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I love anime. Hahaha. No real point in sharing anything else.

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Looking for a Seamstress/Tailor and Editor/Proofreader · 7:48am August 24th


I'm looking to hire someone to create cosplay outfits for events I like to attend; this includes anime and brony related events.

In addition, I am looking for an editor/proofreader to assist me.
I love to write for the many readers here on FimFiction.
Sadly, I am not the best writer.

Please keep in mind, for the seamstress/tailor position, I ask that you show examples of your work and references would be helpful.

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Ah! That one! lol. You're welcome.

2332646 I'm so sorry I didn't check what story it was that you faved. My bad. :facehoof: But thanks for faving "Yours to hold". :scootangel:


I'm sorry, but are you sure it was me? XD I don't recognize the story.

Comment posted by GamerBrony95 deleted Nov 3rd, 2016


Of course. I enjoyed the story. :)

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