• Published 17th May 2013
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Gummy Pie - DigitalChaos

A misfired spell from Twilight causes huge problems for Pinkie Pie, and her pet alligator, Gummy Pie.

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Chapter 2 - Double The Fun

Pinkie woke up. That confused her. Hadn't she already woken once today? Then she remembered the events that occurred after she woke up, and decided it must have been a dream. Gummy as a pony? How crazy was she?

That was, until she saw the colt sitting next to the bed, watching her carefully. "Um.... hh-hhi Pinkie," he stammered, this being only the second time he'd used his voice. Plus the fact of the whole situation.

Pinkie wasn't sure how to react. Apparently, the events had not been a dream like she'd hoped. She decided that jumping to a conclusion was her best choice with her Pinkie-logic mind. "Hi, are you Gummy?"

"Y-yeah. Twilight's spell turned me into a pony." Gummy looked like about your average colt, save his eyes.

"Oh, well that's nice," Pinkie said in a volume that would make Fluttershy proud. How the hay was she supposed to react to this? Was she supposed to try to take care of him? Pinkie took care of babies but knew next to nothing about fillies or colts. "I think maybe we should go see her?"

"Yeah," Gummy agreed.

They left Sugarcube Corner a few minutes later, and headed toward the library in town.

The whole situation felt awkward. Then, as they were walking, Pinkie jumped a few feet into the air and gasped in realization. A few passerby looked at her, then looked away. They were all too used to things like this. Especially since that one time when Pinkie rolled through town the entire day instead of walking.

"Gummy! I just realized something!" This got her several looks, which then led to ponies looking at the colt next to her in confusion. Pinkie got in front of Gummy before they got a good look. "If you're Gummy," she said, much quieter this time, "then that means you're the same old Gummy, and I'm the same old Pinkie, and we don't have to be all awkwardy pants!"

"Oh, good!" Gummy jumped into the air. "I thought I'd have to act like that forever!"

They both proceeded to hop through Ponyville to the library. As they walked, they saw many people they knew, and they both greeted them happily. They didn't see anything wrong with it, but other ponies didn't agree.

"Hi, Mrs.Cake!"

"Oh, hi Pinkie," Mrs.Cake replied, smiling at Pinkie as she walked down the street.

"Heya, Mrs.Cake!" Gummy greeted her, not noticing they had never technically met.

"Hi, P-- wait, did I just greet Pinkie twice? And what happened to her voice?" Mrs.Cake froze in her tracks and did a double take, and saw Pinkie hopping along with Gummy. "Oh... I didn't know she had a brother... or a son? Wait, Pinkie, come back, I have a question!"

"No time, Mrs.Cake! I have to go talk to Twilight about... secret magic sciencey-stuff!"

"Yup!" Gummy agreed happily.

Then Pinkie and Gummy hopped off, leaving many terrified ponies who had been watching and listening. For a few seconds, everyone was dead silent. Then there were many people saying things such as "Oh my Celestia, there's another one" and "Is that a brother or a son" and "Please just be visiting". After that, the town cautiously went on its normal way, although curious about who the hay the colt with Pinkie was.
"Twilight!" Pinkie yelled as she hopped into the library. She stopped hopping as she made it into the door.

"Hi, Pinkie. What are you here for? Need more books on how to upgrade your party cannon? If so, you can't have any more. They're banned because of last time you 'upgraded' yours." Twilight's gaze shifted to Gummy, who came out from behind Pinkie. "Who's the cute little colt? Wow, he's got quite the cool eyes and what a nice green coat. What's your name?"

"It's Gummy! Her got transformed into a pony because of the funky spell of yours he got in the way of!"

"He did?" Twilight looked harder at Gummy. She finally put two and two together, how his eyes were so odd and his mane color. "Do you know what this means? My spell WORKED!"

"That's nice, Twilight, but we need to get Gummy back into alligator form!"

"Yeah!" Gummy agreed, speaking up for the first time.

"That doesn't ma-- I mean, I guess any spell needs a counter spell, and I'd have to find it eventually anyway." Twilight started blushing slightly and ducked her head a bit. "I think I know how to do it. It might not work, but I can try. Step back, Pinkie."

Pinkie took a few steps back, and Twilight started to power up her horn. She leaned forward, and a beam of light came out of her horn, hitting Gummy. It bounced off him and did nothing.

"Sorry, Pinkie and Gummy. That is all I can try. I'd have to work for a while to figure out how to change him back. So, he's stuck as a pony for now."

"What's all the commotion?" Spike asked, stumbling down the stairs.

"Wow, Spike! You look as tired as a dog! You might as well be one!" Pinkie joked. "Gummy here turned into a pony from Twilight's spell."

