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Detective Conan wakes up in Ponyville, missing his main gadgets and finding that his body was turned into a foal's. Although he expects it to be a dream, he soon finds links between his real world and the world that he now lives in. Along with solving cases from the regular to the extreme, he must figure out if the links are real and if he can go back to the real human world. At the same time, he soon questions if he wants to, while his friends and family beg him to wake up.

Detective Conan belongs to Gosho Aoyama.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 33 )

as a conan fan i most say a few thing one you got conan down fairlly well but what is with all the japan bashing you rant about there color scheme it may not be as colorful as equsteria but still :ajbemused:

and one big thing ... in the symery what the hay do mean if he whats to go back he can't just forget Ran/Rachel:fluttercry:l shes waiting for him or just let the BO just keep doing what ever it is they're doing :twilightoops:

Shinichi-kunnnnnnn :yay: I love you!
Anything involving Detective Conan gets all my love.
A few things though. NO SHIPPING. Shinichi only pays attention to Ran in the anime/manga, so I don't think his eyes should start roaming (particularly) now that he's surrounded by talking ponies. Otherwise, you have all my love.

All of your worries will be accepted. I never had any intention to ship him with anyone. :twilightsmile:

Can't you at least make him a unicorn? Or give him a gadget? He is in so much trouble without his stuff. :pinkiesad2: (Either that or "cure" him of his shrinking...).
Ponies don't have fingerprints, so Conan-kun's job is going to be that much harder. Be VERY careful with your cases. Some of the crossovers I've seen before have fallen short in that regard. Ripping one off from the show/ mixing two together might work. ... Darn, now I want Heiji-kun to show up.

I'm taking all of this into account, but I don't want to spoil it too much. :pinkiehappy:

Huzzah! I love you. Detective Conan is hands down my favorite anime. Good grief, I just realized the CMC are worse than the DB... Poor Conan-kun.

Edit: Oh oh! Have somepony mention his accent. Shinichi-kun's English is adorable, but it's clear it isn't his first language.

Edit #2: ... Okay, I think I'm done with the crazy-fan-girl-bombarding-you-with-questions thing. Sorry about that, I got excited. First a good "Back to the Future" crossover, and now a good "Detective Conan" one? My life is complete. (If there's also a good "Spirited Away" crossover, I will die).

This... could have used two or three chapters to tell all the action you put into the one. There were many points where I simply couldn't follow what was happening, because you lept forward in time. For example, I can't ever remember reading that Conan was going to go to Las Pegasus with Pinkie and Rarity. Another example is Conan recognizing Pinkie as the mare who gasped and ran away, when you never actually said that that happened. (You said there was a pony that he couldn't see any details of, which disappeared. Was that Pinkie?)

In general, this could be good. I would just suggest you slow down your pacing a bit, and definitely reread it aloud to yourself before posting. I think that may help to alleviate some of the awkward phrasing and time skips in the story.

Noted. Thank you for the constructive criticism.

AWESOME! I been waiting for a fic like this for a long time! I love DC!

Really? Thank you so much! It's love like this that makes me want to continue. One of these days... featured box... here I come.

cue that sad song that plays after the culprit confesses

this was good

*gasp* :pinkiegasp: a new chapter! Yay! :yay::yay:
Edit: Bravo, sir. You have created a case worthy of the show.

Yay! More please! Why hasn't anypony mentioned his accent? :rainbowhuh: I also feel like Shinichi-kun should've been more full of himself about the letters, or at least try to show off a little.

I need to ask, does this story happen before or after episode 188 of the anime?


I can't spoil anything.

Shinichi remained ambivalent because Shinichi is used to the letters. He was surprised at the first episode because it was his "First fan letters". If it fills up his mailbox day after day, I'm sure he would become ambivalent towards it. At least, that's what I think.

How could they be his first letters if he got shrunk shortly afterwards?

Also...dangitIwannaknowrightnow :pinkiesad2:


:derpyderp1: This is true. Hmm. I'll think about that.

I can't wait til somepony gets murdered.

4 famous authors. 1 death, 3 suspects. Standard Conan case.

Yeah, I saw what you did there. :ajsmug:

Will this be continued?

This needs a fat rewrite. It's on my list, but I'm working on other stories for the time being.

A rewrite, huh? I'm looking forward to that. I definitely like the story so far.

it says sex....sex as in clop, ill descrive every nasty little detail about pony anthomy and body fluids, or as...they had sex . ...?

necessary information for sailing into a new fic XD

I know you said you would do a re-write eventually, I hope this is still the case. At any rate, just going to point out a quick error, Jimmy/Shinichi/Conan is the High School Detective of the East, Harley/Heiji is the High School Detective of the West.

when will the next chapter be?

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