• Published 17th May 2013
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Gummy Pie - DigitalChaos

A misfired spell from Twilight causes huge problems for Pinkie Pie, and her pet alligator, Gummy Pie.

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Chapter 5 - Party Time

Gummy adjusted his glasses while looking at himself in the mirror. He smoothed his cape on his back. He spiked his hair. He adjusted his glasses. Gummy knew he had to look awesome for his first real party. There was the party for his first birthday, but that didn't really count for anything since he was an alligator at the time. The only part he would truly miss was sitting in punch bowl while guests tried to drink it. He would've said hiding in the bucket while ponies bobbed for apples was his favorite, but Rainbow Dash had tried to bite him.

That was another thing. He had to make sure he made a good impression on the ones he didn't officially know yet. Fluttershy would be insanely easy, since he wouldn't need to lie around her. Rarity would probably just flip out over how cute he was or something and not give him any chance to speak. Applejack, he would really have to work hard to get on her good side, since she already thought he was something like a ninja/spy/potato/melon of Discord.

Rainbow Dash. Now her, he wasn't sure. She might not react quite the same as with Applejack, since AJ already had an opinion of him. Dash was completely unpredictable, so he'd have to do his best to stay away from her.

"The party starts in five minutes, Gummy!" Pinkie yelled from downstairs.

"Coming!" Gummy called back. After making sure his hair was spiked perfectly, he came trotting down the stairs. He was careful to watch his step and not fall this time. When he made it to the last step, he looked up.

What he saw amazed him completely.

He saw himself, everywhere. Gummy's face was on pictures on the wall, on banners, and pretty much anywhere else possible. He looked at the cake, and saw a surprisingly good rendition of his face on it. His cake self had a wide smile on his face, and was wearing Gummy's signature glasses.

"Do you like it? I did it all myself," Pinkie said.

"Yeah, this is awesome! But I'm not sure whether to be scared or amazed at how detailed everything is," Gummy responded truthfully.

"That's what everyone always says! But anyway, both!"

Suddenly, there was a few loud knocks on the door. Gummy walked over and opened it to find Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash.

"Hey, kid. It's Lime, right?" Rainbow Dash greeted while she and Applejack entered. Gummy nodded in response.

"Howdy, Lime." Applejack tipped her hat to him. She kept a neutral face the whole time.

"Hi!" Lime gave her the widest smile he could manage, which she returned the tiniest smile at. His plan to win her over into not wanting him run out of town was working.

Gummy recalled having seen Fluttershy at the door, but she hadn't entered. He turned to the open door, only to see Fluttershy looking at him with wide and surprised eyes. She had every right to be surprised; she had been his nurse, vet, petsitter, and had played with him as an alligator countless times.

He gave her a pleading look, and she realized she was staring. "Oh, um, hi, um... Lime. Nice to, um, meet you," Fluttershy stammered as she trotted in, going for casual and failing completely.

Applejack's tiny smile faltered. She looked between the two, Fluttershy awkwardly shuffling away, and Gummy looking at Fluttershy like he wanted to facehoof through his face, the wall, all of Ponyville, to Manehattan, and back around the other way. Applejack's miniature smile finally disappeared.

Thankfully, before anyone had a chance to say anything, there were more knocks on the door. Gummy hurried over to the door, while Pinkie was being an amazing help by jumping in circles.

"Hey, Lime!" Twilight greeted, with Rarity, Spike, and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders behind her.

"Hey guys! Thanks for coming to the party!" Gummy greeted. He noticed Rarity holding something with her magic. "What's that?"

"Oh, I got, or rather made, you a small gift, dear." Rarity set the box down on the table.

"Cool, thanks! Can I open it now?" Gummy directed the question to Pinkie, who looked like she was about to lick the cake, but stopped.

"Sure!" Pinkie and everyone else gathered around to see what it was, except Rarity, who just sat slanting slightly sideways at the sidelines, smiling smugly.

Gummy ripped open the present. At first, he wasn't sure what it was. It looked like a lump of burnt cloth. He pulled it out, and held it up.

It was an awesome looking suit. It had a pair of black slacks, a white button-up shirt, a tie, and a black jacket. It also had two vests, one black and one that matched the darker half of his mane. Lastly, there was a black fedora. There were even little designs and details that matched his personality and made it look completely awesome. As if it weren't already.

He knew he'd only wear it on important occasions, not every day. But it was still the coolest thing he'd ever gotten, which wasn't saying much. But all the others at the table were amazed by it too.

"Wow! This is awesome! Thanks so much!" He ran up and gave Rarity a hug.

"Oh, it's nothing, dear," she said. "There is only one other like this in all of Equestria."

"Who has it?" he asked, and stopped hugging her.

"I can't seem to remember. I think it was a pegasus filly, which was odd, but each to her own," Rarity recalled.

