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All Hail Equestria's Newest and Youngest ever Princess... APPLE BLOOM!

This group is for everyone who just like me are huge fans to the cutest little apple filly in Ponyville. But not only is Apple Bloom my fan favourite from the CMC, but I also like the idea of her becoming an Alicorn!

And for any of you who also feel exactly the same way as I do then this is what the group is for you!

Post all related fanfics that features Apple Bloom as an Alicorn right here.

This is my first ever group that I've decided to create and I'm looking to to add more to it to attract more members to join. So if you happen to have any suggestions on what this group needs that would be fantastic.

The reason that I chose to make this group is that I just love the idea of Apple Bloom as an Alicorn and I want to know if there are others that like the idea as much as I do.

So come and join the fun with the littlest Princess.

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May I just say.... That banner is amazing. I love it!

Youngest ever Princess

As of this weekend, that is false! Flurry Heart is the youngest ever. Sorry Bloom. You're still my fav CMC but you can't be the youngest princess now. Sorry

I joined this group personally because I've never heard of this before. It sounds very interesting and I would like to see how this works out. I hope it goes great!:raritywink:

I have a fanfic in which Apple Bloom gets the powers of God. Does that count?

Edit: but.. She doesn't become an Alicorn.

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