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Crystal Wishes

Find what makes you happy and never let it go. Unless it has to breathe. Then maybe loosen your grip a little.



Lovey Dovey is not only a professional matchmaker, but she's pretty sure she's the best in all of Equestria! What happens when Lovey hears about an eligible bachelor in Manehattan that isn't giving any mares the time of day? Well, she packs her bags and hops on the next train, of course!

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Ooo don't mind me! I'm going to dive into this and read it all/

Aw what a cute ending!

5608024 Thank you for reading! :yay: I had a lot of fun writing this and am glad you enjoyed it!

5608357 this. was. adorable! this is the cutest short story ever, especially with your characters. I'm a big fan of yin yang archetype, and your characters fit the bill perfectly. I'm not a reviewer or anything like that, but I get the story of a thumbs-up.

5608876 :twilightblush: Oh, gosh, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to comment and thumbs up; it means a lot to me!

Unlucky 13...
Quick someone like the story again!
Unlucky 13 UNLUCKY 13!!
(Great story btw! I was sorta hoping for 1 more chapter cause I sorta wanted to know what happened afterwards:fluttershysad: but I liked the story anyway!)

You know, I was skeptical at first, but the story prompt sounded interesting and I wanted to see how you'd portray Lovey Dovey and Magnate. While I think he ended up being a tad boring, I very much enjoyed the way Lovey was written. She has kind of a childlike wonder to her that reminds me a lot of Pinkie Pie, and she even fills a similar role in making ponies happy! Since she was the main focus for most of the story, I think it worked out quite well. In fact, I'm happy to have left it with a favourite and a like.

Have a great day! :twilightsmile:

5609173 I won't lie... I might add an epilogue at some point; I just ran out of words regarding the contest. I also might rewrite it entirely someday and expand it into a longer story... I also also will probably do another story of Lovey's matchmaking adventures when I finish my current project. :twilightblush: I do agree in wanting to know... What happens next with Lovey and Magnate?!

5609434 Thank you for giving it a shot despite the skepticism. That means a lot to me! Lovey is a favorite OC of mine. I didn't create her with the intent of a similarity to Pinkie Pie, but ya know what, when you mention it, I totally see it! Especially with the whole super pink color scheme... whoops. :twilightblush: Imitation is the best form of flattery? Hehe. And yes, Magnate is a bit boring, for better or for worse regarding reading him. I definitely didn't want him to have too much "screentime" on his own since I wasn't sure if anyone would relate to him the way I do. Lovey will be a very good influence on him, though. :raritywink: I'm glad you enjoyed it nonetheless!

Thank you both for reading and commenting! :pinkiehappy: I really appreciate it!

I'm really liking this story :heart:

This was a good read as par for the course when it comes to you Crystal. You have great writing skills and good story ideas. Have you ever considered going to any of the pony conventions? You have been attracting some readers on this site. You may just attract some more fans there. Ah I was getting off track there. Anywho, great short story. It was an enjoyment to read. It would be interesting to see an epilouge to this...

5622968 Thank you so much! :pinkiehappy: I've considered going to a pony convention, though just as a fan, not as a writer. :twilightblush: I don't know if I have the courage for that just yet...

This will not be the last you see of Lovey! I enjoy writing her way too much for that. :raritywink: Don't you think she and another romantically-inclined OC of mine would get along oh so very well? :duck:

Crystal Wishes, I want to know that I blame you entirely.

Here I am, at a quarter 'til 2, reading this happy, feel-good romance you've written instead of finishing my own.

Excepting the chapter that I finished while I was reading this, of course. So, that's three done in full, two done in almost full, three more done in part, and two more I haven't even started yet. Probably not done by the end of Valentine's Day, but maybe still before my birthday (don't count on it though).

Still going to have to wait for your fill of princes, though.

I LOVED it!!!! All the little problems I had with this when prereading were resolved with this version of the story. A beautifully done romance short. My favorite bit was her staying at his place, then he wakes up and realizes how alone he is. REALLY nicely done, Crystal! Top favorite romance short of all time. :pinkiehappy: Your writing is always amazing! I want more from these two!

I got one word for this. CUTE!:pinkiegasp:

I really enjoyed this.

