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Sunlight in the Sunlight - FlameMist

Sunset Shimmer has two Twilights on her, and choosing is not easy.

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Sunlight in the Sunlight

Sci-Twi thumped down the stairs to her parents basement. She turned a corner down a very narrow and dark hallway, approaching a tiny closet door at the end of it. She rapped on the door to a small tune, causing it to click. She swung the door open, which lead to... a tiny closet. It had about four of five coats hanging on a metal rod. She took a white lab coat off of it, and put it on. She turned right and turned a teeny knob that opened up a hatch large enough to walk through. She walked in.

Inside was her destination. A room about big enough to comfortably fit about three people, with mostly gray walls and some white paint peeling, there was several tables set up with rustic equipment and strange gadgets. Other tables were lined with electronics. One whiteboard hanging on the wall was covered in writing, equations, and all kinds of stuff. One desk had a large computer in the middle, along with about three or four smaller ones lining it. There was a wheeled swivel chair at that desk. Twilight plopped down at that chair, pressing a large power button on a big box near her.

As she began to type away on her computer, a small speaker hooked to the wall went off. "Hey Twilight, someone's at the door for you!" Twilight sighed. It was most likely Pinkie Pie. She keeps wanting to meet with her for something that was very "emergent"... But Twilight still exited her "lab" to get to the door. When she got there, the door was closed, but someone was standing in her house.

"Sunset!?" Twilight exclaimed. "Why are you here?" But she knew. It had only been a short week since the last time Twilight had been at Sunset's house, it was also the first time... Twilight actually felt a little stupid about what she did with Sunset.

"Uhh... I guess just to hang out? Rainbow Dash is in the car, I guess we might see a movie or something, if you wanna come..." Twilight just stared at Sunset for a minute.

"Sure!" She said. "I'll be right back!" Twilight ran into her room. "Oh man, oh man! Sunset wants to hang out with me again!?" Twilight grabbed her shoes, slipped them on and rushed out to follow Sunset.

Twilight got in the back of the car (Sunset was at shotgun) and sat down, pulling down her seat belt. She watched Sunset and Rainbow talk for a minute. She thought. She seemed to forget it was Spring Break for CHS. School got out early yesterday Wednesday. It didn't get back till' Tuesday.

And then Sunset soon realized Twilight was in the car, and stopped talking to Rainbow.

"Oh! Twilight, what's been going on with you?" Sunset asked, turning to Twilight.

"Uhh... Not much. I've been doing extra studying after hours at CHS, but it's been pretty boring lately." Twilight responded dully. There was a silence.

"Well..." Rainbow started. "Pinkie Pie planned a dance for the juniors and seniors at CHS on Friday. Me and Sunset are the only ones able to go... Unless you can?"

"Uh- I think I'm free on Saturday... Yea! I am. I think. But I don't do to well at dances..." Twilight shrugged.

"It's okay, it's not professional." Sunset laughed. "Rarity's family is on a trip to the Bahamas."

"Fluttershy went with them." Rainbow added. "And Applejack is apparently "working" as always on the weekends." Rainbow rolled her eyes. "So I guess me and Sunset will be doing a lot this Spring Break. All of my sports teams are break and as for her, she really doesn't have anything to do."

"Hm." Twilight said.

"This is nothing like you... Who has no school almost every day!" Sunset said. "Well... Yea. I guess it's pretty nice..." Twilight said. "I mean I do studying and projects constantly... and I need to work on my entrance test for Harvard-"

"Yea yea, you still don't have school." Rainbow rolled her eyes. Soon they pulled up to a house, which was Rainbow's place. "My parents are both gone half the day, so we can be as loud as we want." Rainbow said.

"We can play Rock Band!" Sunset said. "I call guitar!"

Twilight Sparkle stumbled down the stairs of her castle, nearly killing herself. She turned a few corners leading to two crystal doors which she passed through. Ah, the library. The beauty of the library. So many books to organize, so little time. Twilight's horn began to glow, causing many books to fly into her reach. She examined every book. Twilight, Daring Do and The Amulet of Culiacan, Mockingbird, 10 Ways To Make Your Problems Go Away... Ooh! Put that one into her reading pile.

So many books. Sometimes, it stressed her out to sort her books, but every Sunday she does a quick run-through nonetheless. But this morning she was especially happy because she was going to another dimension to see a certain somepony. Soon enough, once she finished sorting she headed outside to meet Pinkie Pie at Sugarcube Corner. She had said that it was an emergency. Twilight doubted it was all that important, but there's nothing else do with her day other than waiting and waiting until 3:00 when she would leave this world.

Soon enough, she reached the pink building that was Sugarcube Corner. She entered. Nobody was in there. I mean it was completely empty, aside from Mrs. Cake at the front desk. "Do you know if Pinkie Pie is here?" Twilight asked her.

"She left about fifteen minutes ago." Mrs. Cake said. "Why?"

"Oh, nothing." Twilight supposed she would wait for Pinkie a little while longer. Maybe she had forgotten.

But Twilight had brought something to entertain her while she waited. She pulled out a brown book with a decorated sun in the middle. This was how she communicated with Sunset and the other world. She opened the book and began to write.

She wrote away, finishing off with

Love, Twilight.

Twilight finished writing her letter to Sunset and shut her book. She was sitting at a table in Sugarcube Corner, waiting for Pinkie to meet her. She kept glancing out the window and asking Mrs. Cake when Pinkie would be home.

