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By: The Twin

Fluttershy was out of Ponyville for a couple days, to deal with Starlight Glimmer's weird cutie mark Nazi village, and when she gets back she finds a surprising turn of events.

Discord has made a new friend... all by himself!!!

At first Fluttershy is happy and proud of Discord, but soon she starts getting a funny feeling in her chest. As Discord spends more and more time with his new friend the feeling only gets stronger.

Could Fluttershy?

Could she be?


Impossible Fluttershy doesn't have a reason to be jealous after all this new pony is nice and wants to be friends with Discord, and Fluttershy has always wanted Discord to make more friends and for other ponies to treat him kindly.

So why does this pony make her feel this way?

Could the fact that it's a Mare have anything to do with it?

Things take a turn when it appears that Discords new friend might be more then she appears to be.

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I like the concept! And I'm flattered that you mentioned me in the author's note. ^.^ I can't wait to see where the story goes and I hope it gets better and better as it progresses!

Please update soon!

This was such a sweet chapter! I want to read more! It'll help give me something to do as I refuel my creativity, and while I wait for the 'Flutter Brutter' episode coming up. Hoping for some serious Discord vs. Flutter's brother action in it. (Sorry to get off topic. Good chapter all in all.)

Ooh, interesting... :pinkiesmile: Looking forward to where this story goes!
Same, I can't believe there's still another two weeks to wait for that episode, and I am interested in having some interaction between Discord and Fluttershy's brother. I'm still trying to picture exactly what he might be like though.
Either way, can't wait for the next chapter though :twilightsmile:

The Twin

Thanks for commenting :pinkiehappy: glad you like the story so far.

Also i didn't know Fluttershy had a brother. Most of season five and everything after it i'm lost on. Haven't been keeping up with the show.

Glad i can give ya something to do while you recharge hope you do soon.

The Twin

Thanks for commenting :pinkiehappy: glad you like the story so far.

Also i didn't know Fluttershy had a brother. Most of season five and everything after it i'm lost on. Haven't been keeping up with the show.

Glad i can give ya something to do while you recharge hope you do soon.

cant wait to see what happens next

Now that was uncalled for
still I'm looking forward to the next chapter

That...was...great! I love this, even though Moonlight was a total jerk. Kinda what I was trying to do with Eve (except of course, she was doing things out of jealousy and manipulation). I'm intrigued by Moonlight, and ask that you please make another chapter to see what with Fluttershy and what Moonlight's motivations are. Thank you in advance.

p.s. Love the symbolism of the cupcake btw! I mean, yellow with frosting? Not too obvious, and not too subtle.

That's not true, Moonlight! Discord did tell you about Fluttershy! And in a positive way!

The Twin

Thank you for noticing that, I was worried people would miss that. I had to point it out to my brother.

The Twin

We'll be checking on Fluttershy of course, but Moonlights motivation won't be revealed for a little while.

Glad you liked the chapter :pinkiehappy:

Interesting. I like it! I hope you continue with the story.:twilightsmile:

I... honestly wasn't expecting that. I don't know what I was expecting but not that. I like it though, kind of curious as to what Moonlight's up to.
Really great chapter, looking forward to the next one. :twilightsmile:


I can't wait to see the next chapter. Keep up the good work.

looking forward for more chapters

Another good chapter! With summer coming up, plus a mid-season hiatus, there'll be plenty of opportunity to finish up fanfics (for me I have two stories to finish, and two sequels to write). But anyway, I can't wait to read more.

what will happens next

Update soon I want see more

Great chapter! Don't worry, it takes time to write.

Well, maybe instead of Fed Ex you could say Derpy/Muffins, since she seems to be a common mailpony. :derpytongue2:

The Twin

I used a male mail pony instead of Derpy because i wanted Discord to threaten the pony, and i didn't want to do anything mean to Derpy, i like her.

Ahh, well...Yeah. You can't bully Derpy. Just look at that face!:derpytongue2:

How much longer until we see what happens next? (I know these things take time, but I couldn't help but ask.)

The Twin

I'm hoping to have the next chapter up by the weekend.


Okay! Thank you! :)

Oh! BTW, I just posted up the next installment of the MLP nightmare trilogy, if you want to take a look at it. It's not finished yet, but I'll do everything in my power it make sure it's awesome.

Is Moonlight a changeling

The Twin
Fluttershy wishes that's all she is.

Omg Moonlight is in love with Discord?! I have a feeling it will end nicely anyway. :) Moonlight is dead I hope :)

The Twin

You hope Moonlight is dead? As in she dies at the end, or do you think shes a ghost?

I'm coming to believe that "Moonlight" is the corporeal form of Nightmare Moon. Hence her words "since I first set eyes on him", which means the nightmare may have already been germinating inside Luna or that she has Luna's memories. Also, the way she knew Fluttershy's nightmare? Yeah, more and more I think she is Nightmare Moon.

Excellent story. Can't wait to see if I'm right.

Wow! I love this! Sorry I can't update too much, don't have good computer access. But keep on going with your story please!

The Twin

Have no fear, I shall continue on for both of us. lol :derpytongue2:

I don't like Moonlight one bit! I hope Discord picks Fluttershy; not Moonlight!

I've been waiting for this for a while, and the only bad part is how short it is. What exactly is Moonlight? And how much longer before we reach the big reveal? I await your next chapter.

Nice chapter, can't wait for more:twilightsmile:

can't wait to see more


Please update soon as you can

Comment posted by Dr midnight deleted Jul 28th, 2016

No Discord said that's its a girl.

I know I might be wrong, but I feel he might talk to Twilight. Just a hunch. I hope he won't talk to Moon-whatever-her-name-is Q-Q

hope to see the next chapter as soon as possible

I'm honored by the little shout out! :twilightsmile: Thank you very much. As to my story, I did manage to write a little bit, but I find myself having a bit of the usual writer's block, hopefully something I'll quickly be able to work through. Any way, can't wait to see what you come up with next! ^.^

Ok, this is just a theory, but...he's going to talk to the cupcake Monster who got thrown into Moonlight's hair, and is now running the big crime Organisation in Manehatten, before an iron-clad fish pony ate half of the building, making them call Tom for backup and they-

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