5641525 :yay: Thank you so much; that means a lot coming from you! I appreciate the read and the comment! :heart:

Well, I finally got around to reading this, and I'm so glad I did. Congrats on winning that contest by the way! This was really cute, so much so that I found myself taking breathers in between chapters (No joke, I've always had cuteness diabetes or something). :twilightblush:

Much like your other story, I really enjoy your characters. Lovey is so bubbly and sweet, the way she spoke, acted, and even downright invaded other ponies personal space was just really fun to read. Magnate on the other hand started out quite serious; he was focused on his own agenda almost to an extreme, though it was never so much that I couldn't see where he was coming from, wanting to accomplish something so much that his drive forward consumed him either with out him realizing, or simply not caring.

As for their relationship developing, I saw it much like a monochrome world (Magnate) suddenly receiving a splash of color and life (Lovey) only for it to be quickly washed away, leaving a gaping void in its wake, as well as a feeling of loss that just couldn't be shaken. I hope you find a way to continue their story, because I really like these two.

5648023 Hehe, thank you for the read and the comment! :heart: I'm really glad you liked it! And your monochrome world with a splash of color being washed away description is pretty much exactly how I see it, too. :rainbowkiss:

There will definitely be more Lovey Dovey stories! I think I'll periodically do shorts as inspiration strikes. The next one will have to be a continuation of Lovey Dovey and Magnate's story for sure.

Okay now that you've won the latest contest at Nonpariel, I can officially publicize my thoughts on this story.

It was well written, I don't remember any typos or grammar errors. I'm not saying they couldn't be there, but if they are it did not detract from the read.

The characters were delightful. Even at his most lonely times Magnate was a likable character and everything Lovey did or said was like joy dolloped heavily on a bowl of sweet strawberries. I actually take a lot of time and effort to think about my favorite OC's and the stories they come from and Lovey is definitely near the top of the list.

During the judging process I made the comment that the story was basically a chick flick. However if Hollywood ever made a movie that had as much love and joy as this no one could stop me from going to see it. You've taken the cliche and made it wonderful.

Finally, I have a bad habit of guessing the endings of a story and I figured this one out in the first chapter. In spite of that, I still loved every moment of the ride. I award this one an upward facing thumb and a gold star. I'll see you at the next chapter.

5650401 I very much appreciate your comment! :heart:

I will fully and readily admit that I started this with the intention of writing a chick flick fan fic. I originally had that as a disclaimer in the description, but I wasn't sure if that it would turn people off to the story. :twilightblush: I wanted to write something campy and cute and all around fluffy, and I feel like I succeeded! :yay:

Lovey is one of my favorite OCs to write and I'm absolutely thrilled other people like her! :pinkiehappy: I'm excited to write more of her tale.

Thank you so much!

5650633 It was no trouble at all. This story deserves every view, up vote, or comment it gets. It's why I just finished posting a blog trying to advertise it to my readers.

I know I'll be excited to see more of Lovey and Magnate's adventures(I read the comment where you said you intended to write more of Lovey). Or even a prequel of some kind would probably be fun. Like Lovey's cutiemark story for instance... though that might kill some people with all the diabetes. Whatever the case may be I'm sure most of us over at Nonpariel will be excited to see more when you become motivated to write it.

Aww this was a cute and well written story. I quite enjoyed it.

I am in utter shock... WHY HAVEN'T I FOUND THIS ON THE FEATURED SECTION!?!?!?!?!??!

Anyways.. Amazing story and keep up dat work! :raritywink:

5693813 Oh, thank you! :twilightblush: That means a lot to me! I really enjoy writing Lovey Dovey, and hope y'all will like the other short stories of her adventures that I have churning in the back of my mind. A sequel to this story is first on my list!


(Robot voice..)

Initiate self Sequel maker.. L-O-L.. O-O

So much sweet. I really do want to see where this goes. Lovey is nice and sincere, and got a lot deeper in this chapter than I had given her credit for at first. So did Magnate. I can't wait to see how you develop them further. I know you have the talent to grow your characters. Keep it up.

They say Doctors are the worst patients. They are horrible at diagnosing their own symptoms, regardless as to how good they are at doing it to others.

Well done.

I mean, the ending is inevitable, but I'll play along. Oh yeah, I just got here. Sorry for taking my time.

