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I’m cuckoo for Coco Pommel!


As the most excitable filly in Ponyville, Scootaloo has a habit of overusing exclamation points in her writing. So naturally, when Cheerilee gives her a bad grade on a short story she loves for that exact reason, she and her fellow Crusaders set out on their latest quest. One that would turn that weakness into the greatest strength of all.

This is the story of a tale too exciting for any old periods or question marks!

Takes place before S5. Coverart by Egophiliac .

Written entirely because PaulAsaran says I have an “apparent allergic reaction to anything that isn’t a period or question mark.” Obviously, I chose to take that as a challenge to cram as many exclamation points as I could in a story. Hence, this story is dedicated to PaulAsaran and anyone whose teacher has ever denied them the ecstasy of an exclamation point.

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Comments ( 8 )

I laughed! I cried! I felt the inner anguish of knowing that I myself had long ago lost my own inner exclamation mark! I left her to languish in solitude, typing away with two of the three Muses by my side, but through lack of one truly lacked in all! Yet, just as quickly, I found her once again and in great childlike wonder hath reclaimed her anew!

(Fabulous story, really warmed my heart!)


So many exclamations!

(excitinger really needs to be a word)


If winningest is considered a word, then "excitinger" should be, too. "Winningest" sounds like a nonsense word Rainbow Dash would have come up with for "May the Best Pet Win." Or like something Charlie Sheen would have made up. Anyway, I hate that it's a word.

I loved the Defunctland reference!

This was great. I loved it.

...she’d thought back then, when she had been young and foolish and incapable of understanding the enlightenment that could only come from inserting yourself into a story.

:ajbemused:. Yup... Here come thems self-inserts...

So... did the most exciting story get to be written?..

I have mixed feelings about this one... It filled me with excitement... but then I knew not what to think, for my expectations were not quite met. But what did I expect of it?.. It's... troubling, to say the least...

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