciated film IMHO.

LOL! Glad to see I'm not the only one who liked the movie!

Oooh, that movie was SO good.

By the way, everytime Tirek speaks I get this horribly dark chill down my spine. I feel so sorry for the boys. They're just as miserable as the girls are, but they're misery is hidden by privilege and status. I mean having a responsibility shouldn't have to mean sacrificing happiness. By the time this story gets to the end, I want all twelve of them to have all the happiness in the world.

Ooh, I like the development on the princes, and I can't wait to read more.

Luna smirked, "That it's all a bunch of fol-de-rol and fiddle de faddle de foodle?"

Nice reference.
Oh gosh, I can't wait for the ball scene. :pinkiehappy:

Yay! I was hoping someone would get that!

THE time has come for the six cinderella's too meet their princes's
I bet that When Chrissy introducé her daughters too the king's son's, they will be shockend too seeing it's not the girls they met earlier.

What's that a reference to?

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella musical.

Curse you Cinch! And also, yeah, I can't wait for the ball! I was curious about what sort of outfits you'd end up choosing for the girls. I thought you'd either use the ones from "Best Knight Ever" or "Make New Friends But Keep Discord". But this was pretty great! Please give us another chapter soon.

This might just be from watching The Last Jedi last week, but is Tirek going to try to kill his own sons? :pinkiegasp: Wait, what if Tirek forces the boys to fight to the death for the throne and uses the lives of their beloveds as leverage to get them to fight each other? Too dark? :fluttershyouch:

So, this story is darker than your RCF stories, but not Hunger Games level dark? Just checking.

Oh definitely not! I can't promise no blood but it doesn't get to that level!

This story makes me really happy AND really sad... They are in love with each other... But the princes are betrothed to Chrysalis 's daughters, who they think are the main six, but the main six are maids and the maids are in love with the princes and I just made this comment very confusing but I think you understand what I mean since this is your story and I'm going to stop talking now:rainbowlaugh:.

Sunset however felt unsure about that. Sure she wanted to be a princess and live in the palace like the rest of her sisters, but she couldn't help but feel that she should at least like her husband a little and he should like her. In all the books that she read about, love was an important part in a marriage, of course she knew this was an arranged marriage that her mother set up ever since she was little but she felt a glimmer of hope that she would like her betrothed and he would like her back and maybe they would grow to be something more.

The Island Princess? Man, poor Sunset.

Cheese shook his head, "Correction, we fell for the right girls." subtly pointing out, " Those are the wrong girls."

Good call, Cheese.

Soarin whispered, "Let them go for now, it's not like we don't know where to find them."

First chance you get, GO FIND THEM! That's an order. :flutterrage:

Oh my! I wonder what'll happen when the princes meet the girls again.

Hold on. Why am I smelling Ella Enchanted coming up? I mean, the princes don't know that their people are suffering or that their father is the bad guy, but I've got a feeling they're about to find out. Then again, I've been wrong before.

So as long as Chrysalis and Cinch don't find out and sell them to pirates or something like in "Ever After."

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