Soon enough, she heard Pinkie's voice outside the building. She curiously walked out to see Pinkie Pie herself talking to some random pony. "Pinkie!" Twilight shouted.

Pinkie turned. "Twilight? Finally, your here!"

"Finally?" "I've been waiting inside for twenty minutes!" Twilight growled. "I need to be out of this place in three hours!"

"Oh! You thought we were meeting INSIDE?!" Pinkie laughed. "And don'cha worry one little teensy tiny bit about time, because we'll be done in a JIFFY!"

"Uhh... If you say so..." Twilight stared.

"I'm just asking... How have things been going with Sunset?"

Twilight stared harder. "Really? You just wanted to ask me that?"

"Wull, Yeah!" Pinkie laughed. "So?"

"Arg! You are so strange, Pinkie! Things are going fine. Why?"

"No reason." Pinkie said. "Kay bye!" Then all of the sudden a pink blur whooshed past Twilight, and Pinkie's physical figure before her slowly vaporized.

"That was weird." Twilight said to herself. She headed on toward her castle. As she walked, she thought of why Pinkie might have asked that question. She asked Twilight to walk all the way down to Sugarcube Corner just to ask for her relationship status? I mean, her relationship with Sunset was going good, of course. I mean, what could be going wrong? But now that she thought of it, their relationship wasn't that serious.

The way it all started was that night. I mean, first off all they were both super tired the whole night, probably delirious of everything. Heck, that morning Twilight had thought the whole thing was a weird dream. Until they talked about it, then figured it out, and tried it. Just to see how it'd go. In Twi's opinion, it has gone great. Then why does she all of the sudden feel weird about it? She'd never done this kind of thing before. She was only attracted to Sunset's pony form, mainly, the weird human body structure was hard to find a pleasure, even for Sunset. It would be the best if they both moved to Equestria. But with Twilight's time in the human world, the two had explored human romance.

Kissing was... at the most just awkward. Twilight never knew where to put her new face to fit with Sunset's. Or where she should place her "hands". That was the least awkward though. They had no idea where to start on the strange placement of human teats. Ugh. But eventually it was too much, and they had talked about Sunny going back to Equestria.

But what would they do there? Now Twilight was just feeling like the whole relationship was just for fun, not serious...

No. Why in Equestria was she having these thoughts! Their relationship was as fine... Of course... Twilight wondered if, since they had explored humans, if Sunset had met anyone else in that world. But-

"Twilight!" Spike yelled. "What are you doing?"

Twilight snapped. She was standing right in front of her castle. She must have pace walked again... "Huh?- Oh-"

"What were you doing?" Spike asked, concerned. "Have you started pacing again? Twilight, we talked about this..."

"No no..." Twilight said. "Just thinking. Now, you'd better go get my stuff."

Spike sighed and walked in the castle doors, followed by Twilight. Twilight skipped through the halls of the castle, and soon enough approached the room with the portal in it. She looked at it. Then looked around at every nut and bolt of the machine and the portal. "Everything in place..."

She took the book from out of her saddlebag and placed it on it's proper pedestal. "Ready for action." She muttered to herself.

"YES!" Sunset screamed. "Ninety-five percent!" She held up her guitar controller in victory.

"Seventy-six!" Rainbow cried, who was on drums.

"Fifty-three..." Twilight announced. "Is- Is that bad..."

Rainbow laughed out loud. "Are you kidding me! You were on vocals, Twi! Thats terri-

"Awesome!" Sunset said. "I sure couldn't have gotten that good on vocals! But maybe... you should try another instrument!"

Rainbow sighed. "Try Sunny's guitar."

"Or! You could do drums!" Sunset replied quickly.

Growling, Rainbow got off the drums. "Fine." She said straightly.

Twilight plopped down on the drum seat. She played no instruments, and wasn't one for singing... so why was she doing this again?

"Just beat the drums according to their color on the screen." Sunset said. "It's simple, really."

Rainbow put her hand up. "Wait wait wait. I'm on vocals?!"

"Yep!" Sunset replied.

"Ha ho! I don't think so! Time to give up your only instrument you don't suck at." Rainbow smirked, grabbing the guitar from Sunset and handing her the microphone. Sunset glared at her.

Twilight couldn't help but notice the conflict between these two. If they've been doing everything together... Twilight caught Sunset's eye. For a second she specifically thought- in fact, she was almost convinced that the look in Sunset's eye said something about the time when Twilight kissed her. It all flashed back. Sunset had blushed after... but guiltily.

Who was she taken by? What was the "I have a girlfriend"? Is it one of her friends? Rarity, maybe? No... Rarity always did seem more interested in guys. Definitely not Pinkie Pie. Or is it? No way.

"Alright! Let's do this!" Rainbow said as she held up her guitar and Sunset rolled her eyes.

"Just know I'm worse than Twilight when it comes to singing..." Sunset said. She then blushed. "The other Twilight, I mean."

It was Rainbow's turn to roll her eyes. The song started. Twilight was wondering who "The other Twilight" was. The first part was just Twilight hitting basic chords with the drums (she had selected "Beginner") and then Rainbow started with the guitar. Soon enough it was vocals time. When Sunset started singing in the midst of the playing... Twilight was so surprised she almost dropped her drumsticks.

She had never heard Sunset sing before. It was... amazing. It made all her worries go away and she was bottled up with happiness. Then it stopped. Twilight then realized she was staring droolingly at Sunset... and the song was playing on without any instruments. Awkward.

