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Twilight is working on her greatest spell yet, maybe even the best spell known to all of ponykind, when Pinkie interrupts. Pinkie and Gummy get in the way of the spell, causing Gummy to turn into a pony. This causes problems for everyone involved. Most affected by this, of course, is Pinkie's very own Gummy Pie.

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:pinkiecrazy: Will it turn into a psycho?
:pinkiehappy: Please tell me he will turn into a psycho!

Will we be seeing more of Craig the donut?

Colour me intrigued (is that a shade of red? Orange? Blue?). Please continue. I found little to no problems so far.

Maybe...... :pinkiehappy:
I can't teellll yoooou!
I thought intrigue was more of an indigo color.

But seriously, all you guys are awesome. :rainbowkiss:
I'm not doubt going to be doing more, not sure how fast I can put these out or if I can make them a bit longer. I'll try!

Great first chapter!:twilightsmile:

Also, since Gummy is a pony now, does he get teeth?


Also, 10 favorites in about 14 hours?

PURE AWESOME! Thanks so much guys!

I can't tell if Pinkie knows Gummy became a pony, or if she thinks the pony ate Gummy. :derpytongue2: :facehoof:
Also, have a mustache.
:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:'s out of 5.

Thank you. Have a few of your own :moustache::moustache::moustache:

"Mustaches work for everything!" Spike yelled from upstairs.

DAMN STRAIGHT! :rainbowwild:

thought i'd point this out:

They all burst through the door, and saw that Spike was now eating his LUNCH.
Spike looked up from where he was eating his DINNER.

i guess they passed out for a few hours :twilightsheepish:

How can gummy go to to school he can't read or write

I like how Gummy acts to be honest. You're also capturing Pinkie perfectly. Can't wait for the next chapter!:twilightsmile:

2607823 TYVM :twilightblush:

2608347 'Tis a story. Read yonder to learneth more things-eth.

2609799 Thanks dude!

Again, I'd like the thank you all for reading! You guys are so awesome :heart:

"I don't want anything to do with it, and I promise not to tell anyone," Spike was already walking back up the stairs. He didn't need a snack anyway.

i find this story quite amusing :moustache:

I couldn't help but laugh whenever he mentioned being pelted by cucumbers. Another great chapter in my opinion. I only spotted one mistake by the way.

Pinkie sat under the couch, sipping some tea Fluttershy brought her, for the next twenty-five minutes. She f
Finally left to go pick up Gummy, who was just finishing up recess.

Other than that, I didn't spot any other mistakes.

Turning Gummy into a pony is an interesting idea, and you've actually managed to pull it off. Liked and faved! :twilightsmile:


1. ..you didn't get pelted with cucumbers when you were a kid? I thought it was common...
2. What was that sentence going to be originally? The world may never know, because I sure don't. Thanks for pointing that out!

Success! Mission turn cartoon baby alligator into a cartoon pony is a go!

Again, I'd like to thank anyone who reads this story. 225 views, 20 likes, and 32 favorites? This is awesome guys :yay:

Turning something into a pony that wasn't already one into a pony that wasn't one already.

This sentence is redundant.

That's the only major mistake I noticed, this is really good for a first story (or any story at all), really enjoying it!

How many Craig the Donut books are there and where can I buy them?:pinkiehappy:

Congratulations Twilight and Gummy, for stumping the random pink one you've each won a t-shirt!

Those hoo-meens of Lyra's and those Doo-licks of Time Turner's

"Well, I don't know what the cupcakes you two are being are weird about, so stop. You're scaring me. Can I tell Fluttershy, Twilight? Pleeeeease?" Pinkie asked.


The word 'AND' isn't supposed to go in the beginning of a sentence

Finally, it was time for end of the day recess where Gummy could talk to other ponies and make new friends


If gummy gets a cutie mark, it'll probably be an eye (his eye style)

2639876 Thanks!
2644771 Ten and a half, Equestria
2669257 Huh? Where's the mistake in that?
2669270 If it's in dialogue, it's fine. People mess up their grammar sometimes when talking. But if it's somewhere in my narration tell me :pinkiesmile:
2669298 It's correct... it was time for recess, at the end of the day, and Gummy wanted to make new friends. :unsuresweetie:
2669361 Nice to see people predicting and such.

Yup. The next chapter's gonna be out today, so keep your eyes open! :ajsmug:

2669779 Are being Are weird

Don't you mean 'are being weird'

Comment posted by DigitalChaos deleted Jun 3rd, 2013
Comment posted by DigitalChaos deleted Jun 3rd, 2013

"We're like sharks right now," Silver Spoon said, really adding to the conversation.


A Q&A chapter would be the best thing ever. Also, the cucumbers, I can't stop laughing when I read those parts.

Another thing, It's hard to explain what I imagine his voice to be like, but for example, I imagine it being a bit deep, but young. So basically, a 12 year old's voice.

As for mistakes, I didn't notice a single one, so great job.

2672696 :pinkiehappy:
2673182 Alright, it's official. Q&A, sometime in the near future. Ask away!

HEY! No naughtiness bub!

His plan was to throw the book at Applejack, so that she'd have to stop to read it. It was foolproof.

Seems legit.
It would work on me.

You guys! Q&A chapter as soon as we get enough questions! So far we have 0. You can ask anything, to any character or me!

2674930 It would probably work on me too.

2673624 Wait, where?

2681736 When Big Mac cross dresses, THAT'S where.

"Sooooo... what do we do now?" Spike asked.

This line is on murpheys top ten list for making things go OH so wrong

"Who wants to try and figure out what Gummy and Fluttershy are saying from here?" Asked Scootaloo.

Shouldn't that be Lime and Fluttershy?

Scootaloo, stop breaking the fourth wall!
Eheh, thanks. I had a few instances of that. When Pinkie announced who was singing, I had initially accidentally made her announce that he was Gummy to everyone :facehoof:

Oh! Oh! I have a question for Gummy! Ok, if you were to get a cutie mark what do you think it would be?

ninja/spy/potato/melon of Discord.


The cake is a lie,


Gummy gathered everything he'd need, which was just a suitcase of cucumbers


and slight insanity.

Cucumbers also made him happy.

:pinkiecrazy: Is it bad that I was eating a cucumber while reading this?

2940162 No. Actually, you get extra points for that. Yup, this is a contest.

Cutie Mark Getting time???

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