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Spike's never known his family. While he's got Twilight Sparkle and all of his friends, some part of him had always wondered about his family. Then Twilight receives a letter saying that Celestia is sending over a long unknown sister.

Scootaloo has always wanted a family like Rainbow Dash's. A family that cares about her, and praises her achievements. Then a small incident changes her situation entirely.

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There is nothing that the Apple Family holds more dear then Family, Integrity, Honesty and Hard Work. Under these guiding principles, the Apples have managed to overcome every challenge, no matter the hardship. Applejack is no exception. Her very identity is built on them.

So when her relationship to Apple Bloom is called into question, there is no way that she can take it laying down.

Special thanks to Jet Storm for editing this story.
And, special thanks to Little Tigress for drawing this story's coverart.

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A stolen book, seemingly, leads to the death of the CMC. However, after a botched attempt to save their lives, it becomes apparent that the crusaders may not be as dead as they appear.

Now it is up to Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash to pick up the pieces. As they find themselves having to start all over again with the fillies, as well as handle any of the consequences that came with this change.

Now, only time will tell if the three fillies will ever be the same again.

Special thanks to ItIsASillyLittleGame for being my editor for the prelude, chapter 1, through chapter 3.
Also thanks to ItIsASillyLittleGame for providing partial edits to the rewritten chapter 4 & 5.

As well as mintgreenconspiracy for providing some suggestions on the prelude, chapter 1, through chapter 9.

Special thanks to Jet Storm for making suggestions for, pre-reading, and editting chapter 8 & 9.

The Cradle vector was created by Jeatz-Axl, and can be found at: http://jeatz-axl.deviantart.com/art/Baby-Bed-401226421

The Cutie Mark Crusader Cutie Mark vectors were created by The-Smiling-Pony, and can be found at: http://the-smiling-pony.deviantart.com/art/CMC-Cutie-Marks-565541092

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