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Princess Ember, daughter of Dragon Lord Torch, would never admit her feelings to anyone.

She's not hurt that her father would rather scour the whole Dragon Lands, and find a stranger's child to become the Dragon Lord, than raise his own daughter. No way. Maybe a bit mad.

Dragons don't do heartbroken.

The core events of this story are arguably compatible with the TV series canon, but a buttload of implications made in the third chapter are only compatible with Reverie Equestria.

Image produced by me specifically for use as this story's cover image

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 14 )

I enjoyed this. A nice little story of our favourite assistant's origins. :raritywink:

I was however a bit confused with the timeline of it all but that's a minor gripe.

The biggest oddity for me though was this section. What's with the aggressive hyphen use?

She was absolutely not at all affected by the fact that her father would rather search the Dragon Lands for years, decades, centuries, on the off-chance of finding some stranger's discarded super-egg t-to hatch into the next Dragon Lord, i-instead of her. N-no, that didn't hurt at all, s-she didn't care.

Sh-she was just ou-out at the b-border of the Dragon Lands a-at sundown i-in some dumb r-ruins surrounded by gr-grass and clear s-sun and other stuff she didn't like and, and her father didn't give a --

A lovely story, I really enjoyed reading it and love how you portrayed Ember :heart:


One of the reasons I was so slow to submit this (as I did so months after writing it, at about 5 in the morning too tired to think clearly) is because I was concerned that writing the narration directly as the character's thoughts, and thus giving it stuttering or other vocal tics & emotional effects as the character may have when speaking, might confuse people. That excerpt is the worst offender in this regard.

So yeaaah I might go back and adjust sections like that for clarity. My attention was more focused on the third chapter, because that one is from old fart Celestia's perspective and much heavier on AU stuff, compared to the very reconcilable first or second chapters. I was more worried about the possible reader dissonance from that, and forgot about that stutter-thought-dialogue business. @ . @

I've done a few mild edits to clarify the timescale, no more than five new words in the story.

i cant even begin to unravel the onion that is this story.

from abandonment issues to the once and future king, and OG applejack...

heck, the whole dragon equestrian education plan sounds super devious.

Man, the idea of Ember setting Spike up to be raised by ponies is a pretty stirring one.

I think Torch is one of those dads who means well, but doesn't know how to properly express love and care. He means well, but he is kind of a dick.

Hope we get a sequel.

Will there be a sequel?


In a way of speaking...

What's Reverie Equestria, if I may ask?


I've written a quick stinky lil' Google Doc to go over the basics.

Reverie Equestria Quick Guide

Ah, I actually initially assumed it was supposed to reflect a character's inner thoughts and it actually worked, until...

Sh-she was just ou-out at the b-border of the Dragon Lands a-at sundown i-in some dumb r-ruins surrounded by gr-grass and clear s-sun and other stuff she didn't like and, and her father didn't give a --

Sorry, but the effect got broken when it spilled over to this bit. But like I said, just a little oddity in an otherwise great story! Loved how you characterized Ember and Celestia.

She had to have faith. Applejack would never break a promise in any lifetime.

I assume that's of a greater fanon continuity that I'm not savvy on presently. :rainbowhuh:

She rolled her eyes. "Gosh, you got me, dad," she cooed, dripping with sarcasm, "I found a legendary egg and I've been hiding it from you all day."

Well...can't say she didn't tell him the truth, then. :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if Torch lied to Ember about her egg being blue?

This was probably a coincidence on your heart, but a purple dragon being the chosen one reminded me of The Legend of Spyro.

If there's anything I dislike about this fanfic, it's the paragraph in chapter two that reiterates something we already learned in chapter one.

Nice thought on Spike's egg.

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