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I usually write original Sci-Fi or Fantasy fiction, but my guilty pleasure is writing about a Royal Guard named Swordulan Thunder Shield and ruining his life over and over and over.

My Original Fiction

Like my short bio says, I also do more than Fanfiction. I write Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Post-Apocalyptic stories. You can find the majority of them here in my /r/Niuniverse subreddit.

I also have a self-published novella called
An Onyx In The Ash.

So if you like the fanfiction I write, maybe you'll like some of the original stuff I do too!


just finished the leaks [no spoilers], am sad · 10:40pm Sep 22nd, 2019

Sad that it's over, and sad that I still have friggen 5 more seasons to write through for Swordulan's life still. It may not even get done before Gen5 comes out, if it does anyway. The ride has ended, but I can't get off yet. I have to take part of it again, and end it one last time.

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Well with the upcoming story I'm doing once S4 comes out, my character is getting a rather large nerf. Still, even without a nerf he wouldn't be nearly as overpowered as Twilight or any of her friends.

And sure, I'll take a look.

829295 It's not so bad. Just try not to make your characters to overpowered. Also, I am writing a story. Can you take a look?


Ahh, I see. Well, I hope they've been enjoyable enough as I don't think I'm the most fantastic writer ever :derpytongue2:

822217 No, but I read your stories a long time ago.

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