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Blog Post #18: 10 000 Thank You's! · 7:02pm Last Sunday

As of 10 PM this Sunday, The Human Pet hit 10k views(and over 1000 likes)! A minor event to some, but it sure looks mighty nice to me :ajsmug:. So I just wanted to express my genuine appreciation to y'all for supporting and getting some entertainment out of my story. Especially if you wrote words of advice down in the comments - a writer thrives on feedback.


Blog Post #16: Update + Evil Shaggy Design · 8:10pm July 3rd

Introducing... *drumroll*

my Nightmare redesign of Shaggy/Crimson Star. Hope you like him! Might do a oneshot with him at some point.

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SUMMER HIATUS: Blog Post #13 · 11:27am June 4th

Just thought I'd give you a heads-up that the next chapters of "The Human Pet" and "The Man In The Moon"(27 and 3, respectively), will be the last ones until September at least. Not only am I gonna be relaxing, but I've also got a summer job and I've been itching to try my hand at writing something original, so I've really got no time for this, at least not now.

I guess I can only hope y'all won't ditch me for staying away that long lol. :derpytongue2:
Ta ta!

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Blog Post #11.5: Shaggy Design + Cutie Mark · 2:46pm May 13th

Decided to stop being thick and make an account on Imgur so I could post this image. Sorry for the inconvenience of my slow-ass brain. This is Shaggy the Bat Pony, now with added cutie mark.


Blog Post #9: Pony Virginity · 8:21pm April 6th

Just spitballing here, nothing serious. But I have been wondering, if you had the power to possess me, who, why and how would the Human Pet finally... how shall we say, get his dick wet?
Who is the Chosen One to claim his scritchy fingers inside her?

yes I am very bored, my new job is 11 AM to 11 PM every other day and it drives me nuts
just entertain me with silly answers plz
will give good chapter soon

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Blog Post #8: New Job · 3:42pm March 27th

Been kept mentally and physically busy by my new job at the cinema, 11 AM - 11 PM.
Three days of that, straight. But the clock is ticking and tonight, I will go home knowing I get tomorrow all to myself - and for my fics, namely "The Human Pet". I miss the ponies. :applecry:

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Blog Post #7: Realisation · 10:47pm March 9th

So apparently, the flowers on Cheerilee's butt are called dandelions, not daffodils.
We are now going with the headcanon that Anon doesn't know flowers, hence why Cheerilee's nickname in "The Human Pet" is Daffodil.
Y'all cool with that? :facehoof:

fyi English is not my first language, BUT I do speak it as one. I'm just a dumbass who forgot to check the name.

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Blog Post #6: Human Pet Update · 9:36am March 4th

Sorry about the lack of chapters for the past half-month, been kept busy by some changes irl, PLUS the next chappie has taken more effort than usual - we're gonna throw Anon into a typical MLP episode(not one from the actual show) and see how he copes. The first part of this arc should be out this week, barring anything else happening that I'm not aware of yet.

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Blog Post #1 · 9:37pm January 21st

Testing. Testing. Is this thing working?
Lol, ok, for my first blog post, I wanted to point out my current favourite My Little Pony fanfiction quote, by Dreamscape.
"Sex is something we really should be considering." - Twilight. So perfect, so in-character. :rainbowkiss: mwuah!

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