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A long time ago, even before Equestria was founded, there lived 2 living beings. One was an Alicorn, the other a Changeling. The first one was living the good life in the Palace of Creation and this together with her sisters, brother and her mother, the Almighty Fausticorn. But she was unhappy. Why you ask? Well, we can't spoil the story, now can we?

The Changeling was not so fortunate. After running away from her father's hive with 20 Changelings, she was now trying to survive. She needed love to survive, but most importantly, she needed a friend to be there for her.

Fate had some plans for them.

(They are foals.)

This story is written in the Team Awesome universe of Bonaxor and the story is based on a comic. In the comic they are foals, so they are also foals in my story. There are a few rules, which the creator of the comic told me to follow, and which I cannot break.

1. Ponies are afraid of Alicorns. They see them as monsters that can destroy the world.
2. Team Awesome never goes into town without a special disguise. It makes them look like other normal ponies.. just.. bigger.
- Celestia is a Unicorn in her disguise
- Luna is an Earth pony
- Dream (Nightmare Moon) is a Pegasus
- Discord a dragon
- Cadance is a pegasus

That are the two giant rules.

This will probably be a feel good story.

Edited by the wonderful arandompenguin.

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I enjoy team Awesome, there for I shall enjoy this.
Though I do not have the time to read, I shall come back for this, I promise.

I faved this. I hope I can get to it eventually.

Nice to see that Bonaxor's universe is spreading... But if I were you, I would put the description first, then the rules and etc... Just sayin'

EDIT: Or leave it that way and summarize the rules :twilightsmile:

Faved for later. And knowing you, it will stay faved.

After looking at the comic just now, I'm intrigued to see how well this story goes.

I read the comic a few weeks ago and seriously thought 'Omg this would make an awesome fan fic!' I wanted to write one myself but I have too many other projects that I'm working on at the moment. Glad someone is writing one because I adored the comic.

I can't wait to see how this comes out.

Also, instant fav!

because we all now this will happen, so might as well be sooner than later

Will read later


I hope that this gets featured. In my opinion, FIM Fiction is in desperate need for feel-good stories with originality.

It keeps that sad-feels away! :pinkiehappy:

Faved, liked, and watched.

1488601 I'll hold you to that, Oh Almighty Thorax.

1488611 The same with you, I'll hold you to that.

1488616 Damn right.

1488637 I followed your suggestion.

1488782 Read it and you'll see why you like me.:rainbowlaugh:

1489422 The comic, it's a beautiful thing. I'm intrigued that you're intrigued by the story.

1489819 I have three other stories to attend to and a giant research assignment for school, but fuck that. I wanted to write this, so I did.

1489837 You glorious bastard, but shhh now, don't spoil the story. Also, I've never seen How To Train Your Dragon.

1489961 Featured? Hahaha... that's a good one. I'll never get featured, not even in a million years. But thanks anyway.

I do have an issue with the front page. Don't you guys think that stories disappear from the front page too quickly and so the stories that normally deserve attention don't get the attention they deserve. Anyway, I want to thank all of you for liking this story.

1491034 Stories get booted off the front page so the stories that were made and posted as recently as a minute ago (in real time) can be noticed so no ones stories can be posted without being seen.

You must watch it for the toothless and watch it NOW!



LOL I wass waiting for something like this to happen when i saw the comic :D I think this is amazing.

My headcanon is pratically, they were once great friends then became enemies by unseened circumstances X3---!!!

I hope to see more from you!

1498906 More is on the way, although a favorite would be greatly appreciated. If you don't mind, of course.



I would but.... my favorite either is glitch or something because I have 5 pages avilable--- D: I should have more pages but I can't seem to access them. Do you have any way or idea of what I can do? Because if I fav I might not find my story anymore DX

1498959 Weird. Fimfiction, you just went full retard!!:derpytongue2:
I can still see my 8 pages of favorite stories. Maybe you should ask Knighty or Poultron about that or otherwise just put it in your Read later list, but then you need to keep good track of the stories.
I've 118 stories in my read later list. Oh Dear God, help me.



That's kinda why I wish I could see all my favorites. Because my Read list will sooner or later be over 500 and that's kind of a bother. Sure, I read stories i like and finish them or read story and find out they're just crap and throw them away. It's just now favoriting becomes absolutely obsolite. If I can't find my stories on my favs :\... what's the point of having a favorites list?

I'll try to ask, thanks for the suggestions

1499002 The Read Later list is for stories that you wish to check out in the future to see how they are. The Favourites list is for stories you have already read and love, and so it will automatically give you a notification once one of them updates, and upon clicking the icon you can see the latest updates on those stories. However, a load of people don't really follow those ideas, ah well. I just read stories when I find them, if I don't have time, tough luck.

1505339 Good to see that my proofreader also favorited my story. I don't know when I'll send you the next chapter, 'cause I'm drowning in work.

1505354 It's cool, I'm kinda swamped too, also I really like this story.

1505367 Thanks, do you also have vacation next week and because of that all my teachers want to do big tests around this part of the year. I'm also getting my grades tomorrow. Sigh, I hate French. The life of a student, some things you love and others you hate.

1505384 Yeah, I get a week break next week, and a butt load of mock exams and real exams when I go back.

1505390 Luckily I only have exams in December and June. I wish you the best of luck.

1491034 Indeed. Fuck school unless it's fun homework like creative writing. I personally can't stand math.

Math just makes me.......:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

You know?

1514473 Ugh, tell me about it. I really hate algebra and it's the only kind of math we get in our school.

1514713 Math seems ok, and then I get a c on my test. WTF? :ajbemused:

Lovin the story so far!v:raritywink:

Turning "Team Awesome" in the description into a link to some page that explains what that is might be very helpful. Even making everything starting with those two words part of the link that "comic" goes to would goes to would help.

Nicely done. It could use a little editing and you should probably look into a thesaurus. A little more complexity in the vocabulary would improve it much.

Otherwise? Spotless as far as I can tell.

Hey, where'd my torch go... Oh, my sister has it... oh crap... RUN!

First, you need to change your name, because it sounds rather disgusting. Second, :yay: it's updated!

It's ending already? I'm :fluttercry: now...

:flutterrage: MOARRRR
actually enjoyed this. Small, but simple and effective. nice job on it. :twilightsmile:

3102824 Sorry, it's complete. The rest I leave up to your imagination.:ajsmug:

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