• Published 23rd Jun 2016
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Is Brotherly Violence Magic? - Sanguine Eyes

Two ponies...errr...individuals come to Equestria through a very strange method. Twilight and the other princesses help these two get home while being baffled by their odd perceptions of magic

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Chapter 4: The Call of Chaos

Author's Note:

I was going to make this as accurate as possible but Imma just throw it together adding whatever I like because I lost my thousand sons book before I could finish it.
So its just going to be vaguely canon if that. Not like the thing was canon in the first place XD
But please enjoy the closing chapter of Is Brotherly violence magic.

Also note, this is not edited. Chances are it wont be. Its the first draft, and its likely to stay that way. Ever since I started up on Equestria amino, I have no real reason to be here. Im coming up on a thousand followers and I get thousands of likes for every chapter I write. Sadly this one is a little too crude to be put up there and I have a few people who wanted to see an end. Sorry its so messy, but this is what I had planned. Just a little neater. Keep your eyes open. Ill likely be releasing a new story later. Something from my team on EA. I hope you enjoyed, later.

His breath left his lungs as he left his brother's mighty knee. He fell to the ground and rolled once before his horned armor prevented him from rolling any further. Fractured and splintered his once mighty armor shed fragments of ceramite, though with the shattered bones that had once been his spine stirring about inside him he did not notice his armor. He just breathed deeply staring out at the world with blank eye.

He could see Russ raise his runed blade as Prospero burned around him. Everything he ha crafted with his own hands turning to ash under the boots of Leman and his wolves. The blade aimed at his throat and raised. He watched whispering his apologies into the ethereal to his father, to his other brothers, to his people, to his world, to friends long gone.

The blade began to fall, ready to claim his head. It was then he heard the slivering voice creeping into his head as time itself slowed to a crawl. The voice, he knew it. It was the same voice again and again. He refused to acknowledge it was the same voice even though he knew it in his heart. The voice that took his eye, the voice that made him betray his father, the voice that was the very tune he had fallen to dance to.

"Shame.... shame shame.... to lose something as you will surely destroy your father's imperium... Mankind itself will be lesser. Though, perhaps.... maybe... no... no... you wouldn't... but... maybe... I have the power... perhaps for you, for humanity... I can save you... Save you from the very people you served happily... the very family you loved before they turned on you with blades flashing. I can give you freedom from them, freedom from the dangers of the warp... I can give you the secrets you crave... I can give you everything, it will cost only your subservience to me... so then... red king... what do you say?"

Magnus could feel the sliming filth defiling his senses with its temptations. But even with that, he had only tried to save his father's imperium, save humanity, save his brothers. Yes, he was played, yes he was not wise enough to see through it, yes his father was right. But was his path to hell truly to be paved with his own good intentions?

He opened his mouth and his soul ready to speak, cringing at the terrible pain of knowing he was played, knowing that he was just the toy to this immense entity. He would call it an apex warp predator but he knew better, this thing could only be truly described as a God. His soul screamed the name and as such it was the first word from his mouth.



He froze. It was not just his own voice he heard. To his surprise the sleek and deceptive seducing voice of darkness let out a very long and aggravated sigh.

"Aren't you supposed to be busy not existing Malal?" The voice was thick in anger and outright annoyance.

"I got bored of not existing.... well I got bored a few thousand years ago... So I went exploring, but long story short, a bunch of stuff happened and I have to take this one from you..."

"Um... no.... no you don't... this one is mine! I have had my eyes on him since his creation..."

Magnus was tempted to speak up but he did not have anything he could say in the face of this event. It was first destroying him that he had to hand himself over to this darkness, but now it was having a children's argument with some other entity.

There was a snapping sound, as if coming from a set of fingers. Almost instantly he could feel the impossibly complex injury of his spine warp and repair itself instantly. Time was still just barely crawling by as he could feel himself lift off the ground, hefted by something he could not quite explain as he watched it walk around picking things up and changing reality around him. Turning Russ's sword into a hammer, placing another hammer on a fulcrum before tearing a hole in reality and throwing Magnus, now completely frozen in time and space into the back of what looked to be an old 20th century pickup truck.

Tzeentch's voice roared in anger. "HE IS NOT YOURS TO TAKE MALAL!"

"Oh I know, but hes not yours either... and by the way... I don't go by that anymore ole buddy... call me.... Discord."

The hole snapped shut and the entity began to drive off with Magnus in the back of the truck.

Back on Prospero the thousand sons were very confused that they were promptly placed in old canine carry on kennels they were incapable of escaping as they floated helplessly along a conveyor belt along with the contents of all the libraries of Tizca through various portals. Very few watched time unfreeze and Leman's shiny new hammer drive the other hammer into his own balls, outright shattering the cerimite crotch of his armor. All the while the angry chaos God of change roared and savagely tore open space around prospero taking his anger out on it all. Daemons rained from the sky and the wolves of Russ found themselves fighting a whole new enemy.