Rainbow chuckled. "Yea... Twilight maybe try playing your part instead of creepily-"

"Oh no! Our scores are dropping!" Sunset changed the subject and the group looked back at the TV. Sunset turned to Twilight and gave her that same look. Now she knew where she recognized it from. The next time she saw Sunset after school the day after the incident... Sunset gave the same remember-what-happened look. It made her uncomfortable.

Then she started singing again. This time Twilight payed attention to the drums part, while listening to Sunset singing in a surprisingly deep tone. She wished she could sing like that. Her mind all of the sudden reverted to Sunset talking about another Twilight. At first she had almost forgotten, but there was always her dimensional counterpart from Equestria. She'd hadn't really gotten to know... well, herself.

Twilight only knew her as "the pony princess in Equestria", but that was hardly enough info about her, merely stating that she is a magical pony princess from a far away land. Pff. But then she realized something. What if Sunset was dating her? Twilight's counterpart?

This may be true! Oh no, what if it was? Twilight felt like a fool. That's why Sunny was always looking at Twilight funny. Because she was dating her exact twin! She needed to talk to Sunset about this. But not now. Also, what we're those rumors about Sunset also being a "pony"? She needed to ask about that, too. But she couldn't. It would be too hard.

She kept attempting to play her drums part of the song, until it finally ended. Twilight had got a decent score, but she didn't really care for that.

"Another song?" Rainbow asked.

"Eehh." Twilight and Sunset said together.

"Hm." Rainbow looked at them. "Do you guys want to get a drink or something upstairs?"

"Sure." Sunset replied. The three headed up the stairs. Twilight thought and thought as Rainbow pulled out a pitcher of punch out of her fridge.

"So what's been up with you, Twi?" She asked as she poured the three each a cup. "I already told you, not much." Twilight shrugged instinctively. "When's that junior senior dance, again?"

"Friday." Rainbow replied.

"So... tomorrow?" Twilight asked again.

"Yea. I already told you..." Rainbow said, giving Sunny and Twilight their drinks.

"Well... I don't necessarily have anything to wear. If I did go, anyway." Twilight mentioned.

"What do you mean?" Sunset asked. "I mean, normally I would go to Rarity for this sort of thing, but her being gone and all..."

"Well, I've always fancied suits. And Rarity's even told me before, she doesn't really do suits."

"Suits?" Sunset repeated. "Have you ever even tried on a dress? Heck, I'm glad I'm a girl hearing guys complaining about their itching tuxes." Sunset laughed.

"It's not that bad..." Twilight chuckled. "Although I can never get the tags off." "Anyway... what about you guy? I mean, me and Rainbow haven't talked since last weekend, and same with Suns-" Twilight stopped.

"Sunset?" Rainbow finished.

"Yea..." Twilight looked off into nothingness.

Soon, the three were back in the game room. "What dya guys want to do now?" Rainbow asked the two, looking around the room for something entertaining.

"We could play a different game." Sunset suggested.

"Maybe..." Rainbow shrugged.

"Maybe we could go somewhere." Twilight said.

"I have no money at all, Twi." Rainbow chuckled. "Where would we go?"

"Dunno." Twilight shrugged yet again, as if it was the only thing to do.

"Oh! I forgot my phone. Be right back!" Rainbow said quickly, running to the stairs.

Twilight and Sunny sat in silence for a while.

"Is is really that hard to grab your phone?" Sunset laughed. Twilight forced out a weak laugh as well. It was only a matter of time before Sunset gave her "the look" again. "So... I've been meaning to talk to you about this... alone." Sunset echoed.

Rainbow was headed down the stairs, but stopped at the bottom when she heard this. She should stay a while and listen. "R-r-really?" Twilight blurted nervously.

"Yea." Sunset gave her that look. "It's about that night."

Twilight winced. "I'm trying to act nice to you and normal like I always have been to avoid brining it up! I never thought of you as a person to do that."

What is she talking about? Rainbow thought to herself. She continued to listen.

"I'm so sorry Sunset, I don't know what got into me. You kept giving me "the look!"" Twilight said shamefully. There was a silence.

"The look?" Sunset laughed, punching Twilight lightly in the arm. "But seriously, I do have a girlfriend...- I think." She smiled.

"Yea, I know." Twilight blushed. She suddenly felt that same rush of excitement that ran through her right before she kissed Sunset. No. She couldn't do this again, even though it was so hard to resist.

So- are you coming to the dance tomorrow?" Sunset asked eagerly.

"Uh- of course." Twilight said back. "But like I said, I don't have a dre-"

"Oh that won't be a problem." Sunset smiled. "Just meet at my house an hour before the dance starts. At 7:00 I think."

"Thanks." Twilight responded. There was nothing else to say. Then it happened. It seemed in slo-mo, Sunset's face slowly nearing Twilight's, when in reality it happened in a half a second. Sunset lightly pecked Twilight on the lips. "That was because I know you wanted that." She grinned. "But no more." She whispered, slightly grinning.

Rainbow walked in the room and burst out laughing. When she finally could slow down enough to speak, she coughed out the words "Oh man, oh dude... Sunset you are a player, man... this is so crazy!" Sunset glared at her. "No no. I'm not telling Twilight, but I definitely want to see her reaction when she finds out!" She kept laughing. "Bro..."

Twilight finished adding the last thing to her suitcase, and closed it's lid. "Well, I think that does it!" She smiled. "It's time for go!"

Spike looked at her funny. "Yea... we still have an hour and a half left before we need to leave."

Twilight shrugged. "No matter! We can do something to pass the time!"

