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I don't know what to put here, so I'll just say that I'm a brony that has issues, but then again, who doesn't?


My first story that I'm posting to FIM. Button Mash is no longer a foal. He is a stallion, with a job and a life, but he has amnesia issues. He can't remember anything about the filly in his most treasured picture, and she can't remember him either.

Collab with Sea Swirl

Sorry but this is going on Hiatus until my coauthor gets back on fim

Chapters (3)
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Some interesting concepts going on here: Sweetie Belle masquerading as Melody (using Sun Glimmer's colors), plus the whole mind wiping thing which sounds eerily dystopian.

Button still living with his mom 20 years later doesn't exactly sound promising, either, unless he's now taking care of her.

this is interesting

6025044 you know you blew some of my first stories out the water

6025150 I think that's mainly Sea's fault, She writes a lot better than I do.

6025243 you both did a good job!

6025248 Thanks dude, I was about to post a blog.

I don't kno wat to say so here you go even though it has nothing to do with the story.....ps i'm random dude :scootangel:

It was taken back in his foalhood. In the picture there was him, and somepony that he used to know.

Just a thought that came from my head.

6026319 forgot I made that reference, good job for spotting it.

Melody was one of her pseudonyms for when she went out in public. Her mane was dyed yellow, and she dyed her coat green.

Confused.... is Sweetie Belle yellow and green? Or is it the store clerk? Also...... COUGH COUGH My OC COUGH COUGH

6026455 Forgot about that Crazy. It's Sweetie's disguise

Ok! Just got a bit confused is all

Not only am I a big ButtonBeller (And then a lot instead of some,) but minus amnisia, this is the exact same story with my ex and I, although I have NO intentions of getting back with her. She was a cheating whore, and I see that now. However... Gah! Sweetie, why?!
*internal conflict*

6031935 it k, that was a while ago. I like, and it gets spot in ButtonBelle folder.

The story has good potential, but you need to slow down a bit. It should of taken about 2-3 chapters before they realized the knew each other. Its not good but not bad. Slow down a bit and you will earn another like and favorite.:pinkiehappy:

Nice man! OMG the best ButtonBelle shippers have read your story like Eli -President Pikachu-, Button Mash, LuvButtonMash and Crazy Random Pony. By the way the story is amazing... When are you gonna release your next chapter?

6066188 No idea, the person I'm cowriting with got back early from camping, but I'm busy and losing my laptop soon because my school owns it.

6066239 So ur doin it with Sea Swirl

I'm really lovin this story. A tad to fast, but it's still really good. Ilike the video at the end although every time I see it I start crying like I am now :raritydespair: "sniff""sniff":raritycry:waaaaaaaaah
Anyway when is the next chapter commin'?:rainbowhuh

6026455 I think they're referring to you...

B-best.... ButtonbBelle shipper??!?! oh my god....... :pinkiegasp:

6070098 Yas! U are so hardcore!!

N-n-no way! I'm not th-that good....:fluttershyouch:

6070146 Of course you are! You're amazing!!

6070486 Here, have a tissue, for an amazing writer...

:raritycry::raritydespair::pinkiesad2: *Blows nose* Thank you.... so much.... :fluttercry:

DON'T YOU START CRYING TOO!!!!:flutterrage:

6074588 D-don't worry, I only cry if something is really cute... Like the three times I cried because of a MLP picture...in school... awkward...

Omg send me the picture :rainbowlaugh:

6074600 W-well, I don't know the url, but it was the Human CMC cleaning the pony CMC in the bath... All I did was search Apple Bloom cute on Bing... And yes, I cried THREE times, while everyone was like "Ermagosh, he's crying!!" (Mainly because I never cry...)

6074606 That's amazing.... :rainbowderp: You deserve an award :rainbowlaugh:

6075643 Yas, that one. If I stare at it for too long... The feels!!! I just start crying!!!

:fluttercry: I think I might start too....

6077836 Dont worry, I know how it feels!!!

6077865 I-I'm sure I won't cry... I'm sure!!!

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