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I love anime. Hahaha. No real point in sharing anything else.


On the day of Nightmare Moon's return, she ponynapped one of Celestia's royal guards for interrogation. However, she might be getting more information than she wanted to know.


Credit for cover art goes to ZantyARZ

So I thought of this after remembering a very funny skit from "A Bit of Fry and Laurie." I thought it would be funny if I did the same skit, but with Nightmare Moon and a Royal Guard.

This is also sort of an apology for not finishing "Princess Luna Received a Love Letter." So I hope you all enjoy this one!

Featured 02/13/2018!!! Thank you!!!

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I dunno what I just read...
But I like it

Hahahahahahahahaha!!! I do too!!!

a bit over the top on his part, but good enough for a quick one shot.

I love the sound of Nightmare Moon crackfics in the morning. It sounds like ... happiness. Liked and following.

Huk #5 · Feb 13th, 2018 · · ·

She was interrupted by the guard's sudden loud gasp, "Sweet Celestia. There is a full moon out tonight!"

It deserve a like for this line alone :rainbowlaugh: Seriously, not bad, not bad at all :pinkiesmile:

Short and delicious and bad for me, like a potato chip. I love it!

Simply glorious.

that was awesome and he's right the full moon is great


And proof that Moony just wanted to be loved!

sequel with luna pls

The video has been taken off YouTube, still kinda funny and it was worth a read.

One kiss turns into another and another...then something else, poor Celestia was left waiting all day for a Nightmare Moon that never showed.

This is so Adoracute. I have no idea where I got the word Adoracute from, but I believe this describes this perfectly

I'd love a sequel.

In the morning? Gotta read those by moonie light!

I have to say, I was going to write this story off as just another "lol, randumb" fic, but after seeing the skit it is a based on I have a new appreciation for the reference. Jolly good show!

The execution could be a bit more refined/edited, but this was good for laugh. :yay:

Tiny typo:

A new and unrecognizable voice made it's presence known.


I had no idea what to expect before and I don't know what to think of this now, but.... that was a properly amusing read. Thank you! :rainbowlaugh:

The princess rubbed one of her forelegs with the other. She said with blush in her cheeks and a small smile, "Well... A little kiss wouldn't hurt."

And then they sexed.

The end.

And while she was wasting her time interrogating the guard, the Mane 6 recovered the EoH with ease and blasted her back to the Moon FOREVER!! And Celestia was forever known as Best Princess. :trollestia:

Yes, yesyesyesyesyesyes all of the yes.

*Eleven months later*

Celestia: "You just gave birth to a foal!? I thought you were just getting fat! Luna! I'm so sorry! I had no idea that you were pregnant when I banished you to the moon a thousand years ago!"
Luna: "Neither did I...♪♫:rainbowkiss:"
Celestia: "Huh? Waitasec... I've never felt that perpetual lie-detection spell do this before....:rainbowderp:"
Luna: "'Perpetual lie-detection spell'?:twilightoops:"
Celestia: "Yeah, after I banished you, I made this spell to help me judge when I was getting lied to...but it seems to have broken somehow...:rainbowhuh:"
Luna: "Lucky me :facehoof:"
Celestia: "Oh, it seems to be working again... :trollestia:"
Luna: "Good to know:twilightangry2:"
Celestia: "Oh, there it goes again...Not a lie...Not the truth....It's like...it doesn't know what to do. :rainbowhuh:"
Luna: ":facehoof: ... I'll .... be going ... now."
Celestia: "♪Working again!♫ :pinkiehappy:"

Ooh could you maybe add the alternate universe tag or something because I honestly want to see this ship lol. With the major being a dopey personal guard for luna and maybe even lover hehe.:rainbowderp:


Hmmm... I probably should. :derpyderp2:
I mean, now we all know what would have happened. XD

The princess rubbed one of her forelegs with the other. She said with blush in her cheeks and a small smile, "Well... A little kiss wouldn't hurt."

......And they both banged happily ever after.

The End! :trollestia:

How do you do this? If I had to write something similar It would take two chapters with five thousand words! Tell me your secret to the cute! TELL ME!

Oneshots like this are truly the heart and soul of this site! Loved it! :)

After years of nothing but guarding a large, white, motherly figure of a princess. The Major comes face to face with one that is tall, dark and sexy.

Wonder how'd he feel after her cleansing.

Not bad but I was expecting something else and when I was reading it, it surprised me that Nightmare Moon did not knock him and tried with another.

Can we haz mor, pls?

Well, that was fast

Bloody Brilliant.

I think Nightmare Moon acts completely out of character here. Maybe Princess Luna could be closed and reluctant to engage into a relationship, but Ruler of the Night should've taken guard's adoration for granted and use it to extract information right away.

Wonder if he interrogated Nightmare a little more in bed

But in the video the major is a boy and is gay. But here the major is not gay, whaaaaaaa?

"I can't believe it. I have always believed that I would find that somepony in my life and this is it! This is really really happening! I'm not dreaming am I?" The guard suddenly had the strength to try to hop. He continued to hop toward the alicorn princess.


Ha! That lovestruck buffoon!

I like this guy. I want him in my army.

What fun. I guess he would not mind have to repay Celestias Depth of 1000 years of no Stallion Companion back personaly. With 20% interests :rainbowdetermined2:

And than he kissed her, just on other lips than expected. That Guard saved Equestria all Night long by kissing the royal rear lips.
ALL - NIGHT - LOOONG~♡ :eeyup:

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