Spike still stared. "Eh. Fine with me. As long as it's either back rubs, claw massages, or bubble baths."

"Actually... I had something else in mind..."

Spike sat boringly on the blank table as Twilight sat across from him wrapped in Relationships 101. Of course. Spike hopped off from the chair and nudged Twilight.

"Uh- don'cha think that we could be doing something productive?"

"This is productive. Reading books has been proven to nonetheless sharpen your mind, senses, knowledge, and learning skills. Reading has always helped me-"

"Yea yea. We have things to do!" Spike retorted.

"No we don't." Twilight smiled back. "I finished today's To-Do list while you were sleeping!"

Spike let out a long sigh. "Please?"

Twilight looked at him. "...I guess we could fit in a bath to the reading schedule."

"I can manage this." Twilight said as she turned on the bathwater fosset and sat cross-legged next to it with her precious book.

"Plus, I've been needing this bath forever..." Spike said, hastily feeling the water to see if it was warm enough.

Twilight opened her book to her bookmark. She had just gotten to the the first chapter.

1 - Do they like me back?
You’ll never know unless you ask!
A lot of people get shy and nervous when talking to someone they have a crush on — it definitely takes courage, and preparation always helps:
“Keep calm and carry on.” Calm your nerves — breathing, exercise, music, talking with a friend first — whatever it takes.

"Talk to a friend, hm?" Twilight looked again at the page.

"Twilight, where's the bubble bath?" Spike asked, opening the bathroom closet and fishing around.

"Top shelf." She replied.

This chapter didn't seem to fit her. She flipped through until she saw what she was looking for.

2 - What's a healthy relationship?
If you're in a relationship, ask yourself if it's a healthy relationship that makes you feel good about yourself and each other.

"Hm... Respect, Trust, Honesty..." Twilight mumbled. "Ah! Good Communication!"

Do you talk about your feelings with each other? Are you able to disagree without disrespecting each other? Do you listen to each other without judgment?

"How much should I put in?" Spike opened the cap on the bubble bath.

"Don't ask me... read the label." Twilight said, going back to her book.

"I need your help." Spike said in Twi's ear again.

"Fine." She said, putting the book down by the sink.

"Okay, so last time I added too much, and the bubbles overflow-"

"Ah!" Twilight shrieked, shutting off the fosset as water spilled all over the bathroom floor from the overflowed tub.

"Heh-heh." Spike blushed.

"It's fine. We just drain the water a little bit... and... open the bubble bath..." Twilight poured some of the pink syrupy substance into the water.

Spike smiled. "I'm going in."

"Have fun with that." Twilight said, turning to the sink and washing off some of the pink liquid that had gotten on her hooves.

"I need the soap." Spike said, reaching over past the sink to grab the bar. But then it happened. As he was reaching back, his elbow horrifically knocked Twilight's Relationships 101 into the running sink.

"Ahhh!" Twilight said, helplessly snatching the book out of the water and running out of the bathroom to the only place she could think of to dry it. She skidded into the living room, and ran toward the fireplace. It wasn't smart. One thing happened after the next and... Soon she sat in front of it, watching her precious book to ashes. "Oh I'm such a-"

"Such a what?" She looked behind her to see Pinkie Pie surrounded by her other friends.

Rarity looked at the smoldering book in the fire. "Wait a minute, was that min-"

"We brought you a "have fun!" present!" Pinkie said gleefully, holding out a large wrapped box.

"We wanted to help you get ready to leave too..." Rarity said, distractingly looking at the fireplace.

"Thanks guys." Twilight said, slowly peeling off the tape from the seams. When she was finished, there was a simple light blue box that she opened with ease. There was a stack of letters, and next to it was some of Twilight's favorite snack foods, with a small blue fuzzy blanket.

"It's for if you get stranded in the wild and want to live off of Changeetos and a blanket!" Pinkie said.

"Or... You could open one of them letter every day your gone for the whole week! We even labeled em." Applejack said proudly.

"That way you won't miss us as much." Fluttershy nodded.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. "She's not gonna miss us that much is she? This was all Pinkie's idea."

"It's... great! Thanks everypony!" Twilight said cheerfully.

"So... you need tah leave in an hour." Applejack said.

"Oh yes!" Twilight said. "Time is ticking!" She skipped off toward her room, her friends trailing behind her.

"I've packed my bag, I just need to get it downstairs next to the portal with my other stuff!" Twilight instructed.

Rarity and Twilight used their magic to lift the suitcase, while the rest followed down to the portal.

"Oooh! Shiny!" Pinkie said, touching parts of the portal.

"Be careful." Twilight said. "The portal has been really unstable lately." She looked at the time. "I might as well leave now, so I could get to Sunset's on time."

"Well... we should stay to give her goodbyes." Applejack said, as Twilight started up the portal, it's gleaming purple substance filling up the gold ring.

Spike quickly ran down the stairs toward the portal. "Am I late?"

Twilight looked at Spike. "Do you really want to come?"

"Sure I do. There's more to do there than there is here!"

"Hm. Okay. Let's go." Twilight nodded.

"Bye!" Everypony shouted as Twilight as Spike equally stepped into the portal.

The car ride to Sunset's was a quiet one. Almost no one said a word. Even Sunset didn't talk to Twilight once. Once they got there, Twilight was relieved she could take a breath. She watched as Sunset pulled out her keys and opened the door to her house. Too much came to her from the events of the first time she was there.

"Where to now?" Rainbow asked. "Back to your place?"

