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Sunset Shimmer used to be evil. Like, really really evil. ... maybe high school bully-level evil.

Stuff like that doesn't just go away. Sometimes, the good guys have to get tough to get going, and Sunset's not afraid to mug a few dark lords for their lunch money. They were gonna use that to build death rays or something.

Or at least she would mug them, if not for one minor problem...

Equestria Girls is only tagged because Sunset. This story features only ponies in pony form. This can be considered a Reverie Equestria story, and honestly I shouldn't publish this until after the rest of that, but I don't care anymore.

Image drawn by Summersong specifically as cover image for this story.

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Another story from several years ago I never got around to finishing! I like the idea of this one and want to come back to it later. Especially since I drew a pretty Sunset for it.

Love the concept here. Poor Sunset is ised to being a much more intimidating species. Looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

(Also, I didn’t know Grand Pear used to be a drama teacher. :raritywink:)

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