"I don't want anything to do with it, and I promise not to tell anyone." Spike was already walking back up the stairs. He didn't need a snack anyway.

"Pinkie, it's required that all fillies and colts go to school. There's no way we can hide him well enough for nopony to notice." Twilight turned to Gummy. "How many people do you think saw you?"

"Hmmmmm..." Gummy sat and tapped his head in a very Pinkie-like way. "I think just about everyone outside at the time. But they didn't see my eyes too good."

"Great," Twilight groaned. "We'll need a cover story and a disguise..."

"Twilight!" Pinkie suddenly yelled, causing Twilight to turn to her. She was now wearing a mustache, widening her eyes and leaning forward.

"No, Pinkie, that won't be enough."

"Twilight!" Gummy yelled. Twilight turned to him, only to see he was wearing a mustache and doing the same thing as Pinkie. "You suuure a mustache won't work?"

"Mustaches work for everything!" Spike yelled from upstairs.

Twilight sighed. "No. We need something better. Everypony will freak out if they see you're a pony. They'll probably think it's some sort of crazy and rare disease that'll happen to every animal. First order of business, your cover story. You need a name."

"How about Lime Pie?" Pinkie suggested.

"That's great, Pinkie. What do you think, Gummy?" Twilight asked him. Gummy nodded. "Okay, Lime Pie it is. Now, a story. A son or brother is out of the question, even though you guys could probably pass off for it. Everypony would already know him. How about you guys are... cousins?"

"Okie dokie lokie!" Gummy and Pinkie chanted in unison.

"Right, next order of business. His eyes. Both his coat and mane are fairly average, but his eyes are way too odd. He needs something...."

Pinkie gasped and jumped up. "I know exactly where we can get some glasses!"
"Naw, naw, Pinkie. 'Sno problem. You can borrow a pair of my old glasses anytime, 's alright with me. I just don't get why." Vinyl scratched her head.

"I can't tell you, Vinyl!" Pinkie informed her in the most mysterious and creepy way possible.

"What Pinkie means is that her visiting younger cousin here, Lime, has really weird eyes. She thinks he might get teased for them. So we need some of your older glasses, so they'll fit," Twilight clarified in a much less terrifying way. The story was in part true, and not too far-fetched.

"I hear ya there, dude," Vinyl said, addressing Gummy. "Here's an old pair of mine." She levitated over a pair of smaller glasses that were, instead of purple, tinted light blue. They landed on Gummy's face, and fit perfectly. "You can keep 'em. I gotta admit, he looks pretty bada--"

"OKAY! Gotta go, thanks bye!" Pinkie cut her off before she could finish her sentence. Then Gummy, Twilight and Pinkie all ran off as fast as they could back to Twilight's tree.

They all burst through the door, and saw that Spike was now eating his dinner.

Spike looked up from where he was eating his food. He saw Gummy and his glasses "Gummy, you look awesome."

Gummy looked at Spike from where he was standing and gave him a wide smile. "Thanks!" Gummy walked over and high-hoofed him.

"So, that went well. We actually got the glasses," Twilight panted. "Now for the second matter. School."

"What?!" yelled Gummy and Spike.

"Twilight! How cruel are you? You can't send this awesome guy to school!" Spike complained. "Gummy is awesome!"

"Yeah!" Gummy jumped in the air, almost knocking off his glasses.

"Okay, first off, Spike and Gummy. Gummy has to go to school. It's a law that all colts and fillies have to go to school. He's technically a colt right now, so he's not an exception. I can probably get him in by tomorrow, since it's only around 4 PM.

"Second, try to refer to him as 'Lime' if you see him in public. Even around Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity. Especially Fluttershy and Rarity, I don't want two unconscious ponies in the library."

"Alright, I guess if it's the law..." Spike grumbled. "See you around, dude."

"Okie dokie lokie!" Gummy replied, hopping in place.

Twilight turned to Pinkie. "I think that's all for now, Pinkie. You guys can go, but don't tell ANYONE who he is, and try not to attract too much attention. Alright?"

"Sure thing, Twilight!" Pinkie said, hopping out the door with Gummy behind her.

"Bye!" They shouted in unison.

Once they were a few minutes gone, as Twilight was getting ready to go to the school to register Gummy, she realized something. "Oh my Celestia, what did I just do to Ponyville? There's two Pinkie Pies... one that will be at school all day and one that will be all over town all day. Nowhere and nopony are safe."

"Great job, Twilight, Pinkie and Gummy are cool, but they'll probably destroy Ponyville. This is priceless," Spike laughed. "And you just let them free on the town with vague instructions!"