"It's easy to find. Up in East Broad Oaks." Twilight replied.

"Yea I know. I was there." She laughed. "How have your parents scraped up the money to live there?"

"Oh... We live in a smaller section of it." Twilight said modestly.

Sunset watched out her window long before Rainbow's car had left her street. She was expecting someone, whom she really needed to talk to. She should be coming any minute. She waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Until... she saw something at the end of her street that had just turned the corner. The purple striped hair and light blouse gave it straight away. "Twilight!" Sunset said excitedly. She quickly ran to the TV and turned on Criminal Minds. But then it reminded her of the night. This was the same episode Twilight and her had watched.

Just don't cheat on me!

Cheat on me...


Twilight's words echoed in Sunset's ears. She quickly turned off the TV. How close could Twilight be now? Sunset walked upstairs to get a snack.

Bang bang bang! Someone was definitely at Sunset's front door. She rushed downstairs to answer it.

Twilight it was. Sunset gave her a small kiss on the lips and a big hug. "Finally." She said, smiling.

"Yep. I'm here." Twilight said. Silence. "Pretty great isn't it?"

"Yea it is!" Sunset said. "What should we do first?"

"You were telling me about a dance tomorrow?" Twilight asked.

"Oh yea! Rainbow will be there too! And-"

"And who?" Twilight questioned.

"The other Twilight, y'know." Sunset mumbled.

"Oh yea! I forgot about her! Have you made friends with her? Have you gotten to know her? Where does she live?" Twilight asked excitedly. She gasped. "We should go meet her!"

"No!" Sunset screamed. "I mean- She's probably busy right now!"

"Oh I'm sure she'll be cool, who wouldn't want to meet their exact twin!" Twilight smiled wider than ever.

"But, Twilight... I was just barely with her an hour ago." Sunset said.

"Really? Well now she can meet me. She can learn about our dimension! C'mon! For me?" Twilight gave puppy-dog eyes.

"Let's go..." Sunset said. "But I've only got a simple Chevrolet Cruze..." The bits I brought from Equestria only got me so far..."

"I knew you'd say that! Because I just brought you your next years stash!" Twilight dug into her suitcase, stopping for a minute. "Wait... a Chevrolet Cruze? Eh. It's probably a cheap car." She pulled out a bag of 20 or so bits. "Just one of these must be worth a lot here." She said, handing the bag to Sunset.

"Oh my gosh, Twi, you didn't need to do this! I have a job and stuff... and- oh who am I kidding, I've always wanted a GTR!" She said, mulling over the bits, which in Equestria would be enough for a crate of apples. "It's amazing Twi, I can buy whatever I want." Sunset said, hugging Twilight. "Now... let's walk 7 miles to Twilight's!" There was a long and awkward silence.

"Yea, maybe it's not a good idea to see her now... Maybe next week during school!" Twilight said.

Whew. Sunset thought. I really just dodged a bullet. For now... I need to talk her about it. "So what do you want to do then?" Sunset asked her.

"I don't know. How have things been going here?" Twilight asked.

"Great!" Sunset said, hoping Twilight would ask about her relations with her counterpart. "Really though, you gotta tell me more about the other me, like are you friends?"

Dangit. "Well actually, I need to talk to you about something." Sunset said.

"What?" Twilight replied. What she was about to say was crazy. There's no telling how mad Twilight could get. It could ruin their relationship. But Sunset wasn't even sure if it was one. It was just playing around, right? Did she really have feelings for Twilight, or just like the taste of her lips? It was time to really find out, Sunset had been practicing this for ages up until Twilight visit, but it didn't come out like she expected.

"I kind of made out with your dimensional twin." Sunset said painfully.

Twilight sat there with a twisted smile on her face, her left eye twitching. "What?"

"I know that we have to be honest with each other and stuff... and you know, I was just too nice to her!" Sunset blurted. "I'm so eternally sorry Twilight, I just wanted her as a friend, but she has some kind of obsession over me! It's crazy..."

The expression on Twilight's face looked surprised, mad, and doubtful. "Okay... I- I just- I can't believe this! You actually cheated on me-"

"Technically it's not cheating, but-"

"I can't- I was joking when I said "just don't cheat on me!" Twilight said angrily.

"Twilight, I can explain!" Sunset shouted.

"Fine." Twilight said, tapping her foot. "Explain."

"So... it all started when I saw Twilight come out of CHS last Friday. Her car had broke down, so I offered her a ride home. Long story short, I got her a drink from the gas station and she hung out at my house. We watched TV awkwardly, and then one thing led to another... she ended up kissing me. I don't know what got into her... she's usually so shy!"

Twilight raised an eyebrow. "You just kissed her?"

"Well, more than just kissed, but y'know."

"No! I don't know! How could you do this?! Sunset, the truth is... I wasn't really sure if our relationship is serious enough to be real, and you've obviously proven that! This makes me question if this will all work out!" Twilight yelled.

"Why would I leave you?" Sunset said, beaming.

"I'm going to miss that smile..." Twilight said, hurt in her eyes. "I- I've gotta go for a minute. I might not be back." She said, tuning toward Sunset's door.

"Wait!" Sunset shouted. Twilight turned. "I didn't either." Sunset mumbled.

"What do you mean!?" Twilight shouted.

"I mean... I wasn't sure if you thought this was serious. I knew it would be better to tell you the truth now... then keep it from you. I want this relationship to last. I really do."

Twilight laughed. "Oh Sunset, of course I believe you!"

