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This story is a sequel to Sunlight in the Light

For the first time ever, Sunset Shimmer is stuck in middle gray. She's taken by one Twilight, and another is working to change that. Which means, she's going to have to choose. Meanwhile, the two Twilight's stories unfold...

Update 1/12/18: I released an epilogue for the story. After a while I felt the story wasn’t finished quite how I wanted it to be. It’s short and sweet.

Rated 'Teen' for the same reason all the others were, I guess.

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TESLA!!! I am NOT a fan of electric cars except for Tesla. ESPECIALLY THE MODEL S P90D!!!

GTR?? Not a fan. At all...

Just my opinion:twilightsmile:

good story thoe to be honest i dont see sunset ever permanently returning to equestria her life and friends are in the human world

so that kinda settles the love triangle princess twilight has duties in equestria after all so she cant move to the human world

love is not just about being happy it needs work and effort and some times even that is not enough

Don't say "I mean..." when describing something. Unless you're trying to be The Narrator (another character in your story).
And be careful with quotation marks. There were a couple of spots where you had random ones between sentences where the same person was talking.

Definitely just a rough draft, but I'm glad you noticed! :moustache:

Man, so after all that you leave us with a Lady or the Tiger?

I think Sunset should go for li'l Sci-Twi. They just seem to fit eachother.

"You better hurry up and chose someone to date, because the story only has 2,000 words left!" Pinkie smiled at Sunset

... This was beautiful. Pinkie. Never change XD

Twilight's horn began to glow, causing many books to fly into her fingertips. She examined every book. Twilight
Oh god why?

This was pretty good, ending was a bit anti-climatic but still a great read.

For some reason I don’t like sci-Twi x sunset I like princess twilight x sunset a lot though

(now that i'm back) Yeah I kindof left it on a cliffhanger to let the reader decide what would happen based on the rest of the story, but now that I look back at it it seems more of a let-down. :rainbowlaugh:

Awww man, I was hoping both Twilight & Sci-Twi would share Sunset in a threesome relationship, but this was still satisfying & a great way to officially end the these series. Excellent job my friend, worth the wait. :twilightsmile:

Yes!!! Sunset chose Princess Twilight!!!

Dimensional-Distance relationship NEVER WORKED OUT!!!!!

I'm not satisfied with that ending sorry.

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