Two Best Sisters! 24 members · 19 stories

Hi, welcome to the group

This has nothing to do with this video series.

Thank you.

This group belongs to RainbowDashX12345 and RedRoseHeat (we are two awesome sisters)

We will post all our calibration stories here!

And we have theme songs!

this cutez song that I will never listen to again.

and a Reba song


We have almost everything ready, lol, we just need some cake...

Cause I voice Tia when me and my sis play with the ponies, so I, RainbowDashX12345 will TAKE the cake...

It's mine.

aww come on sis! I want da cake! ~Rosie

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408582 my internet is to slow to listen to it...

408580 knew you would like it!:raritywink:

the only wwe sister theme song i could find!


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