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This story is a sequel to Shower Singing

I made a sequel because sleep is for the week.

Anon continues his desperate floundering through pony society and trying to understand some of the forces at work. The results are shocking to say the least. Dragged on a diplomatic mission to a foreign land by the ruler of the land, Anon must confront more than a few fears and self doubts to overcome the coming storm.

Warning tags are for casual mentions and innuendoes so far.

(You don't really need to read the prequel to enjoy this story to it's fullest as it was mostly just for spoofs and laughs, but it is there if you'd like.)

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Is anon going to wake up one day and find that storm siren outside his house wearing a wedding dress made of rainbows or something because he 'clearly' proposed to her?

Uhhh, that's an angle I didn't really think of to be honest. I kinda imagined the Storm Sirens as elementals that needed to be calmed. Interesting idea though, maybe you should try your hand at writing a short about Anon accidentally proposing to lots of random encounters across the land?

"Hear my Voice,

sing with the tide,

Our love will,

never die...

I lean away from the now softly crackling form of the Storm Siren as the others of it's kin surround us, their forms lighter and calmer than they had been but moments before. The lead Siren brushed it's head into mine and I felt the tingling of a electric shock, but without the normal pain that'd follow as it turned and cantered off with the others into the calming storm."

This looks like it could easily be interpreted as a love confession by anon to the storm siren.

Well like I said, I thought them up as more primal forces of nature than a regular being, but I also didn't say that they'd never be back in the forefront of the story. :moustache:

You have my interest :moustache:

I hope at first I had your attention :moustache:

Never came across those lyrics before so you have my thanks for that. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Pretty good I'd read more of this

And once again, I find another great story that ends at least one chapter with a character going, "Excuse me, what the fuck?"


Significantly more maudlin than I expected but fascinating nonetheless.

Yeah, but to be honest through personal circumstance and life experiences I'm usually a morbid/depressing individual if I speak about my feelings so for me this is actually a fairly upbeat story. I do hope that people can enjoy my work nonetheless though as that is what it's all about no?

Understandable. The world is a dark place at the best of times.

"So what my mood is affecting the weather now?

U.D.O.'s Stormbreaker comes to mind

At first I thought his head voices implied him being screwed with by opposing gods.

I’d have inquired as to who proposed to who. My brain tends to seek meaningless details before going to panic.

Shh that may be for later stories hehe. But no it was the three voices everyone has; Morale (Selfless and kind) Amorale (Selfish but not intrinsically evil) and Punchy (punch)

but for real I have thought about a story using a similar theme to that, just wanna wrap up some others first.

Fair enough though mine reacts to the current event/threat when surprised rather than logically thinking every detail out.


Russian and Black Tulip, I'm assuming you are referring to the plane that carried the dead back to Russia then in the Afghan war.

This song then:

Yeah... that's the one man. Brings back a lot of memories, seriously thank you. I hope the russian actually translated to what it should say, not really fluent so I mostly used translation services.

Dang I'm really enjoying this story

I'm glad you are! That's my biggest hope when writing my dude and I hope that I can continue to provide enjoyable reading.

That last line... it's rare to get me to laugh out loud like that. Congratulations.

If only I could give this story more than one like.

Thanks! Always glad to know I've made someone laugh or enjoy the read!

Kind of surprised he wasn’t given an honorary title for that. Minister of Defenestration would make ponies take note.

Anonymous, Honored Diplomat, Soother of Storm Sirens, Minister of Yeet, ... more titles to follow?


Yeeting annoying noble?

NOW you're singing the song of my people.

"Myself and my noble yeeting arm are ever at your service my liege."

Launching horned projectiles is a respectable combat art on Equus, anyway. Aside from the most famous example from Shining Armor, even changelings like Chrysalis have done so, with sufficient penetration to disable a dragon in one "round" of drone ammo.

I’m reasonably certain a more traditional eastern culture would view the tea westerners drink to be a terrible bastardization of their own given that England stole it from them in the first place.

Bro... I'm a Texan.
I drink pretty much all sorts of tea lol.

Well yeah. For most of the western world tea is a product that was brought to us by the east India trade company and eventually just became an option for various beverages. We threw it into a harbor because it would cost England the equivalent of millions. I imagine that at the time if anyone in Asia cared about the action it was in a moment of schadenfreude over the empires suffering.

Best not to tell him what Americans like to throw in harbor though."

This joke I have to say, was quite funny.

Davy Jones

Cruel and cold like winds on The Seas
Will you ever return to me
Hear my voice sing with the tide
My love will never die

Over waves and deep in the blue
I will give up my heart for you
Ten long years I'll wait to go by
My love will never die

Come my love be one with the sea
Rule with me for eternity
Drown all dreams so mercilessly
And leave their souls to me

Play the song you sang long ago
And wherever the storm may blow
You will find the key to my heart
We'll never be apart

Wild and strong you can't be contained
Never bound nor ever chained
Wounds you caused will never mend
And you will never end

Cruel and cold like winds on the seas
Will you ever return to me
Hear my voice sing with the tide
Our love will never die

Seeing my face and likely reading my thoughts in an instant she kindly lays her wing on my shoulder and as her smile turns a tad mischievous she whispers in my ear, "Why just a short while after the proposal..."

Warning: Here there be Troll.

When is the next chapter be ?

I've been gettin ready to move a few states away along with some other personal stuff so I've been havin issues with gettin into the writing mindset. At least well enough to produce something I feel is ready to publish.

Ah hope every thing turns out fine for you.:twilightsmile:

I almost feel bad for the poor yeeted noble...almost...

The group of ponies were no longer confused but were rather staring at us in complete shock until the pegasus councilmember whispered reverently, "No one has calmed a Storm Siren since the days before the Age of Unification though..."

i immediately thought of that one whiterun guard, heh

This story is a hoot! :rainbowlaugh:

Americans and what they throw into the harbors eh?
Well seems like i watched too many history videos back then:rainbowlaugh:

I demand moar, dis instant

"You showed amazing courage Anonymous in both taming the wild Sirens with your Voice and braving your fears to protect my citizens despite how much the circumstances were essentially out of one of your nightmares from what Luna has told me." I blush again as she continues,

Holy run on sentences

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