"How did you get the measures so exact? And how'd you match up my personality with it without having met me before?" Gummy still sat looking in awe at the suit. He wondered if she had followed him around or something similar before they met.

"Oh, Sweetie Belle helped me with that. She got a colt around the same size as you to model it." As Rarity was saying this, Gummy smirked at Sweetie Belle and mouthed "got?" at her. She shot him a glare in return, but he could see she wasn't really mad. She gave him a small smile afterwards.

Rarity hadn't stopped speaking, and was oblivious to what was going on around her. "...friend of the filly I made the other suit for. Anyway, Sweetie also helped with the personality pieces. I wanted to try to base one of the vests off your eyes, but she said she didn't know the color."

"Actually, Ah was wonderin' about that. Why don't ya take off your glasses so we can see what your eyes look like?" Apple Bloom suggested. Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Twilight exchanged glances and then all looked at Gummy, worry obvious in their faces.

Applejack leaned forward expectantly.

"Um, no thanks," Gummy replied hurriedly.

"Not even just for a second? You can just put them right back on after," Scootaloo said.

"I can't... because... I have to... try on this suit! Right now!" Gummy bolted up the stairs at record speeds with the clothing.

"...He's real excited about that suit," Applejack said, sarcasm obvious in her voice.

"Yes! And I'm glad for it." Rarity didn't seem to detect the sarcasm.

Upstairs, Gummy was throwing the suit on as fast as he could. He threw on the jacket, pants, collared shirt, and tie. He hurried back downstairs.

"That looks so cool!" Pinkie exclaimed. "Rarity! Do you have any moving to Ponyville presents for me?"

"Pinkie, you already live here. You're not new," Rainbow Dash pointed out.

"Yes! Exactly! That means she's hiding it! It must be... in her mane!" Pinkie started to search Rarity's mane for presents.

Rarity jumped back, producing an 'eep' that would make Fluttershy proud. "Uhh... no Pinkie. No gifts in my mane, I'm sorry to say. But I could make you something if you would like something."

"Who said I wanted something, silly? Now let's get this party started!" Pinkie turned on the music, cut the cake, and popped over to her friends. She seemed to have done all three at once.

Gummy grabbed a piece of cake and went to sit with the other Crusaders at a table.

"Hey guys!" Gummy greeted his three friends.

"Hi Lime! This is an awesome party!" Scootaloo looked amazed, but the effect was ruined by the cake her face was completely covered in.

"Yeah! You look really cool in your suit, too," Sweetie Belle said.

"Thanks!" Gummy replied through a mouthful of cake, losing some of it. Just as it looked like Apple Bloom was going to have something to say, Fluttershy walked up.

"Oh, um, Ll-Lime? I was wondering if I could, um, talk to you for a few minutes? If that's alright with you guys, I mean..." Fluttershy looked at the Crusaders. They looked at each other and nodded.

Gummy followed Fluttershy to another part of the room, out of the other guests' earshot.

"You're actually... Gummy?" Fluttershy seemed to be doing her best to keep her voice down, which was kind of pointless for her.

"Yup." He put it bluntly, but gave her a small smile.

Immediately, he could see that tons of memories of him and her were flashing through her mind. Gummy being sick and Fluttershy taking him in, his birthday, them playing together, everything they ever did together. It all flashed on her face at once, leaving her looking hollow and confused. Like Spike when he learned that the fridge was out of snacks.

"Don't faint though. If you do that, then we can't have the party!" he complained. "Oh, and the other guests might notice," he added. To his relief, Fluttershy didn't faint.

"I've got so many questions about being an animal to ask you some time! Oh, um... if that's alright with you."

"Sure! Maybe we can talk some other time!" Gummy gave her a smile and hopped off. He sat back at the table with the other Crusaders.

Meanwhile, the other guests had been having their own conversations at the party... obviously. They weren't just going to sit there.
The other Cutie Mark Crusaders all sat in silence for a few seconds after Gummy left, until one of them spoke up.

"Who wants to try and figure out what Lime and Fluttershy are saying from here?" asked Scootaloo.

"Sure, why not?" Apple Bloom shrugged. They all leaned toward where Gummy and Fluttershy were and tried to figure out what they were talking about.

"You're acting like... tummies?" Sweetie Belle guessed from what she saw, doing her best Fluttershy imitation.

"Cup," Scootaloo replied, lowering her voice a bit to imitate Gummy's.

"Dons paint though. If you do that, then we can't laugh the tardy!" Apple Bloom did her best to cover her accent up and lower her voice.

"Oh, and the other tests might know this," Sweetie Belle took a turn again, except this time in the worst male voice impression possible.

"Eyes got so many objections about being a cannibal to ask you some Lime! Oh, um, if that's alright with you," Scootaloo did an amazing Fluttershy impression.

