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When a pony named Magnus accidentally comes to Equestria with his rather violent brother the two rush to find a way back to their own home. However, they first must get help with the local royalty which proves to be harder by the minute with how much Magnus's brother keeps trying to kill local ponies out of annoyance.

Teen for violence and language

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Seems interesting so far. If you could transfer this to google docs, it would save me hours of frustration. I used to write my stories on site, but I tried gdocs and it's way easier for others and myself to edit.

7274204 That's what I do when I need other's to assist, just copy and paste directly into google docs then replace the original post edit

Alrighty, could you send me a link to the gdoc? I won't be able to start until tomorrow, though.

That ending priceless

Oh dear. :twilightoops: I hope Russ doesn't kill anyone.

Though, maybe this is just me, I do perceive Celestia and Luna as being incredibly powerful in their own right, having fought monsters and such and their other feats. However, they probably wouldn't be as 'fined tuned' as Warhammer fellows since they don't have to constantly battle everyday in soul and mind. Still, not to take lightly.

Also, it's nice to see Magnus getting along here. It's like a paradise for him and given what he has gone through and will, makes me think that this could still be a retreat for him. {Also, Magnus and Twilight are so cute together~}

and thus Russ has been freed.

7334513 Happy to please ^w^
7335859 OwO the space wolves are bad enough... their primarch is not one to be so nice once broken free >.<
7334664 I have calculated that into this ^_^ a thousand years of sitting on the moon and relative peace has clearly make Luna and celestia less powerful than in their glory days.
and yes I wanted to stress that, all throughout Magnus's life everyone has warned him about the dangers of the warp and hounded him to be more careful. He just found a place where there is very VERY little or possibly even no danger at all. It is not only a place where he can safely relax but its proof that Magic CAN be safe and beautiful without threatening lives. Its a peaceful Psyker's dream come true and for him its ten times that.

How I wish I actually knew who these characters were. I know Magnus, but Leman... Lemon... whatever his face... Hm.

also, part of the whole Magnus and Twilight was inspired by a certain picture I found >w<
they really are cute together, Though I am debating whether or not to actually make them... you know... together >///<

7344718 As an avid shipper... yes~:rainbowkiss: {I especially have a soft spot for cross-ships... and Magnus needs a waifu more then most.:ajsmug:}

7344718 In the next chapter, SHIT HITS THE FAN!!! :twilightoops: Can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Russ and magnus in ponyform you say? INTO THE TO-READ BIN YOU GO!

".... shit."

Couldn't said it better myself.:pinkiecrazy:

Get back t' writin, ya heretical Pone lover!
For I need to giggle more..

I suppose if this never updates it'll be a shame it was quite entertaining. Quite literally a Stranger in a Strange land. Free magic no hate for magic. Hard to wrap your mind around for one who is a xenophobe.

7606199 don't worry there's going to be an update soon, I was going to wait until I finished Prospero Burns. But I've gotten too many requests to finish the story. I can't wait anymore

don't do warpspace ooga booga horse shit

:rainbowlaugh: priceless

Well good on Magnus for besting his brother. Still sad to see that it cost him the world he was starting to love. Hope he sees Twilight one day in the future. {Also, poor Blueblood.} Great story, mate.

So we have TTS Emperah, Magnus, and Russ meets MLP.

7621718 lol XD that was the goal.

7621712 thank you ^_^ and some of that is concluded in the final chapter which probably wont come out for a bit sorry to say >.< I need to read an entire book first

Emprah: Don't do warpspace ooga booga horse shit

Leman: What the fuck do you mean by that?

Emprah: Just some 4th-degree-inter-dimentinal-warp-fuckery. Don't worry about it. (Not that you'll understand anyway)

Where chapter 4 at?

I'm really liking this story, and I'd really like to be able to keep reading it. :pinkiehappy:

7748228 it's halfway written but I'm kind of torn between deciding whether or not I should make it accurate to Canon or just to guess my way through it and make it as funny as possible

Just make it like you've made it so far.

While not as all out grimdark as 40k, it'd not be quite as silly as Alfabusa's series is. It works better that way. :pinkiehappy:

7748301 aye, Ill see about getting it out a littler faster then.

Don't rush it though. Rushing makes for sloppy execution.

7748352 I won't be rushing it, I've just been putting it off because I want to read the rest of that story to at least make my story it assemblance of Canon

Well don't make it too close to 40k cannon, you know with all the grimdarkness and everything.

7751795 true.... though I wanted something that hits hard enough and then makes you giggle yourself silly afterwards

:applejackconfused:The end?
That was..... short.:ajbemused:

No development, no true friendship lession, no exploration of Discord being the Chaos God Malal?

Just, Magnus and Russ visits Equestria for a day and return home, only for Discord to prevent most of the Horus Heresy?

Okay, your story I suppose.:unsuresweetie:

Just think, this means the wulfen curse will more than likely be cured seeing as the Thousand sons won't attack Fenris


I know it might be a wee bit disappointing but like I said in the note. I am needed elsewhere. And honestly this one was not going to get anything else. Sorry it kinda flopped. I at least hope it was mildly entertaining.

8044952 It was a good escape. I'm not able to give it many gold stars, but it was fun and interesting concept.
Perhaps I'll explore that subject sometime.

8045004 The ending was going to be a lot cooler, but as I said, I lost the research and the interest.
I am happy that you at least enjoyed it for as long as it lasted.

8045012 It is sad to see an author los interest in a story.
But that is just life.

Oh, buy the way, it still says incomplete there.

8045017 ^_^ thank you.
and its not so much that I have lost interest in my stories... More or less, I made a surplus of enemies here who have threatened me and stalked me right into my private life.
I also became rather prominant on Equestria amino. I have a title there and everything. Ive been featured dozens of times, my stories get 10 times the views and hundreds of times more likes on average. Hell I have almost two thousand followers. Its just a wee bit of a waste of time to spend my efforts here were people are actually out to get me XD
Id rather have fun where I am loved and there is less Child porn Smut and pedophiles lurking about. XD

Then the Ultramarines stuff him in a box and we all know what comes next. :)

That was a good ending to it. Though Discord being Malal would actually make a lot of sense, since Malal is supposed to be the chaos god of anarchy and such.

8161469 that was the plan ^w^
it fit really well so it was a good plan. Im just sad it didnt go as smoothly as I had hoped

Well....overall the story is adorable...

But definitely very very rough in many locations throughout.

It was all just a first draft ^_^

But yeah... thank you

Here is a thought for a potential sequel, have some of the thousand sons return to the imperium 10,000 years later with some astarties made from the newly created geneseed of the alicorn princesses.

I was thinking of something close to that. It was more of just an astartes protect with ponies.

Well Magnus and his sons are very academic so it might not be so far fetch to assume that the alicorn princesses might get there own astarties of some kind.

^_^ that was the intent.

A very tight knit brother and somewhat sisterhood between the thousand sons and pony astartes.

But then I wouldn't really have the humor side.

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