• Published 8th Nov 2016
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Sunlight in the Sunlight - FlameMist

Sunset Shimmer has two Twilights on her, and choosing is not easy.

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Sunset Shimmer banged her head on the bathroom wall, hyperventilating. "Oh, I can't do this. I can not do this."

Outside this bathroom, in the school gym, there were two girls. Both of which Sunset was in a relationship with. Well, one was more serious than the other... and that just made it sound worse. She'd been sitting in the bathroom, contemplating what on earth she was supposed to do. She had to end this by the end of tonight, otherwise it would haunt her forever and the relationship would end anyways. Which Twilight was she going to be with?

Just as she was about to come to a conclusion, someone entered the bathroom that made Sunset lose all train of thought. Her girlfriend. Twilight looked surprised. "Sunset! Seriously, you're still in here? I thought you might of drove home at this point." she chuckled.

"Nope." Sunset deadpanned.

Twilight stared at Sunset curiously for a second, then crossed her arms. "Sunset, why are you really in here? I mean, what was so important that you had to sit in here for 15 minutes. I mean, I know it can take long but come on, this dance only has an hour and forty-five left, and I don't want to spend the rest of it stuck out there with Pinkie Pie and Twilight 2.0."

Sunset fidgeted. "What do you mean why am I really in here."

Twilight gave Sunset that same look. "Well don't act like I'm stupid. Something's obviously up. And don't say that there isn't. You know I hate that."

"You sound like me." Sunset sighed.

"I do? I never thought I'd become that wise."


Sunset looked nervously at Twilight for what seemed like an hour of complete stare down. After a while, she felt like Twilight was slowly penetrating through her thoughts... She had to stop it. "Look." Sunset finally said. "Everything... is..."

"Fine?" Twilight turned her head slightly, as if trying to scan Sunset again. "I don't want to act nosy, but this is how you are with me. We help each other. We're partners."

"Of course we are." Sunset stared at nothing in particular, and finally snapped herself out of it. She painfully pulled herself from the itching temptation to say something now. "Remember when we fell asleep on the couch together?"

"Um... Sunset that just happened. Why would I forget it?" Twilight looked confused. She paused. "What about it?"

Sunset sighed dreamily. "Yeah."

Twilight looked even more confused. "Excuse me?"

"And, and remember the time where we went to the store-"

"Sunset these aren't even very dreamy moments. Look I know Twilight wooed you. But I forgive you. I-"

"Your not mad?"

"Well of course I'm mad! But all it was, was, it was just-" Twilight struggled for words.

"I know just a kiss sounds bad, but, the truth is, I kind of went for the kiss too."

Twilight thought about what to say next. "I know."


"I know, Sunset. She looks just like me."

"B-but-" Sunset stuttered. "I, I practically cheated on you! This entire relationship, it isn't hurt in any way?"

"Your acting like you want it to be hurt." Twilight chuckled.

"Twilight, please hear me out. I don't like your counterpart. Sure, she's cute. But she's you! The moment was just so right, and I couldn't help-"

"Just let it go, Sunset."

Sunset stopped for a minute, and looked at Twilight.

"You think I like being reminded you kissed her?" Twilight said. "Just forget it." Then she did the most unexpected thing, because she seemed mad. She embraced Sunset.

The hug was probably the most heartfelt Sunset had ever been it. Because it made up for what she had done. For the feelings, for the mistakes. She realized right then and there that Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Equestria, was her one and only.

"I love you, Twilight."

Twilight paused while the two were still embracing. "I could do this forever." Another pause. "But seriously, don't do anything like that again or we're done." She whispered. The two finally separated.

"So... Should we go out there and have some fun?" Twilight grinned.

"Your sure your not-"


"Oh, sorry. Let's just go enjoy ourselves. I can tell this night will be unforgettable." Sunset walked out the door.

"Well don’t make this more cheesey than it already is. Oh, and Sunset?"


"Let Twilight 2.0 know it's over."

Sunset grinned, and looked once more upon her princess. She thought of what was next. There was only one way to find out. "Gladly." She grabbed Twilight's hand once again.


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Awww man, I was hoping both Twilight & Sci-Twi would share Sunset in a threesome relationship, but this was still satisfying & a great way to officially end the these series. Excellent job my friend, worth the wait. :twilightsmile:

Yes!!! Sunset chose Princess Twilight!!!

Dimensional-Distance relationship NEVER WORKED OUT!!!!!

I'm not satisfied with that ending sorry.

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