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Welcome to my page!

Hi, I'm FlameMist! FiMFiction is a hobby of mine. I recently returned from a long, dark hiatus.
Check out stories I like and stories I've written below! :raritystarry:

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A Little About Myself · 1:06pm Aug 25th, 2015

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Dear Reader/Fan/Person/Random Weirdo

I made this post just to show my fans a little bit more about me. I also kind of thought a I'd make a kind of 'extended bio' so people can get to know me better. Anyway, here goes nothing.

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You have my gratitude.

Hey, how's "Sparity VS The Future!" going?

2336396 Actually, I've never really thought about that. I mean, I did have a knack for writing Spike shipping a while back, but now I don't know if I've lost my touch. Ember is a naturally dynamic character, and my old Sparity ships didn't have much thought put into them. Though now I am writing more drama romance and slice of life, I know a little bit more about how to pair two characters. If I was going to start a new Spikefic, Ember would definitely be the most logical ship. Definitely something I'll keep in mind as I think of new stories! :pinkiehappy:

What about a Spember story?

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