Lovey paused to sniff the drink. It was rich, bitter, and heavy... She scrunched up her nose but still managed a smile. "It smells like business! Well, bottom's up!" Without any further delay, she tossed back the whole sample.

Oookay, she's not a matchmaker mare. She's a matchmaker robot. What in the name of...?
Well, onward, I suppose. How will this develop?

Where had the morning gone?

Indeed, where? This seems awfully fast-paced, like you just can't wait to get to the good bit. I suggest you make it a little more obvious as to the time of day, such as the position of the sun. I think what makes it feel weird is the fact that "Deal Maker"'s question seemed like a "first thing in the morning" kind of question.

Sitting on his desk was a light, creamy pink pegasus mare

WELL THEN, that's not forward or anything! :pinkiegasp:

She pulled out a clipboard from Celestia knew where

Ah, that explains her chipper attitude. She must be a relative of Pinkie's.

"What is this?" he asked in a cold, even tone.
Lovey smiled. "Your potential soulmate!" She gestured at Cocoa with both hooves, wiggling them for dramatic effect. "Ta-da!"

Dammit. I don't know whether to laugh or cringe. Fortunately, I'm not limited to choosing between them, so :rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

Thirst from having been walking around the bar for over an hour seemed to overtake her and she downed the whole thing. "Another!" she exclaimed, waving at the bartender.



Oopsie. :derpytongue2:

Now I'm wondering how the heck you're going to end this with such a small amount of words remaining.
Cute fic, though. Really.

It remained shut, just like he had always wanted it to be.

Oh, well done. This sentence has the most impact out of the entire story.

Huh. So that's how you're ending it.
Well, you know what? Despite being completely predictable and filled with little niggles (that hyphen/dash confusion, to name but one), it... wasn't bad at all. I guess it comes as no surprise that you defeated me.
GG, Crystal Wishes. May you write more.

Some people might think this story is simplistic, but I don't see why that's a bad thing! After all, it's not the idea or how obvious the ending is (because honestly, how many people go to blockbuster hits like The Avengers or Frozen thinking that it's not going to end happily? I don't think anyone can't see the ending from 30 leagues away), it's how it's utilized. Anyone who discriminates based on the obviousness of an ending (ignoring if you're trying to avoid unhappy endings/etc) is just incredibly shallow and is clearly searching *really* hard for something to complain about.

I also like how Lovey's the sort of pony who goes above and beyond for her customers. After all, when you're a service that likely relies heavily on word-of-mouth, it's super important to make your customers happy (I imagine Lovey gets a lot of referrals)! So I think it's quite business-saavy that she's willing to try things she otherwise wouldn't like in order to up her customer service!

*steals your children* :moustache:

So, apparently some people didn't like my commentary, observations, and critique of this story. Gee, you go out of your way to comment and even write a positive review about a story, and that's what happens?
To those who don't bother reading this review—yes, I did like it. I even added it to my "tier two favourites" library. My comments are not just hating on the story. My reviews are intended to help people, not bash on them. And last I checked, authors liked feedback, particularly those who wish to improve.

5716484 Totally with you on that. For me it was a nice little piece of fluff to simply enjoy.

Would it be too much to ask for a sequel for this?

5807018 Certainly not! It's absolutely on my list and I've gotten some rough drafting prepared for it, but my writing focus has been on my main story that I just haven't been able to cobble things together. :twilightblush: But there definitely will be one!

That's awesome.
Thank you for writing Lovey Dovey and Crystal's Wishes.:twilightsmile:

5808057 Thank you for reading and commenting! :yay:

Your welcome.

Its awesome! :raritywink:

Blame my iPhone for the belated favorite; it's not my fault I hit the "read it later" by mistake! :twilightsheepish:

Oh my gosh, I love this so much! Lovey is officially one of my favorite OCs!

5876034 Eeeiiii... Don't tell my other OCs, but Lovey is definitely one of my favorites to write. :yay:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :heart:

You're gonna kill me with all this cuteness :rainbowkiss:

Great story! Lovey's antics had me smiling from the start. :pinkiehappy: Keep up the great work!

Shouldn't this be… you know…Cadence’s thing?

Has it occurred to her that he is asexual?

It's... done? NO, you can't do that! You can't just end it like that! That's like changing from a velocity of 30 m/s to 0m/s. It's just so... so... so sudden.

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