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I usually write original Sci-Fi or Fantasy fiction, but my guilty pleasure is writing about a Royal Guard named Swordulan Thunder Shield and ruining his life over and over and over.



The Story of a Royal Guard series has been completely rewritten for the sake of quality, making this outdated. See The Guard And His Sword for the updated and higher quality story!

This fic will remain for the sake of still retaining the source material, but if you decide to read it, be warned, the writing quality is pretty bad. Seriously, don't read it. If you do you're nuts. Go read the other one.

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Well, the colors don't look shitty, I'll give you that.... It just looks to me that he REALLY needs a beard...

Also, all these deleted commentsimg.photobucket.com/albums/v55/CRaptor/FracturedAss.jpg


The deleted comments were cause they were from ages ago when I posted this the first time, so I was just clearing out old stuff. Nothing against those people, this is just a renewal of the story so I didn't think they would be relevant.

Edit: Oh, and though it may look like it in the picture, that isn't supposed to be a beard or anything, that's just his mane behind his head... it does look kind of silly.

These are a few other designs of him, the last one being the original version.

The name Sword Shield isn't really a good one, in my opinion. It's like calling a pony "Fire Water".

Here's a bunch of different names:
Shimmering Shield
Sturdy Shield
Valorous Shield
Iron Shield
Steel Shield
Bronze Shield
Whatever Shield
Butt Shield

Okay, maybe not those last two.


:derpytongue2: The way I see it is that everypony has a silly name. Is it any worse than 'Shining Armor'? Probably, but I think I feel too connected to the name to change it now. Unless I change it to something like Bodacious Shield...

The whole thing behind Shining Armors name is a play on Knight in Shining Armor. Well least thats what I think anyway...


Yeah I know, but it's still silly.

I think the thing with names is they need to be catchy as well, and plain 'Sword Shield' isn't all too catchy. In the chapter 'Discord' his full name is mentioned to be 'Swordulan Thunder Shield', and that's all I've managed to improve on it. He still prefers being called otherwise.

Yeah saw that bit, either way I still enjoyed this.:twilightsmile:

Kinda feel bad for Sword at this point. Tries so hard to fix the problems that happen only to arrive just a bit to late, poor bugger :rainbowlaugh:

Stoned, haha!

Royal Guard Arrested for Drug Use



Heheh, I can make the puns too!

I don't think that's what he was kicked out for though. It was more like he was being a bit rebellious for a guard.

Wow, what's with all the deleted comments?

Anyways, this is pretty good. Can't wait to read on and see where it goes.

Cadence had a bit of a mood swing there, didn't she?

If that was me, I'd be in that bank rubbing it in my fathers face...........

I have decided his dad is a butt nugget. For the moment anyway.

Who cares what his dad thinks? It's not like he lives in Canterlot any more!

Moving to Ponyville............so, which one is he going to shack up with?

I guess things are changing in Canterlot.

Time to slice and dice some bugs.

Should have used his sword............as a freaking sword!! That's the idea, to kill your enemies!!!


Heheh, the deleted comments were from waaaaaaay back when I first wrote the story. Since then I revised and rewrote about 60% of it, so I didn't think they were relevant, so I deleted them.

Thanks! I hope the story is enjoyable, and don't forget the sequel which, in my opinion, is a lot better.


True, but he had a big influence on Swordy, so he still wants to impress him, not disappoint.


Originally he ended up moving next door to Lyra & Bon-Bon, but I felt that was bringing a bit too much fanon into the story so I didn't include it in the rewrite.

I thought about shipping Swordy with Twilight (As they both have some similar interests) but decided against it, I'm not much of a person for shipping OC's with actual characters, plus it wouldn't make much sense.


He wasn't trained to kill changelings! That and it seemed a better idea at the time to try and fly to avoid them, swinging a sword around when there's hundreds of changelings around could only get you so far. But then again, neither did trying to avoid them. I suppose he wasn't able to think fast enough.

2405854 Yeah, I got it open in another tab with about ten stories of my read later list. I'll probably start it in a little while. Something to read this evening.
2405867 He is now a Lieutenant in the Royal Guard. Why wouldn't his dad be impressed. Unless he really is a butt nugget.
2405893 Sword. Guard. Useless. Is he some kind of pacifist?


> Is he some kind of pacifist?

In a matter of speaking, yes. I believe Royal Guards aren't trained to kill, but either capture, drive off or incapacitate. Weapons are used for intimidation.

>Why wouldn't his dad be impressed. Unless he really is a butt nugget.

He really is a butt nugget. His dad is a jeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk. His father doesn't care what Swody is unless he's a Captain and doing the same great things as his grandfather did.

2405945 And that is why the Wonderbolts get the 'real' jobs. Because they aren't pussies.


Yup, too bad they're just as useless. :trollestia:

2405986 Very true. I think I need to pay a visit and train them properly.

"This is a arrow. If you fire it at an enemy's chest, it will kill them. That is what you are supposed to do. Any questions?"

"Yeah, why do we have to kill them?"

"Would you rather they killed you, and your friends and family?"

"No, not really."

"Then you have just answered your own question. Now get to bug hunting!"

Erm, ignore the deleted comments here. The reason is because they're all from when this fanfic was vastly different. A lot of edits have been made, so I believed the comments were no longer relevant to the story that it is now.

Interesting start...kind of rushed though.

Rushed, and not all that well written, but an interesting take on a Royal Guard OC.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~


Yeah, honestly I'd really like to rewrite this whole story (like, I wrote this back in 2012. I was fricken awful at writing back then). I just don't have the patience/time to do so right now. Same goes for the second story in the series. In terms of writing quality, only the third one is any good in my opinion.

6070903 The second one is much better than the first, the third is even better than the second...

But that's just how it goes with writing.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

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