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On Hearth's Warming Eve, Fluttershy waits, alone, in a run-down barn for her last hurrah. The final holiday party with a certain somepony as circumstances have forced their paths to part. But fate is funny sometimes, and may take things in an unexpected direction.


Written as a part of the 2019 Jinglemas story exchange for Akataja.
Preread by Zontan and TheLegendaryBillCipher
Cover art (though edited) used without permission due to time conflicts, sorry about that. Will change if asked.

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this story hurts
but it's so good
thank you for sharing it

thank you man, this story is super nice :)

Meanwhile, Marble sobs silently in the corner, alone and forgotten. Never to know true joy.

Please don't kill me.

9999819 Glad you enjoyed it!
9999924 Thanks! I had a great time working with your prompt! Though, just between the two of us, I scrapped everything I had on the 15th and started from scratch with a totally new idea.
10000015 Hey, there's always next year!

Here I go crying again

This was wonderful and, for a moment, it was to head to my bittersweet shelf. Instead, it gets the slice of nice shelf and a few others.

Thanks for sharing it.

It's these kinds of mentions by everyone about Marble being alone which has me planning something for her in one of my stories. Been planning it for more than a month actually and I am yet to even have her appear in the continuing story.

This story is so amazing it hurts when It ends.
I reread this regularly. I always hoped there would be a sequel where we get too see Sugar Belles side of this , how she feels. Or How Fluttershy and Sugar Belle go about this relationship , So many questions .
Do they share ?
Do they fall in love with eachother ?
How did she find out ? Did mac tell her ?
Ugh. Its a great story.

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