"Sure! Babies' tea can walk some other Lime!" Apple Bloom read from Gummy's lips.

By this point, they were all completely confused. Thankfully, Gummy walked over to them so they could ask him.

"What was that conversation with Fluttershy all about? With the cannibals, and the tummies, and the babies' tea walking on some other Lime and stuff?" Scootaloo questioned as Gummy walked up.

"Huh?" Gummy was just as baffled as they were for a second, until he realized this was a case of misunderstanding. He bust out laughing, and fell onto his back. He couldn't get up for about thirty seconds, or look at any of them without laughing again.

Once he'd regained his composure, he explained to them they had just misheard. When they asked what they had been talking about, he knew he had to lie. He said he and Fluttershy had been talking about Manehattan and the different plants and animals from Ponyville.

"Yeah, you won't be getting your cutie marks in lip reading any time soon." Gummy was still suppressing laughter. But just to be sure, they all checked their flanks, and found them very blank.

"Awwwwww," the Cutie Mark Crusaders all whined at once. Gummy started laughing again, and after a few moments the other Crusaders couldn't resist. Half a second later, they were all on the floor laughing.
"Howdy, Rainbow and Rarity." Applejack walked over to where she saw Rarity and Rainbow Dash sitting.

"Hey, AJ," Dash greeted. "Wanna have some cake with me and Rarity here?"

"It's surprisingly good, but I refuse to try the punch because of," Rarity paused to shudder, "last time."

"Ah'm not really hungry, but thank you kindly for the offer," Applejack grumbled.

"Whatever is the matter, dear?" Rarity leaned forward, worried for her friend.

"Ah dunno." Applejack sighed. "Ah just think that Lime kid is actin' a little weird 'round everyone. Ah mean, did ya'll see the way Fluttershy was actin' when she saw him?"

"AJ, I think you might be overreacting a bit. Fluttershy hasn't always been one to like meeting new ponies, y'know." Dash smirked at Applejack.

"Ah know, maybe Ah am. But the way he acted when we just asked him to take off his glasses... where did he get those anyway? Aren't those Vinyl's from when she was just a little filly?"

"That is strange, but it's entirely possible she gave them to him as a moving in present," Rarity pointed out.

Their conversation was interrupted by their younger sisters, and one surrogate younger sister, laughing with Gummy on the floor.

"See? He seems to be a good, normal, colt. He's obviously related to Pinkie, getting his friends on the floor laughing that quickly," Rarity said.

"Yeah, and what could even be wrong with him? He's Pinkie's cousin, she's known him his whole life. They even look related, too. She has a fluffy mane, and is light pink with a dark pink mane. He has a spiky mane, with a light green coat and a dark green mane," Dash said. "Scratch that, being related to Pinkie doesn't give him points. But if Pinkie trusts him, and he's just a kid, what could be wrong with him?"

"Ah dunno, what if they're not related? It sure looked like they were lyin' when they were talkin' to me, and Ah'm the kinda pony who'd notice lies," Applejack muttered under her breath. She sighed and got a piece of cake to eat with them.

This whole thing's a lie. The party's a lie. The cake is a lie, she thought bitterly.
"This is a great party, Pinkie! And it was a good idea too, so everyone gets to know Lime," Twilight smiled, dancing to the music.

"Thanks!" Pinkie was also dancing, while eating a piece of cake. That resulted in her face being mostly green. She smeared more green frosting on her face, and dark green frosting in her hair. "Look! I'm Lime!" She giggled, imitating Gummy's voice.

"Ummm... ooookay then," Spike said.

"Do you wanna be Lime too?" Pinkie didn't give Twilight a chance to answer, and rubbed the cake in her face and mane. She used the mane frosting to spike Twilight's hair like Gummy's.

"Gee, thanks," Twilight deadpanned, while Spike giggled behind her.

"No problem!" Pinkie hopped over to go be the DJ.
After the Cutie Mark Crusaders composed themselves, they all sat down at the table again.

"What should we do now?" Scootaloo looked around at the rest of the Crusaders.

"Hmm... you can request songs for karaoke. Scoots or Sweetie Belle could do that?" Apple Bloom suggested.

"No!" Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle yelled at once.

"Why don't... you do it, Apple Bloom? You're pretty good," Scootaloo exclaimed.

"No, no, no. Ah can't. Why doesn't... Sweetie?"

"Oh no. I can't sing in front of a crowd." Sweetie hunched over a little bit, as though trying to become invisible. "Why doesn't... Lime?"

"Sure!" Gummy grinned, much to the other Crusaders' surprise. He had had lessons with Pinkie all week, and was ready for public ears without causing them to bleed. He looked at Pinkie at the DJ booth and nodded. She nodded back.

He used Pinkie physics to put on his fedora and black vest, and to put his jacket in his room. He did this in less than a second. He hopped over to the front of the room in his new clothes.

