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Or "Summersong" if that's hard to remember!

To-Do List

In general

  • Figure out which stories are part of Reverie Equestria and which aren't.

Published but not done

  • Rainbow Dash is Best Pony: Is 90% done but only ~30% published. Cleaning up to make presentable. Second-guessing entire chapter premises. Resolving plot holes.

Not published

  • A Belle in the Bush: Its first chapter is the first thing I wrote on FIMFiction, but I never finished the story or published any of it.
  • Hello Pinkie: Meta premise of story is no longer sound, need to rethink it for story to make sense.
  • Ogres & Omelettes: Basically just an absurd comedy skit I haven't gotten around to writing raw content for.
  • The One Where Mayor Mare Did It: While some entire chapters are presentable, story's skeleton isn't complete.
  • These Damned Eyes: Have to resolve pacing issues and figure out plausible storylines to push the silly premise along.
  • Two and a Half Liars: Rewrite of an OK but not great show episode; been spinning my wheels and overthinking this one.
  • What's Amore: Have to resolve pacing issues and figure out plausible storylines to push the silly premise along.

Recent Stories

Blog Posts

  • 51 weeks
    Watched Ch. 2 of Make Your Mark (spoilers)

    Hello pones!

    I wrote Harmannoyed right after I saw the original movie, so it doesn't take TYT or MYM into account. Go ahead and read it! Be sure to comment whether it sucks!


    I haven't really been following G5 because it doesn't interest me that much. But I went ahead and watched Chapter 2 of Make Your Mark since I could.

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    1 comments · 124 views
  • 63 weeks
    G5 Characters a la Summersong

    Hello pones!

    I don't know if you know this, but I spent an unhealthy amount of time talking about how G4 dropped the ball or jumped the shark or whatever and didn't do the best it could've done with its characters. There were different paths I would have taken to develop them.

    Read More

    0 comments · 77 views
  • 63 weeks
    G5 Make Your Mark

    Hello pones!

    Since Make Your Mark is the "real show", it's naturally much better than Tell Your Tale. Both shows have the same voice actors, who are... definitely not as good as the movie cast was. Zipp in particular sounds awful.

    Read More

    0 comments · 134 views
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Nice new avatar, pretty deer. 🥰

Boop :3

Hanging in there?


The Asshole Council will return in other stories!

Damn. People didn't pick up on what that story was, I suppose. Oh well. I liked it.
I still love "the Asshole Council".

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Heh. Honestly doing and writing less of what my name implies! XD


Oh hi! I haven't seen you in a while!

Gotta love birb-hybrids! XD


It's complicated! But sure, we'll go with that.

It’s a birbderg! :rainbowwild:

Glad you enjoyed my Smolcellus story, and welcome to fimfiction!

Hi! Welcome to Fimfiction! :derpytongue2:

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