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I love anime. Hahaha. No real point in sharing anything else.


Button Mash is living a good life. He is now a famous YouTuber, over millions of fan, and makes good money. Can life get any better for him? Maybe somepony came back in his life to make that happen.


I would like to thank Supermare for allowing me to use this awesome fan art for the cover. I saw this and I thought, "THIS IS A MUST!" lol. Please show Supermare support as she is very talented and I absolutely love her artwork.

Also, I would like to thank MysStallion for their support on becoming my proofreader. I do appreciate the help and hope to continue working together on future fimfics.

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This story is as sweet as a button.

I love it. This fiction has a lot of potential. Well done.

Not bad. I'll give ya an upvote.

This story has my attention. I will be tracking this story's progress.:pinkiehappy:

This looks like it'll be an amazing story. The first chapter really grabbed my attention, and I'll be following this fic closely.

I wanna see them play Portal 2 coop.


Thank you! I hope that future chapters will continue to entertain you.


I'm glad you are enjoying it so far. I hope that my future chapters will be just as good.


Unfortunately, I have never played Portal 2. DX I hope that whatever game I choose will be just as good.

Button Mash moved out of his family's house, but still made Ponyville his home.

I learned a few tricks from Twilight before I left Ponyville.

Umm. What?


The first sentence was Button Mash.

The second sentence was Sweetie Belle.

You should make dialogue more clear with some descriptors then.

7649802 What game?

At least have Sweetie Bell sing one of the Portal Songs.


You will have to wait in the next chapter. XP

7649498 No problem, here's hoping it gets even better.


"Sweetie, what just happened?"
"I learned a few tricks from Twilight before I left Ponyville."

It's clear who is talking here. Context clues, sir.

Although, he still felt like something was missing in his life.
Button Mash moved out of his family's house, but still made Ponyville his home.

This probably could've benefited with a better transition to segway as to why he moved out. But it's still pretty clear who the sentence is about here.

Not sure what you mean by "clear descriptors" in dialogue when the Button Mash sentence isn't even in dialogue.

Well, author, you wrote a definite attention-getting chapter. Although a little weak in exposition in some spots, the story still had enough of a punch to attract a few people to favorite it. Hope this goes well for you! I'll be watching too, since I'm a sucker for these types of romance fics.

Damn, romance.

Just a bit of advice: don't overdo your comments. It might appear as spam. Just respond to people in one or two larger comments, that way it's not just you responding with several messages.

I'm mildly certain that the name Sweetie wasn't there when I first made the comment... But either way, the dialogue had nothing attached to it. And when I said "dialogue", I wasn't talking about Button's sentence. The dialogue at the end, as I said, was just dialogue with nothing attached.

Interesting. So that "Sweetie" was added in after your comment?

Also, are you just saying that the pieces of dialogue would benefit with a particular saidism to indicate who is saying what? I mean, if it's based off context, I don't think it would need a descriptor unless you want to add something that is necessary to the scene. Maybe in the first portion of the dialogue, when Sweetie Belle says, "Good. The freeze finally wore off," but I don't know if there would be anything else to "add".

And when I said "dialogue", I wasn't talking about Button's sentence.

Then why did you include it in your comment? If you included the latter half as well, I would assumed that you were saying that transition into the dialogue was not good enough for it to sound fluid, but you only highlighted that one sentence.

Just trying to understand your POV here.

I included both sentences in the quotes because as far as I understood the dialogue, it was Button speaking and saying he had left Ponyville at the end, whereas earlier he had actively thought he had never left.

As for "Sweetie" having been there before, either it was added in after my comment, or I somehow missed it, which would be very odd for me, though not impossible.

I see. Without the addition of Sweetie, the sentence may seem a bit backwards. Although, wouldn't the teleportation bit sound off for Button? Unless he figured out how to make his Joyboy a teleporter...

Scary stuff.

Honestly, adding the Sweetie makes it a bit more effective, but even then, the dialogue that you highlighted suffers from something different: lack of character. Not saying that Sweetie Belle isn't in character, but she does not sound genuine. Seems like she's painted as a mare with jagged social skills. Maybe with a softer intro, something like, "Teleported you without asking. Sorry, Button, but I couldn't give you fair warning if I wanted to escape from the paparazzi with you..." This would've helped it instead of having that confusing "I learned a few tricks from Twilight before I left Ponyville" line. Instead of confusion, it would add context to the scene prior. The addition of Twilight wouldn't be as forced.

Wouldn't you agree?


When he went grocery shopping, he always stocked up on fruit than vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables? More fruits than vegetables? Which one is it?

His favorite fruit was the apples specifically from Sweet Apple Acres.

It could be:

His favorite fruit was apples. Specifically, those that came from from Sweet Apple Acres.

This seems interesting, but you'd need a pre-reader and an editor to polish the story.

I don't believe lack of character is an issue at all there, considering it's a single simple sentence. "I learned a few tricks from Twilight" is fine, considering any reader should be aware of "Twilight Time". We already know Twilight taught her, and likely continued that past what we've currently seen in the show.

I'm not sure how much "character" you want the author to add into a sentence only a few words long.


...considering any reader should be aware of "Twilight Time". We already know Twilight taught her, and likely continued that past what we've currently seen in the show.

Didn't watch that episode.

Also, although it might be in character, by not being able to recognize who is what, the line simply confused you into thinking it was Button, when it wasn't.

Unless I'm not reading what you're putting down right.


Thank you so much for the useful advice! Yeah, I have always been a bit fast paced with my stories. It is a habit that I am always trying to improve. So in the future, I hope the other chapters will be better and continue to entertain. :)

As for the comments, I would feel rude if I don't reply. XP I do see your point though.

Again, thank you so much for your comment and taking the time to read the chapter!


It is definitely something I would do, but I do know anyone who would do it for me. DX

Interesting start. Let's see where it goes.

Found one small error:

sketches and vlogs

Either I missed some internettrend or you meaned "blogs".


I think I did that right. XD A blog is a written posting. A vlog is a video posting.

I thought it could be a typo because the "v" is right next to the "b"...

He has over 2,000,000 subscribers on his channel.

Just use "two million." It's easier.

Those last two sentences.....very suggestive.

7664308 *Snicker* Pretty much any sentence can be made suggestive with the right talent.

I liked the reference to "Don't Mine At Night".

Da....(nuclear explosion).... You nuked my daw-meter.... Now I am going to die from cuteness-exposure if I don't get it replaced... I hope you are happy

Ah, I love this ship. It's been my own little form of crack since I joined the fandom, great to see another good dealer in town.

I'm sorry but...is that a freaking bong pipe in the cover art?


Hahaha. Yes it is. The original art was a GTA V parody. I tried to edit it out, but it never came out right. I really liked this one though. So I just decided to keep it in there.

only two chapters so far and i already love it this earns itself a favorite

7665610 Also, did you base Button Mash on Markiplier because the first chapter's title gives me that impression.


I was hoping that someone would notice that. :pinkiehappy: My favorite YouTuber is Markiplier and he inspired me to write this fimfic. In chapter 2, I call him Coltiplier instead of Markiplier.

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