Sunset couldn't believe it. "Wha-"

"Sunset, I would never leave you! I care about you so much! But please, promise you won't do that again." Twilight said, grabbing Sunset and hugging her.

It wasn't just any hug. This one made Sunset feel all tingly inside. At that moment, all feelings for the other Twilight disappeared. This was real love. It's not about crushes or being attracted to someone, it's about purely caring for them. And Sunset was lucky to have Twilight as not only a friend... but more than that. But- were they more than friends? Or was Twilight merely being a good friend? What about Twilight #2? Did she really care, or was she just attracted to her?

Sunset really didn't know anymore, but this hug seemed to calm her for now. At least until she had to settle it.

But the other Twilight was having the same problem.

Frowning, Sci-Twi sat on the edge of her bed. She was thinking of Sunset. She needed to let go of her. What did Sunset see in her? If she didn't like her, why did she kiss her purposefully? There was only one way to find out. The dance. The perfect setting. It's where many relationships have started.

Or when she comes to Sunset's an hour before to get a dress! That would be perfect. It would also be good to ask her about her girlfriend. And if Twilight's theory was correct, and Sunset is from Equestria, it is possible she is dating someone from it.

"Honey!" Twilight heard her mother shout. "Someone's on the phone for you!"

Hm. Who could it be? Twilight rushed down her stairs and to the phone. Her mother handed it to her.

"HEY!!!" A piercing voice said straight into the phone, causing Twilight to almost drop it. "What's up, Twilight?" The voice clearly matched her energetic friend. It was Pinkie. "Sooo! Are you coming to that dance tomorrow?" She asked excitedly.

"Yea, it's just that-"

"OH YES! This is just great! It's gonna be so awesome! Rainbow's coming, Sunset-" She gasped into the phone loudly. "And... Twilight! Oh my gosh oh my gosh! I haven't seen her for at least three months! Can you imagine... TWO TWILIGHTS?!"

Twilight gasped.

"I know, right? I mean like... nobody ever has seen you guys together, it would just be so weird! I mean like seriously even though they already know about magic and stuff like image seeing your dimensional counterpart at a dance! Don't worry, Twilight's a good egg, she'll be SOOO happy to see you! She'll-"

Twilight sat there in awe as Pinkie gabbled away. So her so called counterpart is going to be there? This will be interesting.

"And then I said, oatmeal? Are you crazy?!"

"Yea, Pinkie I gotta go. Nice talking to you, see you at the dance!" Twilight slammed the phone down. "This is going to be harder than I thought."


Twilight heard her voice in the distance of the black infinity before her. She could see her and feel her, but not sense her. She knew she was there. Where was she? Twilight tried to open her eyes, but someone glued them shut.

"TWILIGHT!" Sunset screamed.

Twilight jumped awake. "Ah! Quesadilla!"

"What?" Sunset cocked her head.

"I uh... nothing!" Twilight said, smiling. "What time is it?"

"Around eight, I think." Sunset replied, rubbing her eyes.

"Did we really fall asleep on the couch?" Twilight asked, looking around the living space.

"Sure did." Sunset laughed. "Thats two times and counting."

Twilight grinned. "I guess so."

"Right. So I was going to stop by the grocery store for stuff for tonight." Sunset said.

"Sounds fun." Twilight responded. "But don't we have the dance?"

"We could pull an overnighter at my house after the dance." Sunset said. "It'd be fun."

"Sure." Twilight shrugged. "Are we going to the store now?"

"Why not?" Sunset questioned. "Let's go!"

Once the girls both got into Sunset's black car, Twilight began talking. "So, how have things been going over here? I mean, besides you hooking up with my-"

"Yea, yea, we weren't really "hooking up", anyway." Sunset blushed. "Things have been going great! The girls have been talking to me about a summer camp that we've been fundraising for all year. Camp Evergreen... or something like that."

"Hm." Twilight said, scratching her chin. "Maybe you could come home with me instead after this trip."

"Yea, but I wouldn't want to miss something like that..." Sunset said. "I don't know."

"Sunset, I know you want to be good friends with Twilight and all... but just- Keep it subtle, okay?" Twilight started. "I lo- I really want to be with you, Sunset, and I just don't want-"

"I know." Sunset said, focusing idly on the road. The drive was quite for a moment, until Sunset's cell phone rang. "Who is it?" She asked Twilight, handing her the phone.

"Pinkie." She replied, her finger nearing the "Answer" button.

"No!" Sunset shouted, but it was too late.

"Hiya!" Pinkie said loudly into the phone.

Twilight answered. "Hey."

Pinkie gasped. "TWILIGHT?! Oh my gosh, is this the other one? I just was talking to the other other one!"

"Yep, It's me, Pinkie."

"We're here." Sunset said, as she pulled into a parking space in front of the store.

"Gotta go." Twilight said into the phone.

"Wait-" Twilight pressed the red button, and handed Sunset her phone.

"Thanks." She said. "Let's go."

The two walked in the store. For a few moments it was silent while Sunset grabbed a cart and quietly rolled it through the aisles.

"Chips!" Twilight broke the silence when she saw the shelves lined with chips of all sorts from cheese puffs, potato chips, tortilla, and more. She put four or five in the cart. Sunset laughed.

"Next on the list, drinks." Sunset said.

"Ooh!" Twilight spotted some mint cookies. "Uh huh." She slid them into the cart.

"And-" Sunset was cut off quickly.

"Pop-Tarts!" Twilight marveled.

Sunset sighed, watching Twilight fill the cart as they went from aisle to aisle.

