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I love anime. Hahaha. No real point in sharing anything else.


This story is a sequel to Not the Enemy

It has almost been a year since Titanium met Circe. Although he was a pony and she was a changeling, the two lived happily together. As time went on, it seemed like nothing would go wrong... until one day...


I am very excited to bring Titanium and Circe back! I hope you all enjoy!

I would like to thank the lovely Steam Punk for creating this beautiful cover art. She brought both Circe and Titanium to life. Also, please check out her DeviantArt page! Thank you Steam Punk!

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 27 )

On the tracking list you go.
Now to actually read it.

How sweet. Who wouldn't want a Changeling lover?

What I had done that night, a lot of ponies would call it disgusting.

Oh he did it wonder what's it like Lucky you titanium :rainbowkiss::trixieshiftright::trollestia:

Its not boring i love it keep up the good work and im 50/50 with the new chageling design except for Pharynx he looks awsome.:rainbowkiss:

You really need to set this as a sequel to the previous story, instead of just having a notice on the main page here.


I can't believe I completely forgot to do that. XP

Thank you!

Gah! Cliffhanger!


...well that last bit's gotten me curious.

Oh dear, there's trouble coming...

you see if he had just told the TRUTH HE WOULD BE FINE!!!!

If Circe is a changeling, shouldn't she have an insect-themed name?


To be honest, I didn't like that the changeling's names were insect related.
So I wanted to choose something special for her. :raritywink:

I'm really loving this and also a late happy new year

I am glad to entertain.

And a Happy New Year to you too!

Oh I just hope none of the staff ponies find Circe that poor changeling they'd probably throw her off no matter what condition she's in because of what they've been taught curse them and their ignorance but anyways loving it

I really like the story but this chapter confuses me. I can imagine that Circe isn't eager to reveal herself as a changeling to every random pony. But her secret isn't completely unknown. Captain Bronze Plate knows it, several guards know it, Celestia knows it and even gave her blessing. So why should Titanium try so hard to keep her secret up to the point that he attacks other ponies and flees with Circe from Canterlot? :applejackconfused:


I can understand the confusion, but I feel like that this would be harsh reality. As you might have seen in today's day in age, it is hard to accept change, to "forgive" a certain race, or they just don't like them because they are different. For example, I am mixed with Japanese. I have met a few Chinese that don't like me right away because I'm Japanese. The Japanese and Chinese had a long history of hostility, so we still have controversies. Another example, are the threats that Arabs or people from the middle east get. Just because of who they are, some people fear that they might be a terrorist. A lot of it is because of social media or because of personal experiences (family, friends, personal beliefs, etc.)

I am trying to apply that here. Although Celestia is a huge model figure, not all ponies would accept this change. Canterlot was the first city to be attacked by the Changelings. Who knows what destruction was caused and how many ponies were injured. If I was Titanium, I would request that this was silent, so as Circe would not receive threats or get harassed.

So at first, Celestia, the Captain, and presumably Luna knows about the Changeling. As for the guards, they only recently found out. I feel like, in a similar situation to our government, they would want to keep things like this quiet as to not spread panic. Of course, I could be wrong, but this was the direction I felt reality would have taken.

So the message I am trying to deliver in this story, is that we all need to remember that we are all a human being in the end. Just because this one person, or one race, did something wrong, don't let that person represent everybody. Don't hang on to the past and look to the future. Otherwise, humanity will never make actual progress.

I hope this clears up the confusion. :raritywink:

well crap i hope Titanium can get Circe there in time.
and for some reason i did not get a notice saying this story was up dated.
as that was a wile ago i now wonder how long we have to weight for the next installment.

this is a super grate story as the votes show.

Funny that you said that. I posted a blog about the story yesterday. XD Sorry for the delay.

your blog post is how i found the old / new chapter.

Well that's not good.

well shit the refrigerated cart. this is so bade in so many ways.

Heart pumping, excitment inducing story need next chapter NOW!!:flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage:

i am really hoping Titanium is in time to save Circe.

a good chapter fore a grate story.

a vary sweet and touching chapter i love it.

feels a bit rushed/fast pace. But I liked it

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