"Hey, everypony! We've got Lime Pie here, going to sing 'Swing! Tavi Swing!' by Joaftheloaf!" Pinkie announced.

There were cheers from Fluttershy, Twilight, Spike, and the Crusaders. The other guests just raised their eyebrows in surprise that Gummy was going to sing. Everyone turned in their chairs to watch.

Gummy wasn't even nervous. Pinkie had taught him a great lesson on how not to be nervous in front of a crowd. Just pretend they're all in cucumber suits. It was simple for him, like he'd been doing it his whole life.

The music started, and Gummy started to sing (for anyone do doesn't know 'Swing! Tavi Swing!', click here and listen before reading. Or you can listen at the same time).

If it’s groove you’re looking for
Then you’ve come to the right place
Octavia can’t you see,
Classical is not the type for me

Now don’t you look the other way,
'Cause this music’s here to stay
Now wipe that grin right off your face
'Cause it’ll all be gone when you step into this place

So put down that cello and go grab the bass, 'cause we’re swingin’
Here tonight, this ain’t no fancy music place.
You just gotta let it go, from everything that tells you no
Even if this is not your type of show, your type of show...

Gummy got really into the song, dancing and all. At this point, every guest was amazed by Gummy's talent, even Pinkie, although she taught him. They were all dancing, even Applejack. No living thing could resist a good song, especially not one sung by a mysterious green colt with an obsession for cucumbers.

A certain white unicorn filly also happened to join in the song and come to the front of the crowd, making it a duet.

Maybe you’ve learned a thing or two,
About how fast these hooves can groove
Now c’mon just take a chance,
These beats will put you in a trance

Now these things you can’t forget,
It would only bring regret
But there’s one thing you must know
We can’t stop this crowd from stomping on the floor

So put down that cello and go grab the bass, 'cause we’re swingin’
Here tonight, this ain’t no fancy music place.
You just gotta let it go, from everything that tells you no
Even if this is not your type of show, your type of show.

Now the whole crowd was cheering, and every guest was smiling and dancing wildly to the music. Gummy and Sweetie were also dancing in the front of Sugarcube Corner.

So put down that cello and go grab the bass, 'cause we’re swingin’
Here tonight, this ain’t no fancy music place.
You just gotta let it go, from everything that tells you no
Even if this is not your type of show, your type of show
Just let it go.

There was a second of silence, which was really awkward. For a second, Gummy thought they were going to pelt him with cucumbers, which would be especially odd because he was still imagining the audience in cucumber suits.

Suddenly, the silence ended, and the cucumber ponies all, unfortunately, turned back to normal ponies. Everyone cheered for him and Sweetie Belle, except Applejack, who just had the tiniest smile ever on her face.

That uplifted the whole mood of the party. Everyone was participating in activities, even Applejack. People now loved the karaoke. Scootaloo also tried karaoke, much to every guest's silent misery. But no one could top Gummy and Sweetie's performance.

After a few hours, it was getting late and the party would have to end in a short while. Suddenly, Spike spewed out a letter from Celestia, right onto the floor.

"Eeeeewww!" all four Crusaders yelled at once.

Twilight gasped. "It's a letter from Celestia!"

They all gathered around while Twilight read it out loud.

"My dear student Twilight Sparkle, there is some urgent business that I need you and the other Elements of Harmony for immediately. It is nothing dangerous, just important. I need all of you at once, but Spike must stay behind. Sincerely, Princess Celestia," she read.

"That's all it says." Twilight looked up at her friends' baffled faces.

"Ah guess we better go then." Applejack sighed. Even she had been having fun at Gummy's party.

"Wait! What ever do we do with the Crusaders and Spike? And our pets?" Rarity asked.

"They can probably stay at Sweet Apple Acres for however long we're gone. Big Mac'll take care of 'em. The pets can probably just go to Fluttershy's cottage," Applejack offered.

"If that's alright with the foals?" Fluttershy looked over at the Crusaders and Spike, and they all nodded.

"Okay, so now that that's all done, we'd better get goin'," Applejack said.

"CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS SLEEPOVER-ERS, YAY!" the Crusaders yelled, deafeningly loud. Everyone said goodbye to their younger counterparts.

"You sure you'll be okay here on your own, Gummy?" Pinkie whispered.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," he replied, smiling.

"Okie dokie lokie!" Pinkie smiled and hopped over to the rest of her friends.

Gummy gathered everything he'd need, which was just a suitcase of cucumbers, and headed with the other Crusaders, Spike and Applejack to Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack dropped them off, explained the situation to Big Mac, and hurried to meet the other Elements at the train station.

The girls were assigned to stay in Apple Bloom's room, and the guys were assigned a spare room.

"Sooooo... what do we do now?" Spike asked.