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Azurite isn't your normal sort of royal guard. Patrolling, protecting, and policing are fine for some ponies but they weren't for her after a routine call went sideways. Now, while struggling with the injury of her partner, she does her best to help others as a pony relations warrant officer in the palace. The palace, however, isn't quite the bastion of pony professionalism that she imagined and she soon finds her heart pulled in two different directions... toward a stallion and a mare.

Three of Hearts is an unconventional comedy-romance story that isn't afraid to take some of the most common tropes and turn them on their heads.

Quill & Blade Universe
Cover art designed and created for Three of Hearts by the super talented and ever sweet Painted Wave.

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Cute. I love it all ready!

“Food is good. I like food.”

Was that a Gauntlet Legends reference???

Ooo very interesting start to the story. Im curious as to see what happened in Azurite's past sometime down the line. And im looking forward to the character development of Sunny day and of Azurite's character too.

5673346 I'm glad you've enjoyed the first chapter! I'm excited about the story as a whole. Should be fun!

5672009 Indeed!

5671603 5671392 Thank you!

Decent start, and I always love seeing more stories involving the Guard. Based on the tags and the chapter content I'm guessing that the two relationships mentioned in the description are going to be Azurite X Sunny and Azurite X Soarin.

Well now... It looks like things are going to get interesting in the next few chapters of Memoirs. Also, I'm rooting for Soarin. He seems to have a rough time in pretty much every romance story he shows up in, so I want him to win this time around. Also I just like Soarin.

Hmmmm, interesting, I will continue reading this. If you say that it is a part of your main story this aught to get pretty good. The only thing that worries me for the sake of Azurite is the potential for a love triangle here. She seems to have taken a quick likeing to Sunny and Sunny obviously is on friendly terms with Soarin. Based on Azurite's reaction to Soarin, she migh begin to have some interest in him too...I could be wrong though.

Hmm, kinda just tossed us right into it from word one, didn't you? Honestly it took me a bit to get my... bearings... does that make sense in a story sense? Hm. Well either way, I do feel a little... thrown around. I mean I enjoyed it, and I do want to see more, but that second bit's in part because, yeah, I still don't fully know what's happening in the story and I need that more to find out. Nothing's been... ah, built might be a good term. So I'm still wandering around the wilderness looking for a road, a shelter, or at least a sign. I am not going to let this metaphor go, apparently. Did I make the least amount of sense?

this story starts right around chapter 40 of Memoirs of a Royal Guard.

but...there is no chapter 40:fluttercry:

5678911 There is, I just haven't published it yet ;D Memoirs is written out well in advance. The storylines and main plots are also well charted. I didn't want to hold off on ToD any longer though. It is complete.

5678894 I'm absolutely throwing readers into the deep end with this one. It is a 10 chapter self contained story that ties in with Memoirs. It is going to be a bit fast and furious.

5677032 I don't want to give the impression that you need to read this story to get more information on Memoirs. The two do tie in and cross over a bit but neither will be required to understand the other. You will learn a heck of a lot more about Sunny Day though. Hopefully I won't hit too much on the trope side of things.

5675787 Good theories!


Only 10 huh? Guess I'll just stick it in the read later pile and wait til it's done. No suspense if I take it all in one helping.


I like it so far. It's amazing how a female who is friendly and open, and enjoys spending her time in the company of others, can develop a reputation like Sunny's, assuming she's the one that was being gossiped about.

I like the idea of your palace layout. You've done a good job helping to visualize it. I also like how you set her on courier duty first. I've always said the easiest way to learn a new town is to deliver pizza for a month. Also best place to ask for directions.

I have enjoyed Memoirs and Crystal's Wishes so when this was linked in I went to check it out. Unfortunately after two chapters I still don't find myself caring about any of the characters.

Sunny day is an interesting character. I like her upbeat and positive attitude about everything. its a nice change of pace compared to alot of stories on here. And Azurite is a sweet character in her own right.

I'm liking this one. The characters are interesting, the chapter didn't go anywhere near the direction I had anticipated, and every paragraph seemed to go more off kilter. In a good way. i dare-say this one seems to be a bit more...physical, perhaps?...than the other writings of your's I've read. And I may have completely misjudged Sunny in my earlier comment about her. Can't wait to see more. Also, Trixie was hilarious. I think Azurite nearly got invited to a great and powerful 'slumber party'.