"Okay. So we have:" Sunset started, beginning to fish through the cart. "Pip-pops, Chippies... um.... Jazzles, three boxes of Yahoos, Doughno's Chocolate Pastries, Lemon-Lime Soda, Lemon Bread, Guava Waffles?" Sunset said, reading the label confusingly.

"It's a tropical fruit." Twilight said.

"Um... French Onion and Jalapeno Jammos..." Sunset stared. "Okay... could we get rid of some of thi-"

"Nah, let's just check out." Twilight said, pushing the cart to one of the check-out stations."

The two started loading all the items onto the conveyor.

"Isn't it cool how grocery services work here?" Twilight questioned excitedly.

"I guess so." Sunset said. "Compared to Ponyville."

"Ah, Ponyville." Twilight smiled.

Soon enough, the two were back in the car with their groceries loaded. "The cashier was really nice." Twilight said, in a sing-song voice.

"She was, wasn't she?" Sunset agreed.

It was when Sunset and Twilight entered Sunset's house once again that it happened. They set the groceries on the table and started to sort them.

"You know Sunset, I've been thinking for a while now about the future of our relationship. At first I thought that it wouldn't last... that you'd stay in this world and I'd be isolated from you. That we wouldn't get along. But now that I think about it, It wasn't until that night I really met you that I realized that love isn't about being attracted, and it's not even about caring for your partner. It's about feeling good. Feeling love for that other person. I think I feel pretty good with you, and I think it's you who made me realize that... I love you, Sunset." Twilight inched close to Sunset, and pulled her face up to hers.

"I feel good about this, too." Sunset whispered as the two held each other and kissed for the first time in forever.

It was then when the doorbell sounded.

Knock knock knock knock knock, knock knock!

Rainbow eagerly ran to her door, swinging it open.

"Pinkie!" She smiled. "Come in, come in!"

The two had planned to go to lunch.

"Okay, Rainbow, but I just had a thing that I've been thinking about for a while... y'know like maybe we could like-"

"Like what, Pinkie?" Rainbow looked at her. She was hardly easy to understand. Being one of Rainbow's best friends, the one thing she liked about her best is her constant happy attitude. She was always smiling. Rainbow wasn't smiling when Pinkie said the next sentence.

"Like we could invite Sunset and Twilight! Like, the pony Twilight!" Pinkie blurted. "Wouldn't that be fun?"

"But, Pinkie..." Rainbow rolled her eyes. "It was supposed to be just us."

"Let's do it, then!" Pinkie said. She walked out to Rainbow's grimy garage, where her plain blue beat-up car lay, next to her parent's shiny white Tesla.

Rainbow followed her. "Yea, My parent's waste their money a little bit." Rainbow blushed. "Let's go." She swung open her car door in an embarrassed rush, and lightly hitting her parent's car. "Heh heh. Also, about the whole Twilight and Sunset thing-"

Pinkie hopped in the passenger's seat. "Vroom vroom! Let's go!" Pinkie said, fastening her seat belt. "Hurry! We're wasting words just sitting here!"

Rainbow opened her garage with a growl, and they pulled out. "So... are we still on the-"

"Yep! We're getting Twilight in Sunset! It's gonna be fun!" Sunset lived fairly close to Rainbow, not in the same neighborhood, but still only a mile away or so.

If there was one thing Rainbow has always done, it was listen to Pinkie. Guess it always did good for their friendship anyway, to make Pinkie happy. So Rainbow headed down the road to Sunset's neighborhood. As she turned into it, she saw a familiar black car with signature tinted windows pull in next to them.

"Hey, that's Sunset's car!" Pinkie shouted.

"I don't know where they would be at this hour... but okay..." Rainbow said. They sat there for a minute at the beginning of the neighborhood before heading toward Sunset's again. They pulled up in front of her house. Pinkie bounced out of the car and to her porch faster than Rainbow ran track. She rang the doorbell.

A frazzled Sunset and messy-haired Twilight answered the door. "Hey guys! Come on in!" Sunset said happily.

"We were wondering if you wanted to go out to lunch with us." Rainbow said. "Like, right now." She said, grabbing Pinkie's arm and pointing to her watch.

The two looked at each other. "Sure."

"It's not like we have anything else to do." Sunset shrugged.

"Right now?" Twilight asked.

"Right now." Rainbow replied quickly. "Like, Right now! Let's go! Let's move!"

The couple scrambled for their things, and soon enough, they left with Pinkie and Rainbow out the door. They followed the two out Sunset's front door and got into Rainbow's battered car.

"One day I'll get a GTR." Rainbow said, blushing yet again. "Once I save up all that babysitting money."

"You better hurry up and chose someone to date, because the story only has 2,000 words left!" Pinkie smiled at Sunset, who looked at her, apparently creeped out. Twilight shrugged.

As they drove (this must have been the tenth time Sunset and Twilight had ridden in a car today), Sunset thought about what she was going to do about the other Twilight. Then she realized something. Why was she so stupid not to notice it before? She had told Twilight to come to her house before the dance! That she would help her get a dress! Oh, what an idiot she was!

She meant for the whole thing to end up being romantic, but she completely forgot that she would be with her girlfriend the entire time! She nudged Twilight. "By the way... right before the dance, Twilight is coming over."

Twilight looked excited like she just got to pick out a sticker after she got her flu shots. "Wow! I've always wanted to meet her! You know that!" She shoved Sunset playfully. "Where we eating?"

Rainbow shrugged.

"Tell them!" Pinkie nudged.

