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Ever since Scootaloo met Rainbow Dash's parents, they have taken every opportunity to spend time with each other as much as possible. One of those times being Scootaloo's birthday. There, Scootaloo would receive the most precious gift that would change her life forever.


Credit for cover art goes to Vector-Brony.

Featured on 7/16/2020! Thank you all so much for the support!

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I love this story I almost cry that was very sweet of rainbows parents did for her :twilightsmile:

I wish that this scenario for Scootaloo was in the show. It would have been very heartwarming to see adoption being supported.

To me the show’s Scootaloo family just didn’t work for me. I like the adopt series much better since before then it just feels right

You may belive that you could have done this any better, but I know that this is wrong. What you did is amazing and I feel a strong urge to have a look at more of your stories. :twilightsmile:

Oh my gosh, this was adorable.

Well mean they could have at least waited until after the party was over...


The lesson of "family being the people who are there for you," is a very powerful one.

Saw the ending coming from a mile away, but it's always a happy one. :twilightsmile:

There are definitely some things that ought to be spruced up. Mostly some tense shifts and missing commas, but also remember— contractions are your friends. There were MANY cases where full 'I am's or 'we are's and the like just didn't sound right. Read your characters' dialogue out loud to yourself— if something sounds off, contract.

Otherwise, very sweet. Personally, I'm also partial to the Scoota-orphan theory that was cooked up a while back. Bringing in Lofty and Holiday was fine, but I just don't like Scoots' canon parents.

strongest pegasuses I know
That should Pegasi.
I don't want to come across as mean but if the word doesn't seem to sound right look it up.
This was a decent story but for me it needs some more fleshing out as the pacing is really fast. The decision of adopting Scoots can be detected from a mile away, maybe having them consider if that is what they and Scoots want could have made the decision less impulsive.
But that's just my two cents.

what should have happened in canon instead of her deadbeat parents

You see, I was sure it was pegasi as well, but for some reason I was getting auto corrected. I will make the adjustment. Thank you!

Very good story to get you right in the feels. There is no way she could say no to that gift. However, I had to wonder what the reaction would have been is she said no. I mean it was already official it's not like there is a return policy on children. Ah, don't listen to me on that. I loved the story and was a wonderful way to start a weekend early with.

-Coco the Bearded :twilightsmile:

I didn't realize I needed this fluff today ; ~~ ; Right in the feels!


I know this a one shot but but could you make a sequel? :)

I honestly have no idea how this is top of the feature box right now. The grammar is awful, the plot highly predictable and boring, the characters paper thin. I'm absolutely gobsmacked, I've rarely downvoted anything but this got it because the sooner its off the top spot the better.

So, while the ending was predictable, that doesn't take away from how heartfelt it is. No, it's not perfect, but it's still a really good story.

Wonders if Scoot-a-Orphan fics will fade away with a certain REDACTED thing that happened in the show. :applecry:

Sees a simple one-shot appear in the feature box. :applejackconfused:

Hope restored. :trixieshiftright:


Her being a tough, hard-headed little orphan who somehow made it work, maybe with some donations here and there from the rare adult who knew... should have been canon.

Throwing in parents who are NEVER EVER HOME in the several years that the show encapsulates in-canon at the last minute raises so many fucking questions of neglect and abuse and emotional damage.

This story may be predictable, but dang-it... it is heartwarming! :pinkiesad2:

that was one tear jerking heart clenching story but its beautiful and brings a smile to see scoots happy

There are a lot of orphan Scootaloo stories, so it's hard to stand out. I enjoyed it enough to finish it. Definitely a cute little story.

This was a nice story to enjoy in the late evening. :twilightsmile:

Best Scootadoption story so far


Sweetie Belle's / Rarity's parents show up once ever and then never again in a major role. It has been confirmed by show staff that the parents + Rarity were all out of town when Sweetie Belle got her cutie mark. Sweetie Belle apparently staying with Rarity indicates that their parents are out of town frequently and thus Rarity needs to host Sweetie for a few days to a week at a time.

Good thing this is a children's cartoon that doesn't need to worry about "realistic" nonsense like neglect and parental abuse!

"sigh" I wish this was canon. Her actual canon parents just felt so shoehorned. I mean, I know they're not horrible ponies, but they just didn't feel like they were her actual parents. You know what I mean?

Damn it im crying, good story

my heart! *faints but gets revived by a defibulator* huh wha who?

Ikr the worst thing I don’t even hate them (like the show seemed to want especially based on the follow up comic) that’d be a lot easier but they’re genuinely nice ponies who deserved better

Ikr it’s actually worse than her being an orphan pony

Always the canon is actually way worse bc turns out she had parents they were just borderline abusive

It seems that living in Cloudsdale could be a bit of a problem, what with the whole "can't fly" thing.

Then again, the way Scootaloo was struggling in "Flight to the Finish" implied that she hadn't been diagnosed with anything specific that would stop her from flying, which in turn implies that she hadn't been to a doctor about it despite being well past the age when an average pegasus would start flying - yet another strike against her biological family.

Perhaps now that she has a stable home life, that can be properly taken care of. Plus the comic showed off a practical solution in case there's no medical or magical remedy:

I like how most of the fandom just makes it so Scoots parents don't exist XD She deserved so much better then them and I wish something like this would have happened in the show. Good job on the story!

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