"I ... I don't understand..."

Magnus stood in the gardens of Canterlot, his magestic wings spread wide as he looked down at the creature that saved him along with faces he was overjoyed to see again.

"We checked up on you..." Luna beamed happily.

"And when we saw you were in danger, we employed the only individual we knew could make the trip..." Celestia sipped her tea and smiled warmly.

But around his neck, Twilight happily sniffled hugging him tightly. "I was so worried... I thought I'd never see you again, and when I heard you were in trouble I wanted so badly to come to your rescue..."

He placed a hoof on her head as he still stood rather in shock. The whole pony thing was still not something he thought he could get used to. "I... I don't know what to say..."

"Well a thank you would be great, any time really... I mean it... Do you know how hard it is for me to drag somepony of YOUR power through the warp into here along with an entire world's worth of libraries and all of your Thousand Sons?"

"um.... Thanks?... " Magnus looked back at the herd of outright traumatized ponies in Ceramite armor. "Really... thanks, I know this is better than dying. But I still want you to know that this is going to take a LOT of getting used to. I will have to explain to my children for months... in the meantime. I don't suppose..."

He hesitated a bit as Twilight let go and stepped back. Magnus smiled a bitter sweet smile. He knew he would never see his father or brothers again, it was likely he would never even know the fate of the imperium. But one thing on his mind he could not let go. He drew a book from his cloak. "Here... I borrowed it before I left... it will be hard never going back. But.... Princess, thank you... thank you so much. Freedom for me and my children.... Thank you!"

His smile was warm and happy, put off only by Discord gagging as he sighed, hopping back into the pickup truck and driving into the sunset.

"I am home."

~~the end~~

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:applejackconfused:The end?
That was..... short.:ajbemused:

No development, no true friendship lession, no exploration of Discord being the Chaos God Malal?

Just, Magnus and Russ visits Equestria for a day and return home, only for Discord to prevent most of the Horus Heresy?

Okay, your story I suppose.:unsuresweetie:

Just think, this means the wulfen curse will more than likely be cured seeing as the Thousand sons won't attack Fenris


I know it might be a wee bit disappointing but like I said in the note. I am needed elsewhere. And honestly this one was not going to get anything else. Sorry it kinda flopped. I at least hope it was mildly entertaining.

8044952 It was a good escape. I'm not able to give it many gold stars, but it was fun and interesting concept.
Perhaps I'll explore that subject sometime.

8045004 The ending was going to be a lot cooler, but as I said, I lost the research and the interest.
I am happy that you at least enjoyed it for as long as it lasted.

8045012 It is sad to see an author los interest in a story.
But that is just life.

Oh, buy the way, it still says incomplete there.

8045017 ^_^ thank you.
and its not so much that I have lost interest in my stories... More or less, I made a surplus of enemies here who have threatened me and stalked me right into my private life.
I also became rather prominant on Equestria amino. I have a title there and everything. Ive been featured dozens of times, my stories get 10 times the views and hundreds of times more likes on average. Hell I have almost two thousand followers. Its just a wee bit of a waste of time to spend my efforts here were people are actually out to get me XD
Id rather have fun where I am loved and there is less Child porn Smut and pedophiles lurking about. XD

Then the Ultramarines stuff him in a box and we all know what comes next. :)

That was a good ending to it. Though Discord being Malal would actually make a lot of sense, since Malal is supposed to be the chaos god of anarchy and such.

8161469 that was the plan ^w^
it fit really well so it was a good plan. Im just sad it didnt go as smoothly as I had hoped

Well....overall the story is adorable...

But definitely very very rough in many locations throughout.

It was all just a first draft ^_^

But yeah... thank you

Here is a thought for a potential sequel, have some of the thousand sons return to the imperium 10,000 years later with some astarties made from the newly created geneseed of the alicorn princesses.

I was thinking of something close to that. It was more of just an astartes protect with ponies.

Well Magnus and his sons are very academic so it might not be so far fetch to assume that the alicorn princesses might get there own astarties of some kind.

^_^ that was the intent.

A very tight knit brother and somewhat sisterhood between the thousand sons and pony astartes.

But then I wouldn't really have the humor side.

A lot more than you realize since you established that humans turn into ponies and vice versa. You can have fun with the fact that the ponies are naturally nudists with all of the shenanigans that come with it in the inperium. Along with other aspects of culture shock from both sides.

Well in the materium, everything is basically attuned to bipedal life.

In Equestria, everything is attuned to that high fantasy bit.

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