The Human Pet

by RushyFiction

Chapter 14

During one sunny morning, Bubbles the friendly mailmare hoofs you a letter, with a wax seal showing off a pink six-point star that you immediately recognise as Lavender's tattoo. You raise an eyebrow. Why would she send Sweetheart a letter? She can't be that lazy. Or is this some kind of "official business" thing?

Your pondering is cut short when Bubbles' blonde mane pops out between you and the letter you're holding, followed by her wonky eyes, one of which focuses on you, expectant and delighted. You smirk and lower the letter to your side, using your right hand to scratch the top of Bubbles' scalp as she hums, away in a world of her own. She is very sweet in her own oblivious and innocent way, and the two of you had developed a bit of a deal during her occasional letter deliveries - you shower her with attention and she gives you free chocolate muffins(how they never get smushed up in that tight mailbag, you will never know). Apparently your fingers are so good that she once brought another pony with her - a brown stallion with a green tie and an hourglass tattoo - and practically forced his head under your tickly appendages. Dude gave you a banana instead. It was kind of insulting, but also a good source of potassium.

Munching on your latest muffin, you take the letter upstairs to Sweetheart's and gently tap on the door with your knuckle. You hear a single, very faint nicker through the wood. Silence was "no", so you open the door to see the kind pegasus mare reading a book in bed and absent-mindedly chomping on a slice of toast. The last of several, if the crumbs on her chest fluff are any indication.

She turns to smile at you and waves hello with her hoof. You toss her the purple letter, which she neatly catches between the frogs of her front hooves and leave her to enjoy the rest of her breakfast. By the time you're midway down the stairs, however, you hear a loud clamping sound from above, as if something heavy fell on the floor. Like a pony. You turn around to find Sweetheart flying towards you whilst rapidly brushing the crumbs off of her chest. In a second, she's gripped onto your sides and whinnies loudly at the bunny, who somehow manages to kick the door against the wall with a single hit as the pegasus carries you out. Damn.

Unwilling to just let Sweetheart carry you the whole way, you start struggling in her grip. She releases you and motions for you to jog beside her instead. You notice she's still holding onto the letter as well. Together, the two of you sprint to town and head straight to Lavender Lady's gigantic, sprawling treehouse. You frown in confusion as you observe a large cluster of stormy clouds gathered over the library, raining heavy splatters of water down on it. Leaving aside the ponies' control over weather, the clouds looked extremely out of place in what was otherwise a lovely morning for the rest of the surrounding area. The flashes of thunder visibly frighten Sweetheart, who squeaks at the sounds and hides her face behind her hooves, shaking slightly.

You rub her back soothingly to try and quickly calm her, as evidently there's some sort of hurry, which seems to give her enough self-control to poke you with a hoof, and then point towards the library. "You want me to go in there?"

Sweetheart nods towards the letter now concealed between her wing and side and then pokes you again. The letter was talking about... me?

"Uh... what about you?"

The mare scrunches her eyes shut and shakes her head wildly, pointing at you and then the library again before turning around and running back towards home as fast as possible. "Jeez... well, this oughta be fun." You mutter, laughing nervously. A bolt of lightning crashes into the ground next to you, smearing you in dirt.

"... hoo-oh-oly shit..."

Whimpering, you tip-toe closer to the door, the cold raindrops making you twitch. You pick up a fallen branch and touch the door with it, just to make sure it's not gonna explode or something. Magic lightning, who the fuck knows? It helps to take precautions. Finally, you pull the door open. The library is empty and in a unique state of disarray, with towers of books just sitting on tables and armchairs, abandoned.

Something foul reaches your nostrils and you sniff in the air, trying to recognise the smell. It was oddly familiar... and very out of place in your current environment. Ozone. Heavy ozone.

That's weird, I didn't smell that much outside, and you got lightning up the ass out there.

You watch with a wide-eyed stare as Lavender's reptile butler casually walks up from a flight of stairs in a dark, creepy tunnel leading down into the basement, dressed in a small brown coat and holding a miniature torch to light the way. His green back scales poke out a little from under the coat, probably designed for a pony, giving him a humpbacked appearance.

Noticing you, the reptile hisses something in his strange language and hands the torch to you so he could go and fetch something from the kitchen. You gingerly hold the little torch ahead of you, hoping it doesn't drip something on your hands and carefully move down the stairs, step by step. Soon enough, you begin to hear whirrs and clicks and sparks... the almost forgotten sounds of complex machinery at work.

Your jaw drops as you walk into a large laboratory space, filled to the brim with heavy, glowing equipment. Huge wires and cables cross the room like a spiderweb. In one corner, an aquarium of boiling water holds a whirly, bright orange metal contraption of unknown purpose. In another, two gigantic light bulbs flicker with uncertainty. The centerpiece of the room is a huge white table that holds what may have once been your smartphone, minus screen or any protective casing.

Amidst all of this is Lavender Lady, dressed in a white frock and looking haggard, as if she hadn't slept since... well, since you originally gave her the phone. Her mane is frizzy and so charged that she resembles Einstein, and she has heavy bags under her red, fevered eyes that unwaveringly analyse the dials, the results of which are scribbled into a very long roll of paper that idly floats beside her.


Hearing your voice seems to break the pony out of her stupor as the roll of paper immediately drops to the ground and she blinks dizzily before clopping her hooves together excitedly as she recognises you. "This is, uh... hell of a place you got down here." The unicorn forces you to sit on a stool and put the torch onto a metal ring attached to the wall, far away from any sensitive equipment and whinnies loudly. You hear a faint hiss from above and soon the pitter-patter of Mr. Gecko's little legs gives way to the reptile, carrying three sandwiches with large flower petals squeezed between the bread.

At least it's not hay. you think as you bite into the sandwich. It's like eating cabbage leaves. Not really your thing, but better than nothing. As you munch on your breakfast, Mr Gecko takes up Lavi's former position reading out the dials whilst the unicorn starts teleporting all over the place, prodding each and every one of her machines- is that a plasma globe? Show-off... in preparation.

Finally, the mare pops into existence right next to you and squees loudly. Yeah, she squeed. That noise is recognisable in any culture. She trots to a huge square-shaped lever in the wall behind you, places her front hooves on it and waits for a few seconds until hearing the crack of thunder penetrate the noise already made by her extravagant devices. With a swift motion, Lavender Lady rests all of her weight on the lever and forces it down.

whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…!!!” the machines around you whine as the charge builds up. Many of the wires around the room turn from a dull grey to a vibrant red color and then snap loudly. Sparks shower on the three of you from damn near everywhere. Both of the giant light bulbs in the corner shine brightly and shatter, spewing molten glass about. However, all three of you stare at your phone instead, which starts buzzing against the table.

Responding to a loud whinny from Lavi, the reptile uses a ladder to pull down a huge projection screen the size of a fancy banner whilst she thumps her hooves against a washing machine-sized console screeching in protest from some kind of pressure. This causes a projector above the door to the basement to blink on and display a... charging battery symbol with green liquid inside…

Lavender Lady jumps off of the console, staring up at the image right alongside you in awe, before thrusting her front hooves up in the air victoriously, balancing on her hind hooves. And for the first time, you don't even need a translator to understand what she's saying.

It's alive! IT'S ALIIIIIVE!