Gummy Pie

by DigitalChaos

Chapter 1- A Visit

Twilight walked down the stairs and toward the kitchen table, so she could have her daily tea. She started humming a cheerful tune. If everything went right today, it would be great. She could show all her friends the results of her newest spell. They'd learn that learning and studying got you to do amazing things. They might even start to like studying like her. Except Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Well, maybe not Pinkie either. Admittedly, it wasn't her best plan yet. But the spell's results should still be amazing.

She drank her tea slowly, loving every last bit of it. Tea was one of her favorite things, right behind her friends and her studies. Heck, if she had no friends and was illiterate, she would probably be happy enough with just tea.

After she'd finished up the rest of her breakfast, Twilight walked over to the section of the library she had cleared just for today, to try out her new spell. Spike and her had done it together last night. Spike wasn't very enthusiastic, but he still did it.

Turning something into a pony. Anything, even animals or inanimate objects. How has nopony thought of it before? How have I not thought of it before now? she thought. And although her test subject was an apple, it should work just as well as it would on anything. It would be a plus that it didn't have any memories or attachments, or it would cause a problem when changing it back.

Twilight was at the height of her concentration. This spell had to work. She had finally gotten all the variables right after months of working. This was going to be her best creation yet. Possibly the best creation of all time, maybe even better than Starswirl the Bearded's work.

"Spike, is everything checked off on the list?" Twilight asked. There were so many things that could go wrong with a spell to turn an apple into a pony.

"Yep, Twilight. The library has the closed sign out. All the doors are locked. There's no way anypony could get in."

"Did you get the new apple after you took a bite out of the other one last night?"

"Yeah. Sorry about that." Spike scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"Stand back." Twilight leaned forward and used all the magic she could gather. She closed her eyes, imagined in her mind's eye of the apple turning into a pony. Her horn powered, and she felt the spell start to work.

"Hey Twilight!" yelled a voice out of nowhere that obviously belonged to a certain pink mare. "Whatcha doin'? I decided Gummy and I should drop by to visit 'cause--"

"Pinkie! Stop Gummy!" Twilight yelled at Pinkie, but it was too late. Gummy had started sucking on the apple and had gotten in the spell's way.

The spell hit Gummy, and it froze him to the spot, encasing him in a purple glow. He dropped his beloved apple out of his mouth. He started to float upwards. He stopped midway, stuck in the air. Then the spell was over. Gummy fell back to the ground. He then proceeded to walk back to the apple to enjoy it again.

"Ooooh, what was that? What's gonna happen to Gummy? Will he turn into a hoo.. hoo-meen? I think that's what they're called. 'Cause I visited Lyra, and--"

Pinkie was cut off by a very angry Twilight, "No, Pinkie. He won't turn into.... whatever you said. The truth is, I'm not even sure what will happen. He could get really sick." She was keeping her voice level, but just barely.

"He could?" Pinkie's smile faltered, and a look of worry came onto her face. It didn't look right on her, like a pig in Applejack's hat, which actually happened once. Of all the worst possible things you could do, guilt tripping Pinkie was the worst possible thing.

"No, Pinkie, I don't think so. I really don't think anything will happen, but I can't be sure."

"Oh, okay! You're such a silly filly, Twilight! I'm going to go home now, I just wanted to say hi! Oh, and sorry for messing up your science-y stuff!" Pinkie said, looking back as she trotted out the door.

"It's no trouble, Pinkie," Twilight sighed. It was part true, it shouldn't be as hard to remake the first version if she'd done it before.
"Now, Gummy, I know we had a really fun day today, and you're probably tired," Pinkie looked Gummy in the eye, "so that's why I'm putting you to bed early."

Pinkie watched Gummy nervously, waiting for any reactions. She thought he might disappointed or angry. Instead, he walked over to Pinkie and latched onto her tail for her to take him upstairs. She walked up the stairs, and at the top, Gummy let go and waddled over to his smaller version of a bed next to Pinkie's.

"Okay, story time!" Pinkie grabbed a book out of her hair. She proceeded to read the story to Gummy, who did not give too much of a reaction. "Once upon a time, there was a donut. His name was Craig. He rolled along all of Equestria, in search of the magical crown that the King of the Sticks wore. Then he found it. The end!"

Pinkie turned off the light and also went to bed herself. She would probably have to bake Twilight an apology cake because she messed up her weird spell thingy that didn't turn ponies to hoo-meens, or whatever Lyra had told her about earlier. Finally, Pinkie fell asleep.

Pinkie Pie's alarm went off, to which she responded with, "They're my waffles!" Then she realized she was talking to a clock. It was not out of the ordinary. She turned off the alarm and went to go back to sleep.

Suddenly there was a loud scream that wasn't Pinkie's. It was male, so definitely not hers. Why would somepony be screaming? I wonder where it's coming from, Pinkie thought to herself. That was until she realized it had come from right next to her bed.

She sprang up from her bed. She scanned the room. Her eyes froze on something that made very little sense, even to Pinkie, the master of spaz and random.

It was a young colt. He sat in front of a mirror, looking at himself in confusion. The colt was a light green, with a darker green 2 colored mane. He had odd purple eyes that weren't like anything Pinkie had ever seen. Except for on one other individual. He froze as her eyes shifted over him again and again, trying to confirm or deny her suspicions. She recognized those eyes, but didn't want to believe it. Pinkie turned to Gummy's bed only to find it empty.

Pinkie did the sensible thing. And fainted.