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When the pegasi lose their feathers, they also lose the ability to walk on clouds. The answer to 'why' is lost to time. The real question is... what happens to Cloudsdale?

Edited by Crystal Wishes and Alex_

Third Place in Cynewulf's Worldbuilding Competition
Featured by The Royal Canterlot Library
Featured by Equestria Daily
Narration by TheDizzyDan!!
Narration by Zachmoviefan

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Comments ( 22 )

Geez dude, putting out all these great stories and whatnot. Love it.

Well... shit... now I'm sad... :pinkiesad2:

Sounds like a hell above earth.

I find this truely novel.

This is one of the few stories to make me physically distressed.

I both love and hate it.

Oh how I loved reading this. I'm a sucker for dark and sad stories, and this one certainly delivered.

Well done,!

Stuff of nightmares for any flying creature.
And grisly work for those on the ground.

This was an awesome piece Flutterpriest! Thank you for continuing to write amazing stuff.

Author Interviewer

Oh shit dude, that last line. D:

I'm guessing you liked :)

Author Interviewer

I'm happy to hear it. It feels good to get a good set of eyes on my more serious stuff as opposed to my memes.

Forgive me for the pun, but if I had to describe this story in one word, it would be "impactful." An excellently crafted tale of suspense, helplessness, and despair. My mind keeps trying to poke holes in the premise just to find some hope. Very well done.

Thank you, I'm really proud of this one.

This was heavy, man. I just wish there was more of it.

There more stories? Seems like this is a continually univers type story

This was a nice dark piece. The final line was heavy.

Just two small errors i noticed.

then it has been established that fight is impossible.

"Fight" should be "flight", right?

"I haven't been feeling very... well. Princess like.

I think the period after "well" should be a comma. And the last two words should be hyphenated without capitals. "princess-like".

The first one is definitely an error. Thank you for the catch :twilightsmile:

The second one isn't technically a problem. A technical writing course might say that the punctuation/technicals in that line needs to be a very specific way. It's more splitting hairs than an actual error. The way it's written encourages a certain 'pace' and speed to the way it's digested by the reader. So it's intentional.

You would think the airships we have seen would be going all out. Or Discord would be helping.

Contrived, but a good contrived.

Something about this reminds me of all the dark, yet somber stories I read when I first joined the fandom. Kinda nostalgic, and gives that strong, jarring horror when there's so much happy, silly pony stories usually. It's hard to imagine it going wrong sometimes, yet it makes for a good story either way because people care about these characters.

Anyhow, neat read.

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