"Great. I'll have to remember to warn Cherilee that they're related," Twilight groaned, walking out the door.
"Yay, this is great, Lime! We have about the next five hours to ourselves! Hmmm, maybe I should introduce you to my friends! Hmmm, but Fluttershy and Rarity are really smart like Twilight, so they might notice who you are."

Gummy and Pinkie were hopping down the street together toward Sugarcube Corner. As they entered the building, Pinkie and Gummy still kept on talking.

"Doesn't Rainbow Dash have a nap right now?" Gummy recalled.

"Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me! That leaves Applejack! We can visit her in a few minutes! Hi Mr and Mrs Cake!" Pinkie yelled.

"Hi, Pinkie. Who's the little colt?" Mr.Cake asked.

"His name is Lime Pie, and he's my cousin from...." Pinkie looked to Gummy for help.

"Manehattan!" Gummy finished for her, smiling. It was one of the few towns he had remembered overhearing as an alligator.

"Well, hi there, Lime. I'm Mr.Cake, and my wife, Mrs.Cake is in the back."

"Nice to meet you formally." Mrs.Cake came out from the back room. She held out her hoof to Gummy and smiled down at him. He shook her hoof.

"Well, we just came to get something to eat and then I'm going to show him around Ponyville," Pinkie told the Cakes.

She went and grabbed some food from the back, and the Cakes had to go to the market to get some new things. Pinkie walked over to the table with two plates of food, with one on her head and one on her back. She slid the one on her head in front of Gummy, set the other in the seat across from him, and sat down.

Gummy looked down at his food. It was that moment that he realized something. Something important. Pinkie was wearing her mustache. That wasn't the important thing though, just the first thing he noticed. The important thing was he had no idea how to eat with hooves.

"Pinkie, I don't know how to pick up a fork or spoon," he stated finally, slightly embarrassed.

"Of course you can't, silly! Only unicorns can use them!" She shoved her face into her food and dug in to demonstrate. Bringing her head back up, she said "Also, put your mustache on while you're at the table, mister!"

Gummy gave her a wide smile. Within literally no time, the mustache was on Gummy's face. He shoved his face into his food and ate. After a few minutes, they finished eating and were ready to go.

They hopped through the town, happily. Pinkie looked like she wanted to sing a song, but probably didn't know if Gummy could sing or not and didn't want to embarrass him. To be honest, Gummy did too. He'd seen Pinkie do it in town and have other ponies join in, and it looked like lots of fun.

Since it was later in the day, there were less people around town and less people payed attention to Gummy or questioned his identity. It was weird for him, knowing just about everyone in Ponyville and having no one know him. He felt like a secret agent. Or a ninja. Or a cantaloupe.

"We're here!" Pinkie yelled when they got there, as though he could miss the barn. "I bet AJ will think you and your glasses and mustache are awesome!" When they got up to the door, Pinkie knocked repeatedly with her hoof. "Aaaappplllejaaaaaack!" Pinkie said in a sing-song voice. "It's Piiiinkiie Piiie!"

The door opened, and the farmer mare stepped out. "Why, howdy, Pinkie. Did ya have somethin' specific to come for, or did ya just want to drop by?"

"Both!" Pinkie jumped in the air in excitement. "I want you to meet my cousin! He's visiting Ponyville for the first time from Manehattan!"

"Hi!" Gummy gave Applejack a wide smile. "My name's Lime Pie!"

"Well, howdy, little one. You're a right handsome little colt, aren't ya? But what in tarnation are ya'll both wearin' mustaches for?"

"It's Pie tradition. Don't question it," Pinkie replied with much seriousness in her voice. "Although I just started the tradition today, I'm determined to make it catch on."

"Alrighty then, probably shoulda guessed that one," Applejack mumbled. "Well, do you guys want to stay for dinner or somethin'?"

Pinkie and Gummy were about to accept when Twilight Sparkle popped up between them, knocking them both off balance.

"Oh sorry, Applejack, but remember, Pinkie and Lime, we have that one thing we have to do?" Twilight 'reminded' them.

Pinkie didn't seem to get it, so Gummy said "Oh yeah! The, uh, thing! It's an important thing that definitely exists!"

"Yeah!" Pinkie agreed, finally getting it. Twilight teleported them all back to the tree.

"Well, that was weird as all hay," Applejack muttered. Suddenly, Apple Bloom popped up beside her.

"That kid with the awesome glasses was a blank flank! Will he goin' to my school? How long's he stayin'? Is he Pinkie's brother?" Apple Bloom questioned Applejack nonstop for the next 10 minutes.

"Ah dunno, but he seems mighty suspicious to me," grumbled Applejack under her breath.

Back at Twilight's library, two individuals were being questioned by an insanely angry one, with another individual laughing and commenting occasionally. It lasted a good thirty minutes until Pinkie Pie and Gummy could go home.