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Some kind of bird-dragon-thing.


This "story" depicts drunken characters speaking candidly and vulgarly.

Tartarus is far more than one room with a handful of cages. It's a city-prison, complete with jobs and a market, and even a pub! Drunk prisoners are easier to restrain and less likely to want to leave, so Tartarus just lets 'em do what they want - as long as they stay in Tartarus, of course.

And in one such pub, four losers have a seat to discuss a horrendous inmate, the most vile creature to ever darken the world of light...

Possibly the best and also worst consecutive ~1500 words I've ever written.

Based upon the comedy routine "Two Describe a Third" and its Saturday Night Live variation "Bill Brasky".

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A short and simple story, but it has a nice flow and you have a way with words. I also enjoy some of the humor, so you did well in that department. :pinkiehappy:

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