I really enjoyed this chapter and Trixie's presence within it. Azurite is certainly cute, and I have a lot of respect for someone as honest about what she wants as Sunny Day.

Right now I'm still in the 'will Azurite meet or hear rumors about Silent Knight' phase, simply because I'm excited about recent developments in Crystal's Wishes and I'm madly curious about how the very brief run-in SK had with her impacted Azurite if at all. But I think as I see more of Azurite I'll be better able to put that kind of speculation out of mind and focus on her story.

5698738 It is pretty cool to hear I went an unexpected direction. That is one of the goals of this story. I wanted it to be different from the usual "rom-com." Thank you for the positive note on Trixie too!

5698606 Yup! Sunny Day is exactly as her name advertises. She is my go to gal for positivity.

5698386 I'm stoked you like Memoirs and Crystal's Wishes! When I put this story together it was meant to be very different. I know that isn't going to work for everyone ;)

Warning Spoilers Below:

5698758 I'm glad you liked the chapter. It was a lot of fun working with Trixie. I also think it is really cool that you're looking for those connections. I can say that... Technically they've already met in Chapter 33 of Memoirs. and this next bit is even more of a spoiler: Silent Knight will appear in this story but he is not central to the plot. Azurite will also start appearing in Memoirs as well but in each case I wanted the stories to be "their own." I'm not going to take away from Azu with SK.

haha fun! :raritystarry:

Just what I needed after finishing my latest story! (A real emotional roller-coaster its been for me. :fluttercry:)

azurite really is a bit naive, isn't she? :ajsmug: she doesn't only look like a foal, she thinks a little like one, too.
enjoying the story quite a lot so far.

It's always nice to see that Trixie is doing well for herself. Nice nod to the comics, that was a fun issue (or was it a couple of issues? Don't remember).

5700689 I'm glad you like my take on her! I think it was 1-2 comics. It was a cute story that I really enjoyed. It seemed fun to include it.

5699989 She is a bit. It is mostly a result of what she had to deal with psychologically.

5699201 Hurray! Thank you for reading. I know how that goes with writing. Certain things I'm going to be launch "soon" hit me in the feels every time.

Well, it's good to know that Silent isn't the only pony who's more dense than the mountain Canterlot is built on. And I'm afraid his prediction is coming true, all mares are into other mares. I hope for his sake that Soarin is still free at the end of this, cause that may be what he's gonna have to settle for, lol.

Though I still haven't ruled out the possibility that, given Sunny's personality and Azu's cutie mark, this will end with a kinky threesome between Sunny, Azu, and Soarin.

The love triangle gets its edges, nice :pinkiesmile:

Awesome. This is an interesting side to pony relationships, and it's neat seeing how it plays out. Kind of a 'behind the scenes' to SK's story. Yet still a very good story in it's own right.

Nie one. Just one question, though. Why dumplings?:rainbowhuh:

5726357 I like to come up with a more diverse offering for the ponies other than just hay and such. Dumplings seemed fun.

5726136 It has been fun to write and just focus on the personal lives of ponies. Glad you're liking it!

5726125 Indeed! It was important for me to get this chapter out and set up the story properly. Next week I'll have to delay the story to give the appropriate time to not spoil anything for Memoirs. I'll be doing a short prologue though so everyone gets at least sometime!

5704303 Oh I think Soarin will get a fair chance!

Ooo Nice to see someone paring Soarin with someone other than RD. And Sunny Day has a wonderful sense of humor and abit of a troll side. Anyway a good financial officer is worth there weight in gold in any military.. Had a horrible time with mine at one point. anyway I digress. An interesting chapter, I'm curious to see where things go now.

Mr. Clockerson and I sat quietly in my office going over paperwork. Well… I did the paperwork and he just kept saying “tick, tick, tick.” We had brokered an uneasy peace. He would tick a tiny bit faster and I’d treat him with respect. That is when I’d learned his name.
What surprised me most was that Mr. Clockerson, while being a plain royal guard utility clock, was married to a fancy hour glass. It seemed to me that they would have hideous children but I didn’t tell him that.

umm... okay.

gosh darn it, azurite is naive! it's almost painful to read! luckily not quite.

btw, mr clockerson is new best clock.

Once again, FimFiction lets me down... This not getting notifications thing is really getting old...

Anyway, I was actually saying that Silent might have to settle for Soarin because all the mares will be too busy with other mares, lol.

But seriously, the more I see of Sunny, the more the possibility of the kinky threesome ending happening seems valid. She totally seems like the type who would go for it, Azu is so pliable that all it would take is a smile from both of them and she'd cave like a house of cards, and as for Soarin, well, would you say no if you were offered that chance?

Ha ha! Oh, Sunny Day, you marvelous minx!

Note to readers: In an effort to line up the Memoirs and Three of Hearts timelines/postings I won't be posting chapter four for this story next week. That would ultimately lead to a Memoirs spoiler just a little down the line. I will, however, post a short prologue that should be entertaining. Thank you all for reading!

5728074 Sunny Day has been a lot of fun for me. She has such a small role in Memoirs it is tough to get across how quirky she is.

5727918 Odd on the notifications. I got what you meant ;) I was joking that Soarin would have a fair chance with SK. Good theories! We'll have to see where they go.

5727445 I love Mr. Clockerson! Azu anthropomorphizes things a lot (I do too actually).

5727217 No kidding. People who don't care or aren't skilled giving financial and benefit advice are scary.

5728809 Or who are smart enough to do it but have a sadistic streak. And I have a feeling Mr Clockerson is gonna become this story's mascot

Yeah, for some reason, if a reply ends up on a different page than the comment, I almost never get the notification for it. It's really annoying and, sadly, it's not anything new. It's been happening since I joined the site years ago.

And if that happens, I will laugh so hard.

5728830 He continues to be a part of the story for sure ;D

5729410 Odd. I wonder if it is because I don't reply in chapters. I just reply from the main story page. The fun thing is, with this story being totally complete, you could be totally right or totally wrong and know for sure that I haven't adjusted anything based on fan guesses (not that I would but maybe some authors might?)!

Seems reasonable to me. I've never been able to come up with a solid reason for it, and it's never been fixed in any of the big updates the site has had since I joined, so I dunno. And I'm nowhere near good enough with computers to really try to figure it out myself, lol.

But I actually don't mind if an author adjusts something in the story depending on his reasons behind it. I mean, if he's just caving to fan whining then he probably would have been better off not doing it. But every once in a while a comment can give you a really good idea, or fix a plot hole that you didn't even notice was thing until right at that moment. In that case a few edits might be warranted.

5729466 I can certainly agree with the edits portion. Little things here and there sure. I mostly meant something along the lines of an author not liking that a comment accurately guessed something they'd planned and then, as a result, changed the story to make the guess inaccurate.

For me most of the fun in writing is interacting with my readers and having them guess/theorize. Of course occasionally you get the negative side of that where a reader decides they don't like something and feel entitled to have the story match more what they want. I've never understood that attitude.


By the way
is this where this is going?

Reading three concurrent stories at the same time, this is a new record for me.

5752805 We aim to please and intertwine ;D

5745815 That is a popular theory!

I guess orders are as good a reason as any to keep a journal.

That is totally a prologue. Though now I'm curious what she was doing on the streets that one time Silent and Iridescence ran into her, since by that point she was supposedly in training to be a warrant officer. Or was she just still an active duty guard while she was in training?

5754080 It seemed plausible for Azurite ;D

5754181 In my mind she is still walking a beat while in training. It is why she is so nervous and such during the cameo.

Seems legit. Just wanted to make sure I had everything timed right in my head.

I just thought of something. Azurite is what you call a pony relations officer right? I think because she is a manager of finances and promotions and retirement benefits and other things, I think in the Air Force that is called MPF. Military Personnel Flight. Another note, she mentioned a visit to the Phial and Filly. Is that shop run by someone we might know?

5755242 She is in pony resources which is also sometimes called pony relations. The Phial and Filly is Runic's shop ;)


I was just talking to a bank rep about Roth versus normal IRAs earlier today. I don't remember her name, but now I'm disappointed that it's probably not Azurite. Probably.

Ahh, human pony resources, what a frequently under appreciated and unfairly maligned office.

Soarin as a food connoisseur? Interesting take on him.

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