"I don't know!" Rainbow laughed.

"Oh, she's just being silly!" Pinkie said. "We're going to-"

"The dance." Sci-Twi said to her mother. "It's tonight."

Her mother, Twilight Velvet, placed some leftover rice into the microwave. "Tonight?" She repeated. "Well, that will definitely work for me and your father. We have a date night tonight. I was going to have you heat up last night's chicken pot pie." The microwave beeped. She pulled out the plate, which was hot to the touch. "Ah!"

Twilight rolled her eyes.

"Who are you going with?" Velvet asked curiously as she took out hot pads.

"Sunset..." Twilight sighed dreamily.

"Hm." Velvet said, pulling out the plate. "This "Sunset" sounds cute, huh?"

"She's alright." Twilight blushed.

"Oh, don't be like that!" Velvet laughed. "You talk about her almost every day!"

"I mean I guess I do." Twilight shrugged. "I'll be in the lab."

"Whatever." Velvet laughed. "Spend your life in the dungeon."

Twilight walked down the hall, and walked into the closet, passing through the hidden hatch. She logged on to her computer. This project was important for her entry into Harvard.

As she was sitting there though... something clicked in her mind.

Twilight and Sunset sat on the small couch, laying on each other. The banging didn't wake them. Sci-Twi could see them through the blinds. She stared in awe. She was right. These two were perfect for each other. It wasn't until she rang the doorbell rapidly that the couple she was now so jealous of awoke.

Sunset got up and started to straighten herself while Twilight ran upstairs under Sunset's direction. Sunset walked up to the door as if to say "Hey, I wasn't doing anything, even though you probably saw through my window!"

She opened the door. "Twilight! I was wondering when you'd come!" She smiled brightly. "Y'know, just so you know, there's another person here... It's my- it's my girlfriend. D-don't be surprised when you see who she is. But she really wants to meet you."

"Dang right I do!" Twilight beamed as she rolled down the stairs. "What should I call you?" She asked, skidding to a stop as she reached Twilight.

"Well... Rainbow Dash called me Sci-Twi once." Twilight shrugged.

"Sci-Twi. Hm. I like it!" Sunset said. "Though it makes you seem like a nerd."

"I think that was Rainbow's point." Sci-Twi laughed.

Twilight smiled. "I guess just call me Twilight, then! Come, sit down! I have so many questions!"

"Me too." Sci-Twi said shyly.

The difference between the two Twilights was fun to witness. One being energetic and friendly like Sunset herself, and one more likely to be friends with Fluttershy.

"Actually, I have a dress for... "Sci-Twi" to wear." Sunset blushed.

Twilight shrugged. "I guess. We can go to the dance together!"

Sunset unsteadily walked up her stairs with Twilight- er- Sci-Twi. She brought her to her room. Rarity had made Sunset four dresses over the time they'd been friends. The first one she made seemed to fit Sci-Twi both physically and morally. She pulled it out. It was a sparkling purple with blue aqua accents around the edges. As Sunset held it up against Twilight, she saw it flowed to her ankles.

"Almost perfect." Sunset shrugged. Twilight blushed as she felt Sunset on her. "Here. Try it on." Sunset laughed.

Twilight smiled. "What? Is there a bathroom or something I can use."

"I was gonna say you could change in here right in front of me, but that works too." Sunset laughed sarcastically.

"Really?" Twilight's eyes widened.

"Uh- no." Sunset said plainly. "You do realize my girlfriend is downstairs."

"So?" Twilight gave an unsteady smile.

Sunset took it all out of her to push Twilight away. "So... I can't do this. Go change. The door is right out there."

Twilight shrugged and left the room. It seemed like two seconds later that she returned wearing the dress. Sunset gaped at the beauty in front of her. "Wow!" Is all she could say.

"You like it?" Twilight giggled.

"It's stunning." Sunset said.

Twilight leaned in and kissed Sunset. It lasted for much longer than Sunset intended. When Twilight pulled away, she laughed. "That's because I knew you needed that."

Sunset beamed at her. "Yea, Twilight, I did need that. Now stop messing with my emotions." She said firmly. "My turn." She pulled out Rarity's most recent dress made for her.

When she entered the bathroom to change, she tried not to squeal in happiness. She pulled off her clothes willingly. The dress slipped on like smooth silk. It consisted of a black top, with a medium-sized black skirt. She wore her hair in a bun with large white pearl earrings. It was simple, yet sexy. Just like Rarity to create something that Sunset would like just like this dress.

When she came into Twilight's view, Twilight was speechless. Sunset smiled. "And now to see my girlfriend's choice."

Twilight was just as amazing as her counterpart. She bore a sparkly light purple crystal top, above a silky kind of belt that was the same color, without crystal accent, and below that flowed a light purple dress that went down to her feet.

The dance. The time was 6:50. The three left out Sunny's door. Twilight instantly grabbed Sunset's arm, and started talking to her vigorously about something. Sci-Twi then lightly tugged on her other arm. She smiled as she put both her arms around it as well.

What did Sunset want? To make both Twilights happy. Whatever was going on, as she looked to each side of her, all she knew was that she was one lucky girl. Or pony. Who knows.

Author's Note:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading! This was originally how the story ended, leaving readers with their own imagination to decide their own outcome, but after over a year of being published, I needed to go back and write the ending I truly wanted, after spending so much time writing this series. Read the epilogue for that ending. It's been a blast creating this story. There may be more Sunlight and shipping from me in the future! :ajsmug: