• Published 26th Feb 2015
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Three of Hearts - Anzel

Azurite is a pony relations warrant officer for the Canterlot Palace. It was supposed to be a relaxing change from royal guard duty, but that idea falls apart when her heart is pulled in two different directions... toward a stallion and a mare.

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2. My Great And Powerful New Friend

Sunny Day sat across from me at one of the little high top tables at the Spearhead Tavern. It was one of the few places I went out where there were a lot of ponies. Being surrounded by fellow royal guards never bothered me.

Somehow the bubbly mare had talked me into sharing a squash sandwich, chips, a vegetable plate, fried macaroni and cheese, and a slice of pizza. It was a little weird but everypony is different and she wanted to be sure we each tried some of everything.

“You’re being awfully quiet, Azurite. From what I do know about you I know that that isn’t like you. What’s on your mind?”

My eyes lifted to hers mid-chew. In defense of the crazy, share-everything meal it did allow me to try a lot of new things. That wasn’t what was on my mind though. I swallowed the mouthful of squash and replied, “Oh… I’m just not used to eating like this.”

The mare’s eyes narrowed and she leaned across the table. “Liar.”

“No! I’m really not used to eating like this!” I protested.

She laughed and shook her head. “No… I believe that but that isn’t what is on your mind.”

I grumbled, “No, it isn’t. I don’t want to kill the mood. I’m having fun!”

“The mood, eh?” she asked, her eyebrow arching. “And what would kill the mood?”

Waving my hoof, I sighed. “I heard something in the shower before we came. It was rude and mean. It really put me off.”

“Gossip? It is always mean and there is always a lot of it in the shower.” Sunny’s ears perked up and she pressed on conspiratorially. “What was it? You can tell me.”

We sat close for a moment while I tried to decide if I should tell her. Chances were she was going to get it out of me regardless. Sunny seemed to have that effect on me. Hesitantly I said, “Two mares were talking about a pony that gets around… they called her ‘All-The-Way Day.’ I thought they may have meant you.”

Sunny Day sat up straight and started giggling. “Oh, is that all? That is old gossip.”

Breathing a sigh of relief I replied, “Thank goodness. I was worried it was about you.”

“Oh, it is! If a pony has the courage to ask me out on a date I say yes. I think everypony at least deserves a chance. So… I get a lot of dates and that leads to rumors. Maybe a little jealousy too but mostly just rumors. It shouldn’t bother you. It certainly doesn’t bother me!” Sunny explained cheerfully.

That particular piece of information I filed away and then replied, “Well… as long as it doesn’t bother you I won’t worry about it. Should we get going? I don’t want to be late for the show.” I kind of did, actually, but evidently this was an easier lie to tell.

Sunny nodded and slipped off her stool. “Sure, let me go settle the tab and we’ll be out the door.”

“Wait… what?” I replied, reaching out to stop her. “Why are you buying? Shouldn’t we be splitting this?”

The golden mare shook her head and waved me off. “I invited you, remember? Social rules say that I pay. If you invite me somewhere you can pay.”

“Oh… okay then.” Canterlot customs among those with class were still new to me even though I had lived in the city all of my life. I made a note to invite Sunny out at some point to make up for it.

She returned and said, “Alright Azurite, let’s go check this show out!”


Sunny Day had grossly misrepresented what she was inviting me to. When she had said ‘a show’ I thought she meant something small. Where we had actually ended up was at the hottest act in Canterlot: The Great and Powerful Trixie’s Magical Extravaganza. Her troupe had arrived after some big hullabaloo in Manehatten involving a diamond thief.

We had front row seats for the show itself and backstage passes for after. I was beside myself with excitement. So much so that I didn’t particularly notice the throngs of ponies beside and behind me.

Trixie was a personal hero of mine. She had turned her life around and gone straight, she was great with her magic, and all the papers said she was nice. Trixie had worked hard and overcame everything life could throw at her. Who wouldn’t be inspired by that?

The show itself was amazing! There were rope tricks, fireworks, illusions, spells, and even a dangerous stunt where Trixie had to escape before being dumped into a giant vat of pudding. Even though I knew most of what I saw were mere tricks I still loved it. When the curtain finally fell Sunny and I put on our backstage lanyards and headed off for a meet and greet.

It was really well timed, too. Without the performers to distract me I started to notice how many ponies were there. Thankfully they all went back towards the doors while we went forwards to the stage.

“Thank you so much, Sunny! That was amazing!” I cheered before hugging her. We had been left in a lounge while all of the performers got cleaned up.

The unicorn shook her head and replied, “It was nothing! I’m glad you had fun. Some ponies don’t like this kind of show and it makes me happy that you’re really into it.”

“Oh, I am!” I finally let her go and then asked, “How did you get the tickets anyway?”

With a wink Sunny replied, “Oh, I know a mare…”

From behind me the door to the room opened and I heard the now-familiar voice of Trixie. “Sunny Day! You came!” Oddly enough, her on-stage and off-stage voices were pretty much identical.

There was barely enough time for me to shift out of the way so that I wouldn’t be crushed between the two mares embracing.

Sunny laughed. “Of course I did! You sent me tickets and we go way back. I wouldn’t miss your show!”

“Trixie is most pleased!” She then turned to me. “And you brought your… little sister? Hello! Did you enjoy the show?”

I was too starstruck to be insulted. My mouth wouldn’t move as I just stared up at Trixie. Did I enjoy the show? Of course I did! You’re Trixie! “Uh-huh” was what I managed.

Sunny’s hoof came to her mouth as she laughed. Trixie didn’t seem to catch that and lightly reached out to ruffle my mane between my ears. “Trixie is most pleased then!”

“She isn’t a filly,” Sunny finally said between snickers. “Believe it or not, Azurite here is a royal guard like me. She is, however, still a huge fan of yours, Trixie.”

Trixie stopped in her tracks a moment and peered down at me. She then looked at Sunny… then back to me. “Trixie is still very pleased that you’re a fan, Azurite.”

I swallowed and finally found my voice. “I’m a big fan, Miss Trixie. You’re an inspiration to any pony that needs to believe that hard work pays off.”

The light blue mare slipped a hoof around me and declared, “Trixie likes you! Come, sit and relax.” She led me over to a vibrant red couch and settled on it with me tucked close.

Sunny Day sat opposite of me and smiled. “That is probably the best set I’ve seen from you to date. You’re really getting the hang of being a world class magician.”

Trixie idly started to fix my mane following the ruffling. I didn’t know what to do so I just sat there and let her.

“Thank you! That means a lot coming from Trixie’s second biggest rival.” She then leaned over and nuzzled Sunny’s cheek. “And her oldest friend. How are you?”

Sunny Day’s brow lifted and she asked, “Second biggest rival, huh?” She waved a hoof. “I’m well. I’m with Princess Celestia’s guard now.”

Trixie’s horn illuminated as she settled the last bit of my mane into the original place it had been. She hooked a hoof around me and tugged me against her. “Alas, Sunny Day, Trixie’s biggest rival is now Twilight Sparkle. We’ve had good times, you and I, but we must move on. Besides, it seems you’ve already found another blue mare.” Her tone was airy and teasing. She then clapped her hoofs, effectively encircling me in a hug, “Celestia’s guard! That is a most important role!”

My friend laughed and pointed to Trixie. “Actually at the moment, it seems like you’ve found yourself a blue mare… but yes, it is a big thing for me. I worked really hard for it.”

“Mmm?” Trixie asked before looking down to me. Our eyes met, I felt my cheeks and ears go flush, and she softly laughed. “And she is most cute but she is yours.” Trixie hugged me once more before letting me go.

“Be careful, Trixie, you’ll scare her off. She isn’t that kind of pony. She’s just a really nice and an accommodating friend,” Sunny explained.

What did ‘that kind of pony’ mean? Maybe I was that kind of pony! I tilted my head to stare at the two of them hoping to get some sort of answer.

Trixie mused, “Of course, Sunny! Trixie’s mistake.” She turned back to me. “Azurite, would you like Trixie’s autograph?”

I was still trying to figure out what kind of pony I was but I nodded. I did want her autograph and she was more than happy to give me a couple.

Sunny Day and Trixie started to catch up. Evidently they had gone to school together and didn’t get along back then. Somehow that had turned into a lifelong rivalry and friendship. I wasn’t completely paying attention, though. While they discussed, laughed, and swapped stories I sat in silent confusion trying to figure out what Sunny had meant.


Sunny Day and I trotted along the dark streets of Canterlot on our way home from the show. I was still a bit confused and hadn’t said much while we were backstage.

“Did you enjoy the show?” she asked.

That seemed like a silly question. “Very much. That was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done,” I admitted.

“Good, good,” she said happily. “You got awfully quiet back there. I was worried Trixie actually had scared you. She is great but she can come on a bit strong.”

Nervously I laughed and shook my head, “Me? Scared? Nah! Maybe a little starstruck though. And I didn’t want to get in the way of you two catching up.”

“Ah, I see.”

We trotted on in silence a while before we reached my apartment. I don’t make a lot of bits but I had lucked out and found a great deal. First floor, too! The place wasn’t big but it was comfortable.

My horn illuminated as I worked the simple unlock spell. Sunny Day stood beside me. When the handle clicked I gushed, “I can’t thank you enough Sunny. That was the most fun I’ve had in a while. Thank you for inviting me.”

She winked. “My pleasure.” Then she started to lean in towards me… but at a slightly weird angle.

Within my chest my heart started beating quickly and I wasn’t sure what to do. We were going to kiss? This had been a date? What should I do! Sunny’s head loomed closer and I made a decision.

My head inclined towards her so that our lips found each other. The kiss was soft, warm, and electric… at least I thought so until she blinked and said, “Oh.”

I wilted and repeated, “Oh?”

Quickly Sunny Day shook her head and held up a hoof. “No, no! Not bad ‘oh,’ Azurite. Just a surprised ‘oh.’ I was aiming for your cheek.”

My head drooped in embarrassment and shame. Stupid classy Canterlot ponies. They were always kissing each other on the cheek. How had I missed that! It was so obvious.

There was a little pressure under my chin as Sunny used a hoof to urge me to look up. She leaned back in and pressed a firmer, more direct kiss to my lips. My eyes drifted closed and I felt the electricity again… only this time far more intensely. It shot from my muzzle all the way to my tail. Evidently when Sunny meant to kiss you you’d know it.

My forehooves went weak for the second time in the same day. We lingered for only a moment more before the golden mare drew back. Her hoof shifted to stroke my cheek and she whispered, “Aren’t you surprising? When I saw how you reacted to Soarin today I thought for sure stallions were your type.”

It took me a moment to catch my breath. “Can’t it be both?” I asked sheepishly.

Sunny Day’s expression changed to a frighteningly mischievous one. “Oh, I suppose every girl has that right. Goodnight Azu. I’ll see you at the end of your courier route tomorrow.”

I sat down right where I was, surely flushed all over. As Sunny walked away I waved at her and whispered, “Okay.”


Lieutenant Brook had found some new paperwork for me to do. This time I was going through a huge stack of applicants for the palace guard and weeding out ones that didn’t meet all of the requirements. It was a huge task that would take a while.

It also was taking me longer than normal because my attention kept drifting to the clock. I really, really, really wanted to start my courier run. The sooner I did that the sooner I could see Sunny… but I had to play it cool. We’d had one sort of date, one sort of kiss, and one full-on, make-a-mare-weak-in-the-knees kiss. That just meant we were interested in each other.

“I hate you,” I whispered to the clock.

It ticked on defiantly. I flipped through another pony’s file checking for specific information. This one was fine. I put it in the green box and looked up at the clock. Okay… that had killed six minutes and forty three seconds. Another pony file. I barely got halfway through it before it was clear it was a no go. Two minutes and twelve seconds.

Argh! I got up and trotted down to the water cooler. It was time for a break. Filling up the little cup had to take some time. Drinking the water took time too! I could do this!


“Huh?” I turned and looked up to the lieutenant. Quickly I stood to attention and cleared my throat. “I mean, yes, sir?”

“Is everything alright? You seem agitated,” he asked, his deep voice filled with concern.

“Oh… no, sir, I’m fine. It was impossible to sleep last night so I’m a little frazzled. Tomorrow I’ll be as good as new.”

He smiled and nodded. “Alright… well, if those sleepless nights persist maybe consider seeing the medics. It is probably just nerves, though. New job and all.”

Lieutenant Brook was a genuinely kind pony. I smiled up at him. “You’re exactly right, sir. It is nerves. They’ll calm down, though.”

“I’m sure. Very good. Carry on.”

Another paper cup of water levitated up to my mouth. Yes… carry on indeed… It took time to drink water.


Twenty six cups of water later I found out that it also took time to visit the little filly’s room. Specifically I discovered exactly how long it took to get from my desk and into a stall. When highly motivated I could make it in 43 seconds flat and yet my arrival was still just under the wire.

Standing on my hind hooves I took a moment to check out Mirror Azurite while I washed my forehooves. She did look a little frazzled. My long-two toned mane wasn’t styled and poked out all over the place under my helmet. I couldn’t see her coat properly but I’m pretty sure it needed a good brushing too. That hadn’t happened last night.

“You’re a bit of a mess today, aren’t you?”

Mirror Me shrugged and went about washing her hooves. Oh well, she seemed confident enough. It was time to get back to my desk and start my courier duties.

My rounds didn’t take as long as usual since I kept the socializing a little shorter than normal. As I crossed into Princess Celestia’s wing I reminded myself that Sunny Day could be busy. We were both still on duty, after all. I really wanted to see her, though, so I hoped for the best.

Her door was open and I trotted in. “I have a missive for you, lieutenant.”

“I bet you do,” she replied cheerfully from behind her desk. Her hooves were steepled and she watched me with devious eyes. “It looks like you didn’t sleep at all last night, warrant officer.”

By contrast Sunny Day looked like she had just stepped out of the spa… from what I could tell under her armor, anyway.

“Yes ma’am. I was up all night thinking,” I replied as cool as I could. Keep it casual Azurite, you’re not desperate. Well, you are but she doesn’t know that! The missive levitated from my bag and over to her desk.

Sunny just kept looking at me… maybe even sizing me up. There was a new glint in her eyes. It was the same sort of look a cat has before pouncing. “What were you thinking about?” she asked, finally snapping back to her normal, sugary sweet self.

“Oh… you know, mare stuff. I think I went on a date last night and I had a really great time. So I spent most of the night thinking about that and the mare I went with.”

“That sounds salacious, thinking about a mare all night.” There was that look again.

My voice squeaked and I stammered, “Not like that!”

Her expression changed into a little pout. “Oh, I see.”

What was Sunny up to? I went to the side of her desk and set my hooves on it. “I was really hoping we’d be able to go on another date. She and I, that is.”

“Is that so? And when would you and she go on this date?”

Our eyes met. It actually felt pretty intense, like a game of chicken.

Finally I blinked and answered, “If it was all the same to her, I would hope this coming weekend…” Quickly I hedged, “but I’m flexible.”

Sunny Day’s ears wiggled. “Flexibility is good.” She lowered her tone and reached across the desk to set a hoof on mine. “I’d like to, but I have a date this weekend, Azu.”

Stiff upper lip, Azurite. Of course no pony said anything about the lower one and it quivered a little. “That is okay. I understand.” I started to withdraw my hooves but she held on.

“The weekend after, however, I happen to be completely free. Would you like to go out then?” she asked.

She had another date… how could she have another date? We had just been out! Easy, Azurite. Easy.

Well… of course she would if somepony had asked her sooner. Did I want to go out with her again even if she was seeing somepony else? Yes. Yes, I did. “Yes please.”

“Yes please?” she repeated with a giggle. Sunny patted my hooves and asked, “Alright, should I pick you up then?”

I nodded and gave a little squee on the inside. We were going to have a date! A real date that we both agreed was a date from the onset. “I’ll be looking forward to it,” I said casually.

“Me, too. See you later?”

“Uh huh!” I replied cheerfully before trotting out and down to my office. Once my door was shut I pranced happily in a circle. “I’ve got a date! I’ve got a real date!” Above me the clock ticked menacingly, drawing my eyes to it. “And I only have to wait two weeks… ouch.”

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