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Applejack goes to an isolated hill in Sweet Apple Acres and delivers her father a Father's Day message.

The name of the story and the first chapter are based off of songs.

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I always hear the fanon stating that AJ's hat was her father's hat, but never heard that Mac's yoke belonging to his father.
Nice story, it really tugs at the heartstrings.

It's tragic that this got as little attention that it did. It's only short and doesn't break down the walls of fanfiction saga, but it felt sweet and sincere and justified in the tears it can snatch from us manly men.

Faved this ages ago because I knew I wanted to read it. I'm very glad I finally decided to.

3159156 Thanks dude!

3679889 Thanks, and I'm okay that it didn't get many views. It was cool to write and the people who did read it liked it :D

That one was good :yay: for some reason the shorter stories always pull at people more than the long ones, story